Gardener in gloves holds white fertilizer ballsSelecting the best fertilizer for your peach trees is a key requirement to growing the trees without problems because peaches can be picky when it comes to their nutrient needs.

Don’t worry, our gardening experts have collated the seven best fertilizers for your peach trees, so wear your gardening gloves and get ready as we discuss these recommended fertilizers.

Keep reading this article to cover the seven best fertilizers for your peach trees.

S/N Name Type of Fertilizer Release Duration NPK Ratio Suitable for
EZ-gro Liquid (concentrated) One to two weeks 20-3-19 Every stage
2. Miracle-Gro Shake ‘N Feed Continuous Three months 10-5-15 Vegetative
3. Down to Earth Continuous Two weeks 6-2-4 Every stage
4. Jobe’s Organics 9227 Continuous Two to three months 2-5-3 Flowering and fruiting
5. Espoma Organic Citrus-tone Slow-release Three or four months 5-2-6 Vegetative and flowering
6. Dr. Earth 708P Moderate Four or more months 5-5-2 Roots and Fruits
7. EarthPod Continuous Less than two weeks 2-2-4 Every stage

The Seven Best Fertilizer for Peach Trees: Product Reviews

Here are the recommended products for your peach trees:

1.EZ-gro Citrus Tree Fertilizer

This is a wonderful peach tree fertilizer with an NPK ratio of 20-3-19.


  • Helps to produce more fruits: As a highly concentrated fertilizer, this product encourages your peach trees to produce more fruits because there are a lot of nutrients in the soil.
  • Can use as foliar fertilizer: As a liquid fertilizer, you can dilute it until it is safe to apply directly to the plant leaves because it is water-soluble.
  • Micronutrients: This fertilizer comes with some amounts of magnesium and iron to eliminate any form of deficiency or deformity in your peaches.
  • Suitable to treat deficiency of nutrients: This highly concentrated fertilizer is great to fix any form of deficiency because the nutrients are readily available. You can use it to revive dying peach trees.
  • Easy to store: It comes in a bottle with a lid that you can seal with ease.
  • Very popular in the market: This brand has been in the market for close to 40 years now, so it is a brand that you can trust. 


  • Can burn plants: As a very concentrated fertilizer, it can burn your plants if you do not carefully use it. You need to make sure that you follow the instructions as well as properly dilute it if you want your peaches to grow healthy.
  • Not suitable for a large garden: Liquid fertilizers quickly drain off the garden soil, so you may use a lot of this fertilizer in a very short while. Also, consider the fact that you have to dilute it before using it.
  • No room for mistake: There is not a single room to make any mistake when working with concentrated liquid fertilizers because if you do, you can kill your peaches by accident.

Liquid fertilizers are simply the best to use because while you can apply them to the soil, you can also apply them to the leaves of your young peach trees.

You just want to make sure that you dilute them well. When working on the soil, you should mix one-part EZ-gro fertilizer and nine-part water. As for foliar fertilizing, you need to add even more water.

Instead of manually feeding your plants with this fertilizer, you can mix it into your garden water source or tank with the formula above so that you can water and feed your plants at the same time.

Overview: This is an all-purpose liquid fertilizer for every type of peach tree. Just make sure that you properly dilute it so that you do not burn the peaches.


2.Miracle-Gro Shake ‘N Feed Tomato, Fruit & Vegetable Plant Food, Plant Fertilizer

Are you looking for a granular fertilizer, this product with an NPK ratio of 10-5-15 might just be the one for you.


  • Contains calcium: Calcium is a nutrient that helps to protect plant cells through their cell wall. With this fertilizer, your plants will have resistance to a lot of disorders and diseases.
  • Enriches soil microbes: As a fertilizer with organic nutrients, this product attracts a lot of good microbes into the soil. These microbes are beneficial to your peaches as they can form a symbiotic relationship with them.
  • Easy application: A very easy granular fertilizer to use. You only need to bury them in holes just a few inches around your plants.
  • Six months guarantee: If you do not find the product satisfactory, you can complain and get full refunds within six months.
  • Easy to store: You will not find storing this product challenging because it comes with good packaging for storage.


  • Might not be suitable for young peach trees: While new peach trees can certainly benefit from this fertilizer, it can be a waste because it is rich in nutrients that peaches mostly make use of when they are mature.
  • Possibility of mold attack: If you do not store your Miracle-Gro fertilizer, you can find mold growing on it. This is due to the presence of organic nutrients.
  • Can burn plants: Like many types of fertilizers, this product can burn your plants if you do not use it carefully.
  • Reports of broken lids: The lids help to properly store the fertilizer, so when the lid finally breaks (as it usually does), you can find storing the fertilizer to be difficult.

Note that you cannot mix this product with water, you just need to apply it directly into the soil. Also, remember that it can burn your peach plants if you use too much of it. You just need to put a few granules in holes not far from the roots. It is advised in the instructions to use half a cup of this fertilizer for every 10 sq ft of your garden soil.

Note that this is not a slow-release fertilizer, so it releases as many nutrients as it has when you use it in the soil. You can feed your peach trees with this fertilizer every three months.

Overview: This is a granular fertilizer with readily available nutrients. When applying it to the soil, do not mix it with water. Instead, apply it directly to the root region of your plants as granular fertilizer.


3.Down to Earth Organic Fruit Trees Fertilizer Mix 6-2-4

If you are looking for a less concentrated version of Miracle-Gro (above), you can opt for the Down to Earth organic fertilizer. It comes with a ratio of 6-2-4, so it is naturally best for vegetative peaches.


  • Best for vegetative peaches: This fertilizer can encourage the growth of more leaves and roots as it has higher amounts of Nitrogen and Potassium.
  • Can quickly correct chlorosis: If your plants have chlorosis because they are lacking in nitrogen, this should be your go-to fertilizer.
  • Not so easy to burn the peaches: As a product with a lower concentration, you can use it without the fear of burning your peaches.
  • Reports of faster growth: So many gardeners using this product have reported recording more than 6 inches of growth in their peaches in just two weeks.
  • Presence of calcium: Asides from making your peaches healthier, this fertilizer helps to develop healthier fruits.
  • Contains enriching organic ingredients: This organic fertilizer comes with super ingredients such as kelp meal, fish bone meal, feather meal, and alfalfa meal. It is simply very nutritious for your peaches. 


  • Can encourage pets to eat soil: The ingredients of this product attract dogs and other pets, so if you have dogs, you want to prevent them from eating your garden soil while using this brand as it is toxic.
  • Possibility of mold attack: Due to the organic nutrients in the fertilizer, you can sometimes find mold on your fertilizer, especially if you do not store it well.
  • Might alter soil pH: The microbes in the soil can decrease the soil pH while working on the organic nutrients in this fertilizer, so you do not want to use too much at a time.
  • You will need a lot of granules: The concentration of nutrients in this brand is low, so you may buy more so that your plants can have enough food in the growing season.

This is a granular fertilizer with readily-available nutrients, but it does not burn plants as the nutrients are low in concentration. Just like other types of granules, you only need to use dip a hole for this product on the ground. You can go closer to your plants when using this brand because it is safe for them.

Note that this is not a water-soluble fertilizer, so you cannot mix it with water to make liquid or foliar fertilizer. You must use it in the soil for your plants to benefit from it.

Overview: If you are looking for good fertilizer for your peaches, this is the right fertilizer for you because it feeds your plants while maintaining the soil quality.


4.Jobe’s Organics 9227 Fruit & Nut Granular Fertilizer, Black

If you need nutrients specifically for peach fruit development and flowering, Jobe’s Organic fertilizer is right for you. This product has an NPK ratio of 2-5-3, so your peaches get to benefit from a lot of potassium.


  • Pest resistance: The high phosphorus content of this fertilizer helps plants to easily resist plants. Insect pests usually avoid attacking healthy peaches because of their resistance.
  • Fast action: If your fruiting peaches are showing any sign of nutrient deficiency, you can quickly use Jobe’s fertilizer to fix it. It works in less than 48 hours.
  • Good for fruiting peaches: Just like other plants, peaches need phosphorus from their flowering stage to produce fruits.
  • Different sizes: It comes in different sizes, so you can choose the best size for you according to the number of peaches that you are growing.
  • Organic fertilizer: If you want to grow healthy and strictly organic peaches, you can make use of this fertilizer. 
  • Environmentally friendly: Your garden soil will thank you for this fertilizer because you are enriching it with organic nutrients.


  • Attracts dogs: Just like a few other products, your dogs can dig and eat the soil if you use Jobe’s fertilizer.
  • Can burn plants: Even though this fertilizer has a low concentration of nutrients, it can burn your plants as it is organic and decomposes to release more nutrients over time. Always follow the instructions.
  • Unclear instructions: While you want to follow the instructions, the product does not usually come with very clear instructions. You need background knowledge in gardening to use this product.
  • Foul smell: You may not like the smell of this fertilizer.
  • Attracts mold and worms: It is organic, so you should see a lot of decomposers and scavengers around it when you use it.

The best way to use Jobe’s fertilizer in your garden is to use it in a drip line. While using it, you are sure of growing organic peaches because this is an organic nutrient-based fertilizer.

Overview: If you want to amend your peach soil, you can use Jobe’s fertilizer as it is very beneficial for soil microbes. However, be careful and do not use too much.


5.Espoma Organic Citrus-tone 5-2-6 Natural & Organic Fertilizer

Are you looking for fast growth in your peaches. Still, you do not have enough time to feed them regularly? This is the right product for you. This Espoma product has a ratio of 5-2-6.


  • 100 percent natural: Your peaches get nutrients from the ingredients such as alfalfa meal, bone meal, and feather meal. 
  • Fixes peach trees with stunted growth: If your peaches have stunted growth, this is the right product to use.
  • Encourages foliage and root growth:
  • Slow-release: As a low-release fertilizer, the granules can release nutrients slowly to your peaches for a very long time.
  • Can improve fruit taste and other qualities: Many gardeners have reported sweeter peaches after using Espoma products.
  • Beneficial to good soil microbes: The organic slow-release fertilizer serves as extra soil with more nutrients for your peaches.


  • Not suitable for plants with nutrient deficiency: If you quickly want to correct a nutrient deficiency in your peaches, this is not the right product as it is a slow-release fertilizer.
  • Attracts molds: It is organic, so you should find mold on it.
  • Possibility of mite infestation: A number of gardeners have found mites around their plants after using Espoma.
  • Not the best for fertilizing fruiting peach trees: Do not use Espoma if you are expecting fruits. It is best for the vegetative phase of your peaches.

This is an all-purpose citrus fertilizer that you can use for any type of fruiting trees such as peach and apple trees. It is a completely safe slow-release fertilizer for your peaches. For the best results, apply this fertilizer to the soil two or three weeks before planting your peaches in the soil.

Overview: If you are a busy person who wants fast-growing peaches? This is the right fertilizer for you. However, do not expect it to perform magic on your peaches as it only releases its nutrients slowly.


6.Dr. Earth 708P Organic 9 Fruit Trees Fertilizer In Poly Bag

If you are not so sure about the fertilizer that you should use for your peaches, Dr. Earth’s organic fertilizers are right for you. This is because, with a ratio of 5-5-2, it is beneficial for both vegetative and flowering/fruiting stages in your peaches.


  • Great for roots: If you want your fruit trees to develop more roots, use this product.
  • Great for growing fruits: Need your peach trees to produce more delicious peaches? This is the brand for you.
  • Stable growth of the tree and fruit: With consistent nutrients, you get a stable growth of leaves, fruits, flowers, and roots.
  • Attracts mycorrhizae: This fungus helps your peach plants to tolerate drought.
  • Good for fixing nutrient deficiency: As a moderate nutrient-releasing fertilizer, you can use it for peaches with chlorosis and falling fruits.
  • Lasts for a long time: You do not need to feed your peaches again until after four months.


  • Attracts dogs: This fertilizer is toxic to pests, yet it attracts them.
  • Attracts mold: As an organic fertilizer, Dr. Earth can bring mold into your garden.
  • Attracts fungus gnats: Well, these insects love eating fungi, so they will visit your garden when the mold starts growing.
  • Has a foul smell: You should use a mask when applying this fertilizer.
  • Can burn plants: Even though this is somewhat a slow-release fertilizer, it can still burn plants if you overuse it.

This brand releases its nutrients moderately, so you do not need to actively feed your plants. As a granule, you should use half a cup of Dr. Earth for every 10 square feet in your garden.

Overview: If you need an effective organic fertilizer that you do not need to use constantly on your peaches, this is for you.


7.EarthPods Premium Fruit & Citrus Plant Food – Easy Organic Fertilizer Spikes

Here is a slow-release fertilizer with minimal nutrients. It has a ratio of 2-2-4.


  • No odor: You can use this in your garden and no one (human or pet) would notice.
  • Safe for gardens with pets: Since pets do not notice the presence of your Earthpods, you should use this product if you have pets such as dogs.
  • Helps roots and plant growth: This is a very good fertilizer for plant roots.
  • Suitable to amend soil: As a fertilizer with a low concentration of nutrients, use it as a soil amendment to enrich the soil with nutrients.
  • Suitable for every type and variety of peaches: You can use it for your indoor and outdoor peaches. 
  • Zero-waste packaging: The packaging decomposes quickly, so this is a zero-carbon brand.


  • Need extra frequency of application: Its concentration of nutrients is low, so you need a lot of it if you want to use it as the only fertilizer.
  • Not water-soluble: You have to apply it directly to the soil.
  • Not the best to quickly treat nutrient deficiency: While it releases nutrients quickly to your plants, it might not contain as many nutrients as what your plant needs at that particular time.

If you need to amend your garden soil for your peach trees and do not know which product to use, you can use Earthpods as the granules will enrich the soil without adding too many nutrients to burn your plants.

Overview: Buy this brand if you have nutrient-poor garden soil and use it to amend the soil. To actively feed your peaches, this brand may not be suitable.

Now choose between the seven best fertilizers for your peach trees. Buy any of these products if you are just starting your peach tree journey instead of making homemade fertilizer for peach trees.


Which Fertilizer for Peach Trees Should You Buy?

Every brand listed above is excellent for peach trees. However, you have to start with one. Which one should you choose? Here are some factors to consider:

– Consider the NPK Ratio

“NPK Ratio” means the compared composition of the major nutrients which are Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium.

Therefore, an NPK ratio of 3-2-1 simply means three percent Nitrogen, two percent Phosphorus, and one percent Potassium. This means that if you are looking for the fertilizer with the highest NPK ratio for your peaches, EZ-gro is the right one for you as it is very concentrated.

However, you must remember that the more concentrated the nutrients in fertilizer are, the higher chance there is for the fertilizer to burn your plants. This means that you need to follow the detailed instructions in the fertilizer so that you can grow healthy peaches.

– Consider the Suitable Fertilizer for Your Current Peaches’ Condition

You need to know the current stage of growth in your peach trees so that you can decide the fertilizer with the best nutrient composition for the plants. For example, peaches in their vegetative stage (i.e. still growing leaves and not matured for flowers yet) need more nitrogen while those flowering need more phosphorus.

Fertilizers such as Down to Earth, EZ-gro, and EarthPods are suitable for every type of plant, so we can say that it is a tie. However, EZ-gro is still the best because it has higher amounts of nutrients, so your peach plants will benefit more from it than other types of fertilizers.

– Consider the Type of the Fertilizer

One factor that you must consider when choosing a fertilizer is the type of fertilizer you are buying because different types of fertilizers affect plants in different ways.

For example, slow-release fertilizers do not burn plants and store nutrients for a very long time. However, continuous fertilizers release a lot of nutrients quickly while liquid fertilizer mostly has nutrients that are readily available.

You can use liquid fertilizer to feed both the root and leaves of your plants because most liquid fertilizers are water-soluble. Well, the choice is still up to you to decide the type that you want, but if you should go for liquid, the liquid fertilizer in the list above is EZ-gro.

– The Duration of Releasing Nutrients

Another factor worth considering is the rate at which you want to fertilize your plants. You need to consider this because your schedule might not allow you to fertilize your plants regularly, so you want to go for fertilizers with nutrients that can last longer in the soil.

Of the different durations, Espoma Organic Citrus-to which is a slow-release fertilizer can last for three to four months in the soil while Dr. Earth 708P which moderately releases nutrients lasts for more than four months. You must remember that it is totally up to you to decide which fertilizer is right for you.

As you can see, you have a lot of suitable fertilizers for your peach trees. You now also know good methods to select the best fertilizer for you.

different types of garden fertilizers


Remember that peaches need nutrients to grow, so you must feed them with a nutritious fertilizer regularly. While there are so many products to choose from, consider starting with EZ-pro as it is versatile and has concentrated nutrients for your peaches.

Also, remember that the type of fertilizer you choose will have its unique effects on your peaches, so you want the one that suits the current conditions of your plants.

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