Flymo Turbo 400 review is to show you that if you are on the search to find the best mower in town, it talks about how it is the one you should be opting for. When you hear about its amazing features and qualities, you will queue up to get your hands on this wonderful mower.Flymo Turbo 400 Review

As far as its comfort and power are questioned, you should rest assured since it comes with such a joint package of those that you will be left speechless. Keep reading and you will know in details all about this incredible electric hover mower.



17.2 lbs lightweight mower No grass box available for grass collection
Easy to adjust cutting height Lacks vision window
Excellent cutting width

The Standout Features That Leave You Astounded

Based on our firsthand experience when it comes to highly efficient lawn mowers, this might top the list with its long list of features and qualities that lure all the customers in. It truly is like a predator that has its customers in its charms, and to be fair, this mower deserves all the hype if you check the details of every feature.

  • Powerful 1500 Watt motor
  • 40 cm metal blade
  • Five cutting heights varying from 15 mm to 41 mm
  • 12-meter-long main cable
  • Ships in certified frustration-free packaging
  • Two-year warranty
  • Electric start
  • 2 lbs lightweight body

Flymo 400 Turbo Lawn Mower Review

Flymo 400 Turbo Key Criteria
Ease of Staring
Performance on rough terrain
17.2 lbs lightweight mower
Easy to adjust cutting height
Excellent cutting width
No grass box available for grass collection
Lacks vision window

The mower is easy to start and does not require much user effort. This feature is what runs the machine with ease as it also makes it earn a solid 8.3 out of 10 in that criteria. It is unmatchable when it comes to power, especially when put together with its lightweight body, making it run for a long period, enough as it will get your work done in one go, and so it can be rewarded a 9.1 out of 10 for that.

The maintenance of this mower gets an 8.3/10 as it does not require constant attention to keep it funtioning for a long period time. In addition, just as it comes to rough terrain, this mower is a perfect choice to go for.

In addition to having multiple cutting heights and a sharp, fine-cutting deck, this mower easily tackles more tough and rough terrain, giving it an 8.9 out of 10 in that regard.Easy Start Up of Flymo Lawn Mower

Flymo is a highly regarded and respected company in the lawn tool world, known for having best-quality products, such as the Turbo 400. This machine has since then gotten itself a die-hard fan following that trusts the company because of the impression this mower has left on them and how it has the right and detailed spare parts as well.

Power is important especially when it comes to outdoor appliances; this device knows how to ensure that it is present in that department. Its 1500 Watt motor brings a powerful competitor into the market.

This incredible power, along with its lightweight construction, is truly a shocker. The motor on it makes it seem like the mower is floating on the ground and gives you the ability to cut off any unwanted long grass with maximum ease. Just as the Flymo Turbo 400 belt would sit in the right position and do the job.

For all those who are exhausted from knowing that they would not be getting any other work done on lawn care day, listen up, because this mower is the one for you. With its lightweight body, this mower ensures that the operator suffers fewer aches and remains energized and refreshed later in the day.

As any mower’s main function is to cut grass, they must do this job efficiently and in the best possible manner. For that, the Turbo 400 comes with a nice and strong 1.3 feet-cutting deck that easily cuts through everything you put before it. It also gives the confidence that your mower has it all to remove or trim all the grass in your lawn.

You are in for more surprises because this mower does not just come packaged with a spectacular cutting deck; its cutting range brings the strength game a few notches higher. It has five cutting options ranging from 0.5 inches up to 1.6 inches, allowing you to operate this mower at different heights that best match the task and length of the grass.

– How Has the Flymo Turbo 400 Evolved?

Flymo Turbo 400 has evolved by having better quality and efficiency. Along with its comfort, lightweight, and compact design, this lawn mower is the kind of device that can be best suited for various users as it also comes with different cutting blades.Details of Flymo Turbo Lawn Mower

This Flymo mower is an upgrade to the company’s previous mowers, including the Flymo Turbo Lite 330. While the Turbo Lite 330 weighs 14.3 lbs, a little lighter than the 400 Turbo mower, we must also consider that it only has a 33 cm cutting width and only comes with four cutting heights. On the other hand, the Flymo 400 Turbo mower comes with an almost 40 feet long cable compared to the 32-foot one in this mower.

If one aims to make a comparison of this mower to one that does not belong to this brand but is also one of the best options, we can see how the Turbo 400 compares when put against the Bosch Rotak 34R electric lawn mower. The Bosch is 1300 watts, whereas the Turbo 400 has a stronger 1500-watt motor. It also weighs more with its 24.47 lbs next to the 17.2 lbs of the Turbo 400 mower.

The Star Features That Make This Mower Reach the Top

– Cutting Heights

The five choices in cutting ranges offered by this mower are truly shocking, as they allow flexibility by letting you work on different terrains and different lengths of grass. Adjusting the height of the Flymo Turbo 400 blades according to your work makes caring for your lawn less intimidating, as they give you freedom, ranging from 0.5 to 1.6 inches tall for the perfect lawn.Cutting Heights of Flymo Turbo 400

Moreover, it is incredibly simple to move between these different cutting heights by easily reaching for the lever and controlling the height you want. Since this process is much easier in this mower compared to some other options, it is easily a favorite of many.

– Power Cable

Having a long 40-foot-tall cable attached to your Turbo 400 means you can cover a large area without changing input supplies, as it is one of the Flymo Turbo 400 parts. The cable is also detachable, so after you are done mowing, you can detach it and easily store the machine instead of trying to get a hold of the cable at all times; this data can be found in such a straightforward way in the Flymo Turbo 400 manual.

– Easy Start-up

Nothing is better than knowing that once you start working on your lawn, making your machine run will not take long. Not having to wait for long to start up your device is one luxury that this mower gives you without hesitation.

All you have to start it up is to press and hold the button on its handle, and voila, you are good to start cleaning up your lawn with all ease. Just make sure that you have sharpened your  Flymo Turbo 400 NZ blades.


This review is a clear giveaway of why this machine is loved by so many. If you are looking for a great deal on its price, search “Flymo Turbo 400 for sale, and you will find it and see how it works wonders. You may also find interest and dig deeper such as looking for Flymo hover mower, because this is the right brand to trust and to be fond of, in the long run, as it further ensures why it is the best choice for you.

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