Fiskars Staysharp 6208 is a mower that has the power to transform your place from ordinary to something out of the magazines. With a wide variety of innovative features that are all incorporated to oversee the customers’ requirements, this mower is sure to impress all because of its ideal balance between power and convenience of use.Fiskars Staysharp 6208

The Staysharp 6208 may just be the answer to all your yard-related concerns. We have brought you an in-depth lawn mower review so you know more about the tool that will transform the home you live in!

The Impressive Features of This Mower

Fiskars Staysharp 6208 Key Criteria
Easy to Start
Maintenance Requirements
Rough Terrain
Low noise production
Adjustable heights - mow with precision
Cost-effective in the longer run - does not require any fueling
Does not perform well on wet grass
May require more physical effort for larger yards

As with most Fiskar Staysharp products, this mower, too, knows exactly what to provide to the market’s ongoing competition to stand out amongst all the others. With features like the ones listed below, you know exactly why this mower has won our hearts:

  • Self-propelled
  • Manual operation
  • Eco-friendly
  • StaySharp cutting system
  • 5 inches depth; 18 inches width; 13.5 inches height
  • Limited two-year warranty
  • Low noise production
  • Patent-pending InertiaDrive
  • Height adjustment ranges from 1.5 to 3.5 inches
  • Large-diameter cutting reel
  • 17 inches cutting width
  • Specialized grass discharge chute
  • Inset wheel design
  • Alloy steel material
  • Compatible with Fiskars 17” grass catcher (separately sold accessory)

An In-Depth Review of the Fiskars Staysharp 6208 Lawn Mower

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  • Easy to Start: 8.9/10
  • Power: 8.9/10
  • Maintenance Requirements:  9.1/10
  • Rough Terrain: 9.1/10

The Staysharp 6208 brings a new perspective to what a mower should look like. Many put it above the battery or gas-operated mowers available in the market because of its smart design. Not only that, but it is also a safer option to go for.

Being safe for the environment by requiring no fuel enables it to produce no waste emissions. Also, it completely depends on the power you give it and hence as soon as you stop pushing it, the blade stops mowing and prevents you from any unwanted accidents. This makes it a remarkable fit for households with younger children.


When it comes to power, this mower is most likely going to impress you. It comes with 50 percent more cutting power than other mowers because of its large-diameter InertiaDrive reel. This means you can now mow through your overgrown yard more swiftly and without putting too much effort, thus not getting overly tired after a long mowing session.

Furthermore, the self-propelled mower, along with all of its other features, reduces push force by 30 percent compared to other competitive mowers. So, by having to push with less force, you optimize your time by working for a smaller but more efficient period, earning it an 8.9 out of 10 for power, which is rightly deserved so!

Additionally, the StaySharp cutting system comes with strong and thick blades that put through even the toughest of conditions. It delivers more cutting energy to power through twigs, weeds, or dense grass that normally jam other mowers.

So you can easily deal with any debris present on your landscape without fearing for your mower. This strength and power earn it a solid 9.1 out of 10 in the rough terrain department.Grass Discharge Chute of Fiskars

Ease of use is a factor that plays a major role in the satisfaction of users. No one wants to begin mowing their yard by first having to wait a long time for the mower to start operating properly. This is a hassle you would surely not face when using the Staysharp 6208 mower, as it starts without giving you any trouble, earning it an 8.9 out of 10 for being easy to start.

Any appliance that requires regular maintenance starts feeling like a burden rather than an assistance. But, you would not be facing any troubles with the Fiskars 6208 mower, as the StaySharp cutting system makes sure blades remain sharp and strong. Also, the mower parts are guaranteed for two years by the company itself. This convenience gives it a 9.1 out of 10.

– How Has the Fiskars Staysharp 6208 Evolved?

The Fiskars 6208 has evolved in a lot of departments since it first came out. Lightweight and innovative easy-to-use systems are all features that speak to its development, including many other developmental features that speak to its ever evolving progress.Fiskars Staysharp 6208 Evolution

The Fiskars 6201 is another mower model with an 18-inch cutting deck, making it 60 percent easier to push, along with five sharp blades with the StaySharp cutting system. However, since this Fiskars 18 inch reel mower has now been discontinued, the new choice for all professionals and homeowners is the Fiskars 6208, especially since it weighs lighter compared to the 52 lbs weight of the 6201.

If we compare it to other mowers in the market, we can check out the TRUPER POMA-15, a 15-inch push reel lawn mower. In comparison, it features a lower cutting width along with lacking many of the innovative systems that are a part of the Fiskar mowers, such as the StaySharp system and the Inertia Drive.

We can also put it against the American Lawn Mower 1815-18 mower which has a higher 18-inch cutting width but is also heavier with its 27 lbs of weight. Additionally, while it is not clad with the StaySharp system, it does have an adjustable cutting height that goes up to four inches, which gives the 1815-18 a bit more flexibility in cutting grass.


The Prominent Features of This Mower

– StaySharp Cutting System

The 17-inch StaySharp push reel cutting system brings in precision engineered specifically to cut grass without the blades touching. This greatly reduces friction and blade wear, which then allows the mower to deliver a lasting performance without the inconvenience and expense of annual blade sharpening, allowing the mower to cut down all the grass in your yard swiftly and effectively.

And not having to replace the blades regularly or getting them sharpened takes off some burdens from your wallet!Fiskars Staysharp Cutting System

– Eco-Friendly

One of the best qualities of the 6208 reel lawn mower is the fact that it is safe for the environment, as it is free of any need for fuel, oil, or even battery. So, it does not create any harmful discharge or gasses, which is why this free-of-pollution tool is something that many environmentalists opt for since it ensures that you are not adding to the carbon footprint.

– Adjustable Heights

As grass cutting is the key function of mowers, being able to administer the maximum flexibility in this task is invaluable and Fiskars shows their understanding of this fact in their design of the Staysharp 6208. The company gives the flexibility of changing between heights ranging from 1.5 inches to 3.5 inches which allows you to get better precision and hence reduces user fatigue.Fiskars 6208 Heights

– Quiet Operation

What a wonder it is to be the owner of an outdoor tool that doesn’t require you to wake up all your neighbors as soon as you start working. And nowadays with the immense use of motors and engines, the noise created is expected by the customers. But not with this mower! This is part of the beauty of mowers that makes them quite a famous option, sure to lack any motor or engine, your machine will create little to no noise when operating.

– Grass Discharge Chute

With the specialized grass discharge chute, you are able to keep track of the grass being mowed, ensuring that it does not make a mess of your yard again. It throws the clipping leanly forward so that they do not get in your way and are as far from you as possible.



Now that you know that this mower is one of the top choices of mowers available in the market, you must run to the nearest store to get it home. It perfectly balances the needs of the market, and the users, and the wow factor allows it to be a strong choice.

If you want to learn more about this Fiskars reel mower with bag, you can check out their website to read the manual. In the manual, you can find more information about the Fiskars StaySharp max reel mower parts, including the Fiskars StaySharp grass catcher capacity 18 liters black orange 1000592 that packs a punch with its performance and always amazes its users!

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