Front yard landscaping ideas Texas living people must know about can be a little hard to find. Because of this, we have spent a lot of time researching to compile these suggestions for you if you are residing in Texas.

16 Front Yard Landscaping Ideas Texas

This article will supply you with information on a variety of different landscaping ideas for your front yard. Now, let’s get started on the ideas that are shown below.

List of Front Yard Landscaping Ideas Texas

1. Adding Lighting Features

Lighting features are an important feature that should be included in the landscape design of the front yard. It not only increases the level of safety in the yard but also makes it look like a wonderfully illuminated work of art. You may make the atmosphere cozier and improve the appearance of the exterior of the building by installing the appropriate lighting fixtures.

Adding Lighting Features

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There is a wide variety of styles, hues, functions, and ideas to choose from when shopping for front yard lights. In addition to that, they are economical and good stewards of energy. This indicates that you are free to position an unlimited number of lights. It is possible to utilize path lights to light up the walkway that leads to the main door.

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You may also spruce up the appearance of your front yard by installing prominent elements such as lanterns, lampposts, and stairway lighting. To shed light on particular architectural styles or stretches of landscape, another option is to make use of spotlights. The front porch would benefit greatly from the addition of hanging lights.

You can pick lighting designs and colors that blend with the design of the landscaping in the front yard to establish a more unified and visually intriguing environment.

2. Adding Rock Features

The addition of rock elements to the front yard is one of the most interesting and distinctive Texas landscaping ideas to add dimension and character to an otherwise flat area.

Adding Rock Features

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The rocks have a craggy aspect that gives the landscape structure and an aesthetic that is more in tune with the ground. They also require very little care and can be kept alive throughout the year. The latter is what gives it the perfect significant for landscaping in the Lone Star State.

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On the other hand, you might use rocks to either build a rock garden or delineate a slope in your yard. In addition to that, you can use them to demarcate flowerbeds and walkways. Alternatively, you might construct a rock spillway for the rain gutters so that the area does not become too muddy in the wet season period.

You can use cement to make rocks of different sizes and shapes if you wish to design the garden interestingly.

3. Growing Perennials

It is not the easiest task found in the world to grow plants in Texas, and due to the dry climate, only the hardest and most resilient plants will survive. The good news is that if you live in Texas, you can choose from a wide variety of drought-resistant plants for your garden.

Growing Perennials

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Because perennial plants thrive remarkably well in Texas, you might want to give them a try for your yard landscaping. The perennials also do not require replanting on an annual basis as other plants do, and this is a great choice, if you consider it.

Nonetheless, there are many perennials for your Texas garden, for example, bee balm is excellent for the climate of Texas. During the summer it produces vivid pink flowers and attracts butterflies to the garden space.

– Flower Examples

You may select from a wide range of perennials such as coral bells, black-eyed Susan, Mexican bush sage, Lenten rose, etc. As these are the perfect choice because you would have to water it properly and in the long run, you would see the ultimate result that they would provide you.

4. Growing Native Plants

The state of Texas is divided up into a number of different geographic regions, each of which has its unique climate conditions, soil makeup, and plant species. As a result, it is strongly suggested that you go with Texas native plants because they have a better chance of thriving there.

Growing Native Plants

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Plants that are native to Texas are resistant to insects and drought tolerant. These are also relatively minimal maintenance because they have adapted to the soil and climatic conditions of the place in which they would be able to grown.

You have a wide range of options available to you when it comes to native plants, note that these plants are the ones that would grow because their conditions can be adhered in the state. Some of these plants would include the Mexican redbud, crape myrtle, Turk’s cap, Texas mountain Laurel, chaste tree, American beauty-berry, and many others.

5. Adding Water Features

A water feature is yet another option for front yard landscaping that can contribute to the overall attractiveness of the space. It brings a variety of benefits, including the addition of movement and texture to the yard. In addition to that, the sound is calming, and it helps to reduce noise pollution.

Adding Water Features

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There are many methods to include water features in your design. You might construct a water fountain if you have a large yard. The presence of water fountains in the landscape makes for an impressive focal point.

Because they recycle the water that comes out of the fountain, you won’t have to stress as much about the cost of your water bill, due to the latter, the water will be cycling and using the same amount every time.

You can make the water feature, this means, a water fountain, more attractive by planting some vines around it because the vines with climb the fountain body and give it a natural look.

6. Improving the Grass

The appearance of the grass in your front yard is one of the most essential aspects of what is known as curb appeal. The charm of your home’s first impression could be instantly diminished if the front lawn is unattractive and unmaintained.

Improving The Grass

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With the assistance of an aerator machine, however, you may greatly enhance the penetration of nutrients, resulting in a lawn that is denser and appears to be in better health.

You may then be able to fill in thin areas and prevent various patches across your entire property can be accomplished with the help of something as simple as a reseeding bag of seeds.

If you do not currently possess an aerator machine and do not have any plans to purchase one in the near future, you may easily rent one for an affordable rate. In addition, note that this would add a significant amount of vibrancy and elevated aesthetics.

7. Adding Ground Covers

Color and texture are brought into the garden by using ground cover plants. In comparison to turf grass, they come at a far more reasonable price.

Adding Ground Covers

You can make use of them to bring greenery to locations where it is hard for grasses to grow due to factors such as slopes and shadows. Additionally, ground covers stop erosion and are an excellent choice for steep slopes.

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They are great for preventing weed growth as well as stabilizing the soil. In addition to this, they slow the pace at which water is lost by evaporating from the soil, which in turn decreases the frequency with which they need to be watered. Ground cover can be kept looking nice and professional with the help of seasonal upkeep.

You have several options available to you when it comes to ground cover plants, including plants like fig vine, coral honeysuckle, passion vine, Texas wisteria, evergreen wisteria, trumpet vine, and many other choices are great too.

8. Decorating Mailbox

It is not necessary to be spending a fortune in order to give your Texas property a more attractive landscaping design. Taking on smaller repairs like remodeling the mailbox can help you save some money over in the long run.

Decorating Mailbox

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You may give the mailbox a new-look by giving it a good washing and then spraying it with the color of your choice.

You can also fix it to ensure that it is standing correctly and is strong. Additionally, you can beautify the area around the mailbox by cultivating a flower garden, or it can be settled in a smaller circle made of bricks, and in the ground, you can plant flowers. You have a number of selections to select from if you go to the flower store in your neighborhood.

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Simply make sure that the flowers you cultivate are regularly cut so that there is clear access to the mailbox at all times. This entire landscape can be created for very little money, and it has the potential to give the entrance of your driveway more color and personality, and it will be beneficial because the simplest thing would give such an eye catching view.

You may create a basic border around your mailbox by planting some Creeping Jasmine or other annual flowers, and then you can use that border to contain a little amount of mulch.

9. Planting Different Trees

A Texas hardwood tree placed in the front yard of your home will offer years of elegance, whether it be through its vibrant springtime blossoms or its magnificent fall coloration. The majority of trees native to different regions in Texas such as Hill Country, North Texas, or South Texas are sturdy, resilient, and inexpensive at the local nursery.

Planting Different Trees

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There are certain uncommon species of trees that are both pricey and require care. A tall shade tree can lend an air of sophistication to the landscaping of your front yard; but, the subdued splash of color provided by a vibrant tree, like a Japanese Maple, can provide a sunny central focus in your yard.

– Benefits

Some Japanese maples might be rather pricey, while others are quite reasonable, because they would add a very prominent feature. They mature quickly and are simple to care for, making them ideal for anyone new to landscaping. Planting big trees close to the house increases the risk of lightning striking those trees, which could result in structural damage to the home.

10. Creating Flowerbeds Around Trees

You may add a lot of personality to your front yard by putting in flower beds in addition to the tree that is already there. These beds ought to be identical to, or at the very least aligned with, the beds that are located at the entrance of your home. Bring some color into the space by planting annuals or perennials.

Creating Flowerbeds Around Trees

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The total cost of this task will not be excessively high regardless of the borders and flowers you choose to purchase. Annual flowers add a lot of vibrancy and texture to a flower bed. However, they only remain there for a few months since they die off so quickly, and this would be a downside, if you wish to have something that’s more stable.

– Benefits

It is a good idea for low-experienced landscapers to invest the budget in perennial plants and bushes since these will perform most of the job throughout the year, and only add annuals if they have the opportunity and desire to do so.

11. Edging the Flowerbeds

One of the most excellent landscaping ideas for a Texas front yard is to border the flowerbeds with native Texas plants. The step of bordering the flower garden is an important one that the vast majority of people skip. It creates the appearance of a finished space by delineating the grass from the flowerbed.

Edging The Flowerbeds

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Pavers or rocks that have been painted may also be used to create a border around the garden, and it would look very cozy because this is what the edging flowers would provide. You also have the option of employing metal lawn edging to create an edge that is practically undetectable.

The metal is quite malleable, and it can be bent effortlessly into smooth edges that create a sophisticated and elegant edge. It stops the grass from expanding and taking over the flowerbed as it would otherwise.

Creating a precise edge all around the flowerbed with the use of a bordering shovel or spade is one of the more cost-effective ways to accomplish this goal.

12. Decorating the Driveway

Although it does not add aesthetic value to the front yard of a Texas landscape, having a driveway is absolutely necessary. Because you are helpless to remove it, the best you can do is make it more aesthetically pleasing by adding some plants.

Decorating The Driveway

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You can make curvy borders to alleviate the edges of the driveway if it just consists of monotonous straight lines. At the beginning of the driveway, you might want to plant some larger perennials or even just a few smaller bushes.

You can draw attention to this location by emphasizing it with rocks or fascinating pillars of a smaller scale. You can, for example, place a fun marker out front with your address to help visitors figure out where they are when they arrive.

Be sure to position the plants about one or more feet away from the perimeter of the driveway so that they are not damaged by car drivers who are not paying attention.

13.  Adding Mulch

Your front yard can be improved in a way that is both simple and effective by using mulch. The beauty of the flower beds is enhanced, and weed growth is reduced as a result of putting mulch. Because it prevents water from evaporating as quickly on sunny days, it helps to maintain a healthy level of water in the garden.

Adding Mulch

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The nice look won’t be maintained if you leave the mulch in the flower bed for an extended period of time. It’s possible for mulch to dry out and lose its moisture, leaving your plants looking worse for wear, but you can always give it a quick repair. You need to give your landscaping a facelift by using mulch with a dark hue, which will create a contrast with the flowers and shrubs that you have.

You can buy different bags of mulch may typically be purchased at a low rate at the home improvement store in your neighborhood. The dimensions of your place will determine the quantity of mulch that you will want to use.

It’s not that hard to spot the difference between a garden that has been mulched professionally and one that has been mulched by the homeowner and so employing an expert will guarantee that the mulching is applied appropriately and in the appropriate amount.

14. Adding Baskets and Planters

When planning the landscaping for your front yard, you should think about using elements of varied sizes and shapes.

Adding Baskets And Planters

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Hanging baskets and planters can either draw attention to a particular place or draw attention away from a housing feature that is not particularly remarkable. It’s a great approach to generate visual appeal with very little additional work on your part.

You can add these baskets in different heights if you wish, you can also add them on poles, or even plants with different heights and colors. On the other hand, you can also add some window boxes which would also provide a lot of character to a home and give a sense of beauty to whatever place they are placed.

You can create a powerful impression of happiness by integrating pots or hanging baskets that are hung at different levels. Using acrylic paints and various brushes, it is possible to create colorful flower pots, baskets, and containers with a variety of different designs.

15. Setting up a Birdbath

You can entice birds to visit your property by constructing a birdbath if you’re looking for low-maintenance landscaping.

Setting Up A Birdbath

– Benefits

A birdbath in the manner of an antique can be purchased for a low price and it is lightweight. Birdbaths are a great way to beautify the front yard of your home without the burden of installing water lines or performing upkeep on other structures.

– Design Idea

Your inner ornithologist will squeal with delight every time you are graced with the company of stunning avian guests. Birdbaths are available in a variety of styles, and the one you select should take into account both your spending limit and the overall aesthetic of your landscaping.

You can choose different textures or qualities of these birdbaths, from ceramic ones, to stone ones and even ones that are made of metal or steel. In addition, the pedestal style, the fountain design, and the hanging birdbath are some of the available styles. You can install the birdbath in the center of a circular paver area that is flanked on all sides by flower gardens to produce an attractive focal point.

16. Matching Colors with House Exterior

Your home serves as a stunning focal point for the front yard landscaping that you have designed. Because of this, the hues and components you choose for your front yard should be complementary to the outside of the house.

Matching Colors With House Exterior

– Design Idea

If you have a house that is designed in the Georgian style, federal style, or colonial style in Houston landscaping, a formal garden may compliment the house quite nicely. A formal garden is distinguished by its exquisite use of geometrical forms and its non-symmetrical design. In addition to that, it features a well-kept garden with symmetrical borders.

On the other hand, the borders of an informal garden are rounded. A minimal amount of pruning is done, and the plants are left to take on the shape that is most natural to them.

– Benefits

This garden style works well for homes that are postmodern, bungalows, farmhouses, or cottages, and it would be the one that’s most beneficial.

Hence, you should consider the colors that are used on the exterior of the house and then pick colors for the garden that either attractively contrasts with those colors or complement them.


It will be much simpler for you to incorporate these landscaping ideas into your front yard now that you are familiar with all of the front yard landscaping ideas Texas living individuals should know about. To summarize the main points,

  • You may use a variety of plants to create a variety of different decorations. For instance, you can use perennials to create flower beds, shrubs to decorate driveways, and plants to embellish the mailbox.
  • You may get some shade in your front yard by planting a variety of large trees, such as the Japanese Maple tree, along with some smaller plants. This will give your yard both an attractive and functional appeal.
  • Increasing the attractiveness of your front yard can be accomplished by the installation of a number of man-made features, such as a water fountain or a birdbath.

Now that you have read the various ideas that you can design the exterior or your front yard of the Texan home, which one will you pick? The birdbath is a great one, if you wish to consider it.

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