Florida landscaping ideas are important to understand, as Florida is the land of sunshine and tropical weather, that can draw anyone in.

home landscapeIf you are a fan of warm and sunny days, sandy beaches and amusement parks, then Florida is the pick for you!

In this article, we’ll be discussing some of the most outstanding and magnificent landscapes that might pique your interest just like they did ours: from lush planting to water features, we have covered it all for you, with our in detail information and Florida landscape design pictures.

List of the Best Florida Landscaping Ideas

Florida landscaping needs some creativity, that’s why we give you the best ideas to make your landscaping choices easier:

– The Secret Garden: Surfside

1. The Secret Garden SurfsideSurfside is a landscaping idea for all those who want to build up on what’s already there. With its modern pool, wrap-around hedges for some added privacy and stylish stone pavings, it was already quite a statement that only required a little work to achieve a stylish and open look.

The secret Surfside vacation garden is a haven for all those who want to experience the essence of a vacation. The highlight of this landscaping is the secret garden that provides ample space for the kids to play while allowing the adults to relax and enjoy, as it is the perfect form of escape with its lush and modern outlook.

To reach this desired look, the designer leaned towards using the axis of the pools to place the other elements, which gives the space more dimension and an illusion of being elongated. The addition of a fire pit on one end and a bistro set on the other with turquoise chairs add the right amount of coziness and contrast through the colors.

To lush up this Florida yard, an array of native and tropical plants was added. From Florida’s native fern to the eccentric cordyline, plants are added to the edges to close up the space and add more privacy. Marble step blocks were placed on the sides of the pool all toward the entry, building up the secret garden image of the yard.

– Urban Modern Retreat

2. Urban Modern RetreatThe Urban Modern Retreat by Michael Gilkey has won the highest landscaping design award from the Florida Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects. It is located in Florida and is one of the most extravagant and magnificent examples of landscaping.

The residence itself is a four-bedroom building that has glass windows, showing the most beautiful and award-winning tropical landscaping. Not only does it have an event lawn but also a pollination garden, a bird garden with a lychee tree and a bocce court.

Each of these elements is enough to keep anyone gawking with the elegant statues of different animals sprinkled across the residence and dreamy pathways weaving throughout the property and connecting different parts of the landscape with one another.

The old-growth banyan trees along with the various native and tropical plants, like the foxtail fern, palm trees, etc, add to the lush greenery of this landscape. The greenery is the largest part of this landscape making it one of the most prominent landscapes and thus being sold at $4.2 million, recently.

– White Minimalist

The White Minimalist style is high fashion and more of a modern landscaping idea. A great example of it is the functional style landscape in Palmetto Bay that follows a strict color palette of white, pale yellows, cool grey, and blonde. These colors open up the landscape and give it a modern touch.

The air circulation throughout is the key as it gives the luxurious style of the yard a more open feeling, which is increased by lining the cream-colored hedges with palm trees and smaller plants.

A white parasol umbrella is added over two beach chairs and right next to them is the fireplace surrounded by outdoor couches. Another sofa set lies beneath a black pergola that has a string of lights weaved through them that opens up the living space. While the rest of the floor is marbled, the floor underneath the pergola is made of a cream-colored board.

The furnishing style is used to ensure that the cooler tones of the color palette don’t take away from the coziness of this design.


– Italy Inspired

Looking for South Florida landscaping ideas for the front of the house? Well, this one might be the best choice for you. The Italian-inspired landscape by Sanchez & Maddux is truly the most enchanting turn towards a darker and more forestry theme.

This gives a charming, mysterious, and romantic vibe, all in those elegant arches cut out of massive Cuban Laurel hedges. They cover around half an acre of the property and surround the swimming pool most effectively, giving a beautiful entry for the people to walk in. This truly looks like something from an Old Age mansion.

This landscape can not only be used to glamorize a huge garden but can also help you renovate your yard and add a little innovative touch that will increase the curb appeal.

– Bohemian Beachy Style

3. Bohemian Beachy Style garden

This style is the go-to dream style for so many Florida residents since it has plenty of inspiring takes on it and can be achieved at more affordable rates. Also, it is easy to put together because it doesn’t have a strict color palette and can incorporate an individual’s taste and creativity quite easily.

This is among popular Florida landscaping ideas for small yards, as people opt for this style and take the bohemian theme for their whole house. Using crochet pieces and vintage rugs that complement the shades of brown you’re using will help give the design more personality.

Brighter shades like turquoise, orange and red, along with the warmer brown tones are the key to making your beach-themed landscape pop out. The addition of plants with big leaves and cactus can make it even more lively. This would be a great choice for all those who are looking for modern Florida landscape ideas for small yards.

– Forest Inspired Design

4. Forest Inspired Design

Saying forest-inspired might be a stretch but the Orlando design by BLG Environmental services truly looks like a mansion in mountains. It is as much of a beauty as it is a juxtaposition with the modern-built house and old-growth tall trees.

The trees are sprinkled all over the property like the seeds were rained instead of being sown on purpose, however, it most definitely was planned. The random positioning of the trees makes the landscape more unique than anything we have seen before.

A very painful fence separates the house from the garden so that attention is taken from the statement made by the trees. The garden itself is like any other Florida garden but it is brighter in comparison to the inside property, which adds the right amount of contrast to the landscape through the colors.

– Simple Clean Style

5. Simple Clean Style

If you are looking for low maintenance Florida landscaping ideas, then this one is the pick for you. The simple and clean style is another famous landscape picked by many people for their backyards as it is easy to maintain and affordable. You don’t need to make any statements because simplicity is the charm of this design.

The Buena Vista in Hialeah is a great example of this landscaping idea. A very simple lawn is used to create an infinity edge that allows appreciating the view. Plants like sago palm and coontie palm are put in the yard in white pots, while a couch is placed behind the pool to add the comfort factor to the design. Most of the place is kept bare so the view can be appreciated at its best.

– Mediterranean Style

6. Mediterranean Style

The Mediterranean landscape by James Peck Landscape Design is the perfect option for all those who want an extravagant and glamorous front yard but also want their house to maintain its elegant look. It adds a little more personality to the landscape by adding the beauty of an old era.

A stone path leads towards the front door and is aligned with small bushes and behind them follow palm trees and bigger bushes. The building itself also has a historical impact with the architectural styles used upon it.

Small bushes with red flowers line the house itself to add a splash of color to the otherwise dull palette . The architecture along the statues makes the yard the statement you want to make with your home if you are a history geek or just want that touch for your yard.

– Tropical Design

7. Tropical

This one is another design for people who love colors, as this option will give you the most beautiful front yard while also upholding your creative side and reflecting it in your home.

You can add palm trees to the sides of your door or plant them in your garden while also adding any tropical plant of your liking. Moreover, go ahead and add as many roses, poppies, lantanas, or any colorful flowers as you desire because those will be the jewel in this crown.

The great thing about going to the tropical side of landscape designs is that they go well with colored houses. So if you painted your house a bright color like turquoise or bright red and orange, the tropical look will make it look even more beautiful. A very great example of this is the design by Eileen E Designs.

Landscaped Home

Landscaping Ideas and Features Table

Florida Landscaping Ideas Main Features
The Secret Garden: Surfside Garden with a pool, surrounded by hedges and stone pavings.
Urban Modern Retreat Glass windows overlooking an event lawn, a pollination garden, a bird garden and a bocce court
White Minimalist A light color palette of white, pale yellows and greys along with short native plants, palm trees and proper air circulation
Italy Inspired Dark, forestry theme with elegant arches
Bohemian Beachy Style Crochet pieces and vintage rugs in shades of brown
Forest Inspired Design Tall, old-grown trees with a bright-colored garden
Simple Clean Style Bare, open place, focusing on comfort with no statement pieces
Mediterranean Style Stone path, bushes and palm trees along with some architectural statues
Tropical Design Palm trees and colorful flowers


Your house is something you build with all your heart, so it is a clear depiction of you and your personality.

  • It can safely be said that there are several routes you can take when thinking of renovating your home as the landscape options are endless.
  • You may get inspired by more than one of these looks and work with them together in a way that would get you an innovative and unique outcome.
  • For creative individuals, the best options among the above are Bohemian Beachy style, Mediterranean style, and Tropical design.
  • If you want to keep things low maintenance while also elegant, go for Simple Clean Style or White Minimalist.

Hope this article was helpful and you decide on the landscape idea that is perfect for you!

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