Fence topper ideas along your property line or around a specific area of concern create a sense of seclusion, sanctuary, and serenity. A home should be where you feel most relaxed, but it won’t happen if you have no fence keeping your home protected.

22 Fence Topper Ideas

Luckily, many options for privacy fence ideas will ensure your home is secluded. Here in this article, we placed the top best designs to use.

List of Fence Topper Ideas

1. Wood Fence Topper

This is the most commonly used option for many homeowners. It is also the most common option in the market with loads of designs and different decorations.

Wood Fence Topper For A House Outdoor Guard

The installation process is easy as it involves screwing the topper to an existing fence. And in this case, it works only with walls made from wood. You can do this by yourself or, better yet, hire an expert.

This addition is quite affordable and comes with a wide range of wood. It is important to note that you cannot use this design in areas with strong wind.

2. Pallet Fence Topper

Pallet wood is the most accessible recycled wood you can find. You are recycling as you add a privacy fence; an excellent way to care for our environment. 

Pallet Fence Topper Wooden Protection for Garden and Houses

Pallet fences are easy DIYs, best for amateur builders. You can create your look courtesy of these pieces of wood.

3. Diamond Lattice Fence Topper

The diamond lattice topper comes in one size and is treated to ensure durability. It features boards arranged diagonally, creating a diamond shape, and you can paint it any color to match your garden aesthetics.

Diamond Lattice Fence Topper for Wooden Fences around Garden and Tress

The lattice is sold in local hardware stores near you and made from sustainable wood materials. It comes with several years’ warranty of guaranteed usage.

4. Vinyl Fence Topper

Vinyl is a much-loved durable material that is easily disguised as wood. The vinyl privacy fence comes in all kinds of designs, and they are weatherproof. You can fix it to concrete or brick walls. However, this idea can be expensive compared to wood fence toppers, but they last longer.

Vinyl Fence Topper Weatherproof Guard With A White Design

They are complicated to install, require professional help, and will last you for years. They come in white only, but you can spray paint them with the color of your choice. However, the paint may flake with time, revealing the underlying white.

To make this vinyl topper more durable, you can build a simple wooden frame to help mount the lattice to the fence, and it will prevent it to get cracked from the sun.

5. Square Lattice Fence Topper

Lattice designs come in various formats, and the square topper is just one of them. Note that the square one has boards oriented vertically and horizontally to form little open squares.

Square Lattice Fence Topper For Garden and Outdoor Spaces

This type is lovely and looks like a Japanese garden fence. The square design comes pre-assembled and is made from high-quality material. This design will give you a perfect background for your garden or backyard landscape.

6. Artificial Hedge

An artificial hedge is not a proper fence addition, but you can use it to increase the height of your balcony or wall, as it will stand firm. However, you will need support to hold it in place, but you can use anything sturdy.

Artificial Hedge Trellis and Lattice Fence for the Garden and Hanging Plants

This roll of fake ivy looks so natural you would mistake it for real plants. You can also buy an expandable lattice with fake ivy.

The artificial hedge is the way to go if you want a natural look. The main advantage is that it looks more natural than wooden fence or vinyl. It is not as sturdy, so it can’t stand strong winds on balconies, but again it can be adjusted from both ends.

Still, this artificial hedge gives you an excellent way to add greenery to your space without the hassle of watering live plants. You can easily install the artificial hedge by yourself. Remember, it won’t last long like many other additions.

7. Freestanding Panels

Freestanding panels are not basic fence designs. However, they are an excellent option for renters who cannot do anything to the property. If you are renting and have a balcony with railings, you can use this design to seclude your space.

Freestanding Panels Unique Design for Protection and Shade

Any freestanding privacy screens – metal, wood, or lattice will do. Nonetheless, you must make sure that your panels are longer than the existing railing so it covers appropriately. This may not look as neat or beautiful as others, but it’s better than nothing. They are easy to put up and bring down, making them efficient when moving houses.

8. Corrugated Metal Fence Topper

Most homeowners commonly use metal privacy fences. It is the best-looking and safest topper. You can choose to lodge it vertically or horizontally as you wish.

Corrugated Metal Fence Topper for Gardens and Houses

This fence incorporates metal fencing attached to the fence posts using a wood or metal frame You can use them in residential, commercial, or agricultural properties delivering exceptional privacy. For this idea, you can use modern or rustic.

9. Aluminum Fence Panels

Aluminum fence panels are lightweight and work well as privacy fences. You could fix them on iron railings so that they are stable enough.

Aluminum Fence Panels for Home Protection Metal Guard Horizontal Panel

They are pretty expensive based on the material but are a perfect size to use as fence extenders. You can use these on almost all types of fences except wood. It comes in various colors and materials to choose from. You will require a professional hand to install this fence.

10. Picket Fence

Yes, you read that right! A picket fence works well as a railing privacy topper. You can use it on chain links or other fences made from wood. The installation process can be easy or challenging, depending on your type of fence. Some have stakes that stick to the ground, making them simple to tie to the railing.

Picket Fence House and Garden Protection and Decor

Once it’s in place, you can grow some plants all around it for more privacy. It is an excellent base for growing plants. The most significant disadvantage is that it will only be as strong as your installation method.

If your area is windy, choose another fence addition that is strong and able to withstand. Renters best use it as it’s easy to install and remove. It will not provide you with the proper privacy you may need, but if you don’t need something too thick, you can go for this choice.

11. Add Curtains or Cove

Did you ever think about curtains as one of the fence addition designs? You can use planter boxes and pair them with curtains or large fabric covers to complete the look.

Curtains or Cove for Home Privacy

This is especially valuable in a small space that you want to make personal. Draping the curtains from poles or stakes creates a calm, serene environment that you will enjoy without the many eyes of the passersby.

12. Trailing or Creeping Plants

You can use trailing or creeping plants as decorative fences or privacy toppers. Though they offer little privacy, they are better than nothing and an excellent option for nature lovers.

Trailing or Creeping Plants Fence Topper Ideas

Attach these trailing or creeping plants on a firm structure to train the plant up them. Plants like jasmine will establish themselves soon and eventually become a living wall. 

With time these plants will grow into a thick hedge that will be impressive. Choose a fast-growing plant like honeysuckle, so it does not take too long to reach maturity.

13. Use Trellis Support

Now that we know creeping plants can be used as a topper idea, did you know you can use essential trellis support to partition areas you want to isolate? It is actually possible to grow ornamental plants or climbers on a trellis to form a thick fence. You can only use this method for small areas, not an entire yard.

Use Trellis Support in Home Garden

This option is easy to work on, requiring low maintenance. This is an excellent option for nature lovers who love sitting under nature as they unwind after a long day. For example, using a trellis is an affordable way to add to your fence in a small area.

14. DIY Toppers

We had to include a DIY idea for all who love creativity! If you love DIY, you can try building privacy toppers for your walls. It can be separately made and attached to walls during installation.

DIY Toppers for Wooden Fences

The DIY toppers can work on a brick wall, concrete wall, or even wood. You are free to customize it based on your space and design. This option allows you to devise a plan for yourself creatively.

This one remains one of the cheapest designs you can use. It may not be suitable for the renter, depending on the materials used on the fence.

15. Recycled Timber Fence Toppers

Recycling keeps our world less polluted. Using recycled timber is an excellent idea for all rustic wood lovers.

Recycled Timber Fence Toppers Ideas

You can add recycled timber to different walls– wood, concrete, brick, etc. You can also use old boards as long as they withstand rain or harsh weather conditions to create a fantastic fence addition. It is, however, one of the most commonly used in areas around pools. The rustic look it gives is authentic and elegant.

16. Block Wall Fence Topper

A Block wall topper is an ideal plan if you want an all-blocked fence. Keep in mind that for this one, you can use it on block walls of various heights.

Block Wall Fence Topper Solution

On the other hand, regardless of what the fence is made of, you can do an incredible job by adding the blocks. You can purchase blocks locally and choose a high quality that will last you longer.

17. Reed Roll Topper

You read that right! Reed roll topper is excellent for adding to walls and doubles as a privacy screen. You will require a supporting structure in place to hold the reed.

Reed Roll Topper in Home Backyard

You can buy rolls of reed from Amazon, Walmart, or any other source at affordable rates. You can choose your size depending on the space you want to add them.

You can tie them on wood or any other structure that firmly supports them on your fence. It’s easy to combine this design and achieve a cultural look that makes your space more attractive.

18. Bamboo Fence Toppers

This idea is quite similar to the reed rolls. However, some choose to use bamboo as it is firm and lasts longer.

Bamboo Fence Toppers in Home Garden

You can purchase a roll of this fencing, cut it into strips, and mount it on a wooden frame on top of your existing fence. It is easy to use and lasts longer. Bamboo is a beauty that will stand out gorgeously when you put it up.

In addition, it will also cover your space, leaving no peek holes because they create these fence rolls with the bamboo pieces closely packed together.

19. Retaining Wall

If yours is a stone fence or concrete wall, you can use a retaining wall idea to secure the privacy of your home. You may choose the retaining wall you want to use – natural stone, rocky retaining walls, concrete, or gabions.

Retaining Wall in a Backyard

This option has one of the best finished products that are firm and interesting. In addition, you can quickly bring a mixture of modern and rustic to your walls.

20. Vertical Wood Planks

Wood can be used in many designs, even as vertical wood planks. You can either use horizontal or vertical planks. If using vertical, you will need to consider the length the planks will add to your fence before adding them.

Vertical Wood Planks Fence Topper Ideas

This idea is best for those who want a longer length, thus covering most of the homestead. It is also fully covered, ensuring total privacy in your home.

21. Horizontal Wood Planks

Horizontal planks are more expensive as they take up more wood but look extremely elegant. Painting the wood to reflect your favorite color will make your planks stand out.

Fence Topper Ideas Horizontal Wood Planks

You can also grow some greenery along horizontal plans to create an attractive juxtaposition. You will need to hire a professional to install the horizontal wood planks, as it can be too much for you. However, this shouldn’t be impossible if you are a DIY person, you can get creative with this!

22. Wrought Iron Fence

Iron wall toppers are a beautiful way of adding your fence to secure your home and keep your pets in.  They will discourage thieves from jumping in and wild animals.

Wrought Iron Fence Fence Protection

If you plan on adding height to your existing wall but don’t want to use opaque material, you can go for the ornamental iron railing.  These railings look expensively elegant, thus giving your home the same feel. 

To complete this look, paint them white, and you have a King’s palace right there!  They last long, meaning you will not need to change them anytime soon.  They have a vast selection of materials, designs, and colors.

You will get these railings from a local ironworks company near you.  Most of them do the manufacturing and installation.  There are many choices, ranging from simple designs to high-end handmade works. 


You can explore many fence topper ideas to fit your style, budget, and the fence you already have. Choosing wood, pallet, bamboo, or DIY is ideal if you want to cover your home entirely.

On the other hand, if you are a nature fan, you have as many options with creeping or trailing plants as you can train to the kind of privacy you would like. Go through these options slowly as you consider the best one for you!

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