Fiskars 6201 review is a testament that this reel mower is a humble machine that manages to overwhelm its competitors. Unlike those fussy gas or electric-powered mowers, this American lawn mower shines with its simple yet magnificent manual technology that does not cut any corners when it comes to power.

Lawn Mower Fiskars 6201 Review

The purpose of this review is to delve deep into this machine and how it works, covering all of its features and technical information. If you’d like to gain a better understanding of this push lawn mower, continue reading on!

Pros Cons
No carbon emissions or exhaust fumes No self-propelling system – can be difficult to use on slopes
A simple easy to use mechanism Not good for out of control lawns – can only handle that much
No need to wait for the mower to charge up or worry about battery life

Features That Outshine the Others

This Fiskars StaySharp Max mower has plenty to offer despite its relatively simple design: it is affordable, efficient, and the perfect fit for those who are looking for a zero-fuss push mower. Additionally, some other features of this reel mower are:

  • Cutting width of 18 inches
  • Maximum cutting height of 4 inches
  • Minimum cutting height of 1 inch
  • Machine weight of 43 lbs
  • Easy to assemble
  • StaySharp cutting system
  • Height adjustment options
  • Grass catcher attachment site
  • Easy operation
  • Reel type mower
  • Three-year consumer warranty
  • Push driving system

An In-depth Fiskars 6201 Review

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Fiskars 6201 Key Criteria
Ease of Starting
Performance on rough terrain
No carbon emissions or exhaust fumes
No carbon emissions or exhaust fumes
No need to wait for the mower to charge up or worry about battery life
No self-propelling system – can be difficult to use on slopes
Not good for out of control lawns – can only handle that much

This yard-maintaining power tool is unlike many that we have seen: Fiskars momentum is like a breath of fresh air in the saturated marketplace of lawn mowers. When it comes to being easy to start, the 6201 gets a rating of a full 10 out of 10!

Not only this, but it has a splendid rating of 8 out of 10 for its power, 10 out of 10 for its maintenance requirements, and 9 out of 10 for functioning on rough terrain! So when we say this mower is an all in one sort of a package, we truly mean it!

When we talk about manual momentum push reel lawn blowers, it is impossible not to mention the Fiskars reel 6201, since it has earned its place and name and is really in a league of its own. The design and mechanism of this mower are truly a marvel, although, in the vast array of gas and electric-powered mowers, the 6201 has the simplest design.

But that is exactly something that makes it easier to use, as you no longer struggle with the complexity of other mowers and their wires, charging, and refueling, all that can be so taxing on a person. However, with this mower, those issues are present no more, as this reel lawn mower gets the job done with no fuss at all.


Also, gas and electric blowers usually need a considerable amount of prepping and starting time, but with this StaySharp Max reel mower, you are ready to go at any given instant. Furthermore, this mower has height options so you can set it to whatever height is most comfortable for you which reduces body strain and muscle cramps and allows for an effortless and comfortable operation.

It is also worth noting that the 6201 has an attachment site for a grass catcher, which can be bought separately or ordered together with the mower. This makes the task of cleaning up the blades of cut-up grass much easier and quicker.

– How Has the Fiskars 6201 Evolved?

The Fiskars 6201 has evolved by upgrading its specs, for example it’s four cutting heights vs the Scotts 2000 20’s three. This mower’s specs are an upgrade to its previous versions, bringing it and Fiskars into the limelight for staying up to date with current trends within the mower industry.

Fiskars 6201 Has Evolved by Upgrading Its Specs

Fiskars has continued to put its resources towards creating better reel mowers by upgrading its mechanisms and technology as well as increasing the machine’s durability and longevity. This is evident to anyone who tests out the magnificent StaySharp cutting system in the 6201 reel mower.

Let us compare the Fiskars 6201 to other similar reel mowers available on the marketplace, such as the Scotts 2000s series, in particular the Scotts 2000 20. We see that though both mowers are brilliant in their ways, the Fiskars 6201 has four different cutting heights whereas the Scotts has only three, so if a wider range of cutting heights is something you are looking for, then the 6201 should be a better option.

Moreover, the Scotts 2000 20 does not have an attachment site for a grass collection bag, whereas the Fiskars does. This means with the Scotts 2000 20, you would have to meticulously pick up every single trimmed piece of grass yourself after the trimming is over, which is an extremely taxing and tedious job.

However, the Scotts 2000 20 is much lighter in weight than the Fiskars. But, since both machines are of the drive or walk-behind style, you may not be bothered much by their weight anyway.

Detailed Insight on the Features of the Fiskars 6201

– Adjustable Height

The Fiskars 6201 has multiple notches to alter the height of the machine, so you can change it around to suit your preferred height.

Features of the Fiskars 6201

This makes for a more comfortable operation, ensuring the operator is not overly fatigued.

– Easy to Assemble and Use

Once the mower arrives on your doorstep, it needs minimal, tool-free assembly that anyone can put together. Also, as there are no complex motors or engines, it is incredibly user-friendly for everyone.

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– Wide Range of Cutting Heights

The blades of the mower can cut a range of different heights, starting from 1 inch up to 4 inches.

Wide Range of Cutting Heights

This means you have full control over how your lawn looks, while also ensuring an even and consistent cut every time.


– Three-year Long Warranty

The mower comes with a three-year-long consumer warranty guarantee. This means you can use it to its maximum potential without any worries.


We hope you found this lawn mower review helpful and have gained a better understanding of the Fiskars Max push reel mower. Before we leave, we’d like to recommend it as our top choice pick for those with a small to medium-sized lawn looking for a zero-fuss or hassle-free mower that gets the job done easily.

If you need to know any more details about this mower, its manual, or its buying guide, feel free to visit the official Fiskars website and we are sure you will find all the required details there.

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