Florida pool landscaping ideas are a subject of common interest. Due to the state’s weather, many houses and other properties have swimming pools installed to fight against the heat.

8 Florida Pool Landscaping Ideas

However, a swimming pool without surrounding landscaping is quite a dull sight. To remedy that, we present you with seven pool landscaping ideas that are bound to increase the appeal and value of your property.

List of Florida Pool Landscaping Ideas

There are several ways to landscape around a pool area. From plants and gardens to installing outdoor grills, lights, and water features, these pool landscaping ideas are a surefire way to give your swimming pool a brand-new look.

With the right budget and planning, your poolside can look like a tropical beach or a backyard oasis in no time.

1.  Add Plants

Adding plants is pool landscaping 101 since they automatically elevate the aesthetics of your pool. In addition to hot weather, south and central Florida are home to beautiful beaches. Therefore, adding local plants and trees will enhance your poolside and give off a cozy tropical look.

Plants For Your Florida Pool Landscaping Idea Colorful Variety Flowers

But before digging up a garden alongside your pool, it is essential to keep in mind certain factors. It is key that you choose low-maintenance plants that are well suited for the soil and humidity conditions surrounding your pool. Adding plants that are not suited to that environment will cause more harm than benefit in the form of high-effort maintenance and withering plants.

Native plants are your best bet due to their easy availability and suitability to the local environment. Cacti are a great option that requires no maintenance but keeps them at a little distance to avoid scratches. 

You can also use plants famous for ground cover to complement your pool ideas. Creeping Jenny is one such plant that pairs perfectly with ground pools. If your pool area is not shady, ensure these plants can thrive in the full sun – you do not want them to burn!

2. Add Tall Trees

A good option to elevate the pool’s surrounding would be to include palm trees, aloe vera, octopus agave, and weeping dalea. Potted plants and recycled planters are also great ways to enhance the look of your inground pool.

Tall Trees Around Your House Pool Florida Green and Blue Landscape

If you have a few worn-out tires lying around, you can stack them up and make them into plant pots. Or you can even add taller trees in order to give a Florida-feel to your pool’s vicinity.

Another exciting use of plants is to make a privacy wall thats made of tall trees around the pool to separate it from other parts of your home. You can also do this if you prefer to give your swimming pool a more intimate setting.

Overall, if you are considering starting some pool landscaping, adding local and exotic plants is a great way to add to your poolside scenery easily.

3. Add Lighting

Lighting is another simple way to enhance the visibility and mood of the pool area. Especially at night, when you are having a weekend party with your loved ones, having proper lighting can set the spirit of the gathering, making it cozier.

Pool Lighting Florida Home Landscaping Ideas Lights and Colors

You can add string lights, which are also known as fairy lights of different colors around your pool and choose the aesthetic of the landscape. The standard yellow lights are perfect for a romantic setting, or you can turn on the bright green, red and purple lights to get the pool party going. It’s a simple and affordable way to get started.

To extend the idea of decoration with lights is to be using rope lights around the flower beds and plant pots. If you have already installed a garden around your pool deck, adding rope lights to that area will give it a glowing new look, which will be especially noticeable at night.

The combination of string lights around the pool and the rope lights around your garden and plant pots give the area a welcoming sight. On top of this, these lights are easy to set up, low maintenance, and very energy efficient compared to traditional light bulbs.

After lighting up the surrounding area, one last step will be to light up your swimming pool with underwater LED lights. These lights would come in a range of colors that you can change upon your choice. Some LED lights can change color on the go, so you don’t have to settle for one color and change to meet the expectation of the occasion.

A well-lit pool will enhance the scene and add value to your swimming sessions and pool parties.

4. Fix The Pool Patio

Swimming on a sunny weekend or having a pool party with your friends is a longing that should not be hindered by an unmaintained pool patio. So, maintaining your pool patio is a great way to keep the pool landscape aesthetic and coherent with the surrounding.

Pool Patio in a Florida Home With Garden and Sitting Area

If your patio has been neglected, consider getting a revamp. In this case, getting a quality design and materials for the deck is vital. A good factor to keep in mind is the look of the surroundings, and choose your materials that match the poolside area

If you have a stone walkway with a rock garden, it is an excellent choice to have the patio made with natural stone or at least a stone finish. In addition, there are other material options like wood, concrete, and pavers.

A revamped patio is not only a great pool landscaping idea but will also allow for a better experience sitting or walking around the pool and entering it, as opposed to a cracked or broken patio.

Although fixing your patio is an excellent way of enhancing your aquatic experience, it is essential to mention that it is an expensive option. It will take weeks for a new patio to be completed before installation. At that time, the most challenging part will probably be being patient enough not to use the pool. 

On top of this, this renovation comes with a gorgeous aesthetic that will make everyone admire it and find it very relaxing and awesome.

5.  Low Maintenance Garden

Now that we have discussed plants and trees, it’s time to consider having a full fledge garden around your pool.

Low Maintenance Garden for Florida Pool Landscape House Relaxing Area Ideas

One good pool landscaping idea for a garden would be a succulent garden. They are an easy-to-maintain option that will pop out in Florida’s landscape. And if the weather condition is too humid for these plants, you can choose to have them planted in pots to control their irrigation and soil better.

Another option for a poolside garden is making a rock garden with ornamental grasses. They are simple to make and require nearly no maintenance while adding a new flavor to your surroundings. 

You can add rocks of different textures, shapes, and sizes, and this variety will add to the look of your rock garden instead of making it incoherent. Unlike a plant garden, you don’t need to mow or water them. It adds a serene natural look during your relaxing time in contrast to the fast-moving concrete city right outside your home.

If you finally decide to get a poolside garden, it is vital to keep in mind that the garden is low maintenance, as you want to enhance your relaxing experience and not add another chore to your daily list.

Also, keep in mind to avoid thorny and flowering plants because they can scratch your skin and cause too much debris around your pool. This means that you will spend a lot of time on lawn care instead of relaxing in the pool.

6. Fireplace and Grill

A fireplace and an outdoor grill will add another layer of comfort and utility to your pool landscape, especially if you are designing it Florida-style as the surrounding. You may take out your grill and place a cooler next to it; your parties will last hours longer.

Fireplace and Grill Florida Pool Landscaping Ideas for Relaxing Time In Your Home

A gathering around a fireplace is a great bonding time between friends and family, and if you have a fireplace near a swimming pool, you can sit and talk for hours.

It will not only add to the beauty of the landscape but, you will not want to leave your poolside, as cozy as this is going to look and feel. Having freshly grilled food while relaxing alongside the pool is the perfect getaway.

Although there are visual and practical benefits of having a poolside grill and fireplace, an outdoor kitchen is an expensive option, to say the least. You will have to plan the landscaping process while keeping in mind the area and option you want in the outdoor kitchen. It can take months for the whole thing to be prepared before use and cost thousands of dollars.

However, if you can afford the price tag, there are added benefits to an outdoor kitchen and fireplace, as outdoor cooking outside will help you save hundreds in terms of electricity bills. Your fans and air conditioners don’t have to work overtime to compensate for the heat in an indoor kitchen. 

On the other hand, you also don’t have to deal with the burning smell filling the air around you. What you must do is consider setting up a fireplace and a grill by your pool if you want more outdoor time.

7.  Add Water Features

Water features are another great option to enhance the visual appeal of your pool. It also adds to the relaxation you experience while sitting in or along the pool. These features would totally give a new and further richness of aesthetics to your poor and the area of the pool, just like the houses in Florida have.

Add Water Features for Your Florida Home Pool Fountain in Stone

Combined with trees and plants, water features will transform your pool into an oasis with trickling water sounds that will soothe your mind. You can choose water features like waterfalls, water fountains, and water walls to add to the visual appearance of your pool. They are a great way to impress your family and friends as well.

The sound of flowing water is good for mental relaxation as it increases blood flow to the brain through a response of neurochemicals. Overall, you will not only be cooling down against the Florida heat but also have an added layer of mental comfort that will add to the overall experience.

Like all other landscaping ideas, a water feature dramatically impacts the style and value of your property, as they are a symbol of luxury. It’s a fun little distraction for the children as well.

In addition, water features are a great way to keep the water flowing. Standing water can get dirty and germ-ridden very quickly, also, it keeps the water relatively clean.

All these advantages make a water feature a worthwhile investment, but as with some other options on this list, water features can be an expensive choice. However, it is advised to keep that in mind before deciding.

8. Poolside Sitting Area

Sitting in the swimming pool is refreshing and helps fight against the heat, but the last thing you want after you come out of the pool is to start sweating again. This is where having an outdoor seating area would come in quite handy.

Poolside Sitting Area for Florida House Comfortable Chair Section of Yard

You can install an umbrella or a pergola to make a shady area for you to sit during the daytime. Add furniture on top of that, and you have a furnished living space that will keep you away from the heat and allow you the opportunity of sunbathing.

If you are tight on budget, you can opt for wooden benches and tables. They are inexpensive and easy to set up. You can even make some furniture on your own if you have some old wooden pallets lying around.

You can repurpose them as furniture and even consider making them into a pool deck with a little paint around, and some cushions it should do the trick to make them fit right in.

On the other hand, you can opt for proper outdoor furniture that is luxurious and stylish to match your desired look. Remember that the furniture can withstand the humidity and occasional water splashes.

Outdoor living areas are a great pool landscaping option to provide shade from the sizzling sun after a swim, a place to relax outdoors, an outdoor area to sit and hang out with family and friends, and a shelter from passing rainy clouds. It will allow you to be outside for extended periods and enjoy the fresh atmosphere.


Several pool landscaping ideas range from plants, gardens, and lighting to outdoor gazebos, fireplaces, and water features.

They will all add to the visual appeal and the value of your property while giving you a scenic place to get away from your daily routine and relax. Which combination of ideas works for you depends on your resources, budget, and how much time you are willing to invest. So, which landscaping ideas are you considering for your home?

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