Florida pool landscaping ideas are a subject of common interest. Due to the state’s weather, many houses and other properties have swimming pools installed to fight against the heat.

8 Florida Pool Landscaping Ideas

However, a swimming pool without surrounding landscaping is quite a dull sight. To remedy that, we present you with seven pool landscaping ideas that are bound to increase the appeal and value of your property.

List of Florida Pool Landscaping Ideas

There are several ways to landscape around a pool area. From plants and gardens to installing outdoor grills, lights, and water features, these pool landscaping ideas are a surefire way to give your swimming pool a brand-new look.

With the right budget and planning, your poolside can look like a tropical beach or a backyard oasis in no time.

1.  Add Plants

Adding plants is pool landscaping 101 since they automatically elevate the aesthetics of your pool. In addition to hot weather, south and central Florida are home to beautiful beaches. Therefore, adding local plants and trees will enhance your poolside and give off a cozy tropical look.

Plants For Your Florida Pool Landscaping Idea Colorful Variety Flowers

But before digging up a garden alongside your pool, it is essential to keep in mind certain factors. It is key that you choose low-maintenance plants that are well suited for the soil and humidity conditions surrounding your pool. Adding plants that are not suited to that environment will cause more harm than benefit in the form of high-effort maintenance and withering plants.

Native plants are your best bet due to their easy availability and suitability to the local environment. Cacti are a great option that requires no maintenance but keeps them at a little distance to avoid scratches. 

You can also use plants famous for ground cover to complement your pool ideas. Creeping Jenny is one such plant that pairs perfectly with ground pools. If your pool area is not shady, ensure these plants can thrive in the full sun – you do not want them to burn!

2. Add Tall Trees

A good option to elevate the pool’s surrounding would be to include palm trees, aloe vera, octopus agave, and weeping dalea. Potted plants and recycled planters are also great ways to enhance the look of your inground pool.