Full Bloom Nursery, established in 2003, nestles in the heart of Clermont, Georgia, and distinguishes itself by offering an extensive variety of plants suitable for landscaping and gardening. My firsthand observations reinforce the nursery’s commitment to delivering quality and diversity to both hobbyists and professional landscapers. Spanning over a considerable green space with 15,000 square feet of greenhouses for plant production, Full Bloom Nursery is not merely a point of sale, but a haven where plants are carefully cultivated and nurtured.

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In my experience, the staff at the nursery is not only knowledgeable but also exceptionally amiable, providing a level of customer service that makes the plant-selection process informative and enjoyable. Shopping for plants here, I’ve found the nursery quite often presents a plant range that includes both the familiar favorites and the less common varieties that add a unique touch to any garden. This garden center’s reputation has been built on a foundation of healthy, happy plants, indicative of their attentive care and expertise.

I’ve observed that beyond the retail aspect, Full Bloom Nursery invests heavily in the community. It involves itself with customers beyond the point of sale, fostering a hands-on approach to gardening and landscape design. Their offerings aren’t limited to in-person visits, as they accommodate customers in rural, remote areas through online sales as well. This approach makes Full Bloom Nursery a valuable and accessible resource for garden enthusiasts across North Georgia.

Exploring the Variety at Our Nursery

In my time at Full Bloom Nursery, I’ve seen our dedication to variety and quality truly blossom. Our selection includes an impressive range of plants sure to satisfy any gardener’s aspirations.

Annuals and Perennials

💥 Plants for Every Season

At my nursery, the variety of annuals and perennials means there’s always something in bloom. You’ll find plants that thrive in North Georgia’s unique climate. The annuals offer vibrant colors to gardens throughout the seasons, while the hardy perennials provide a dependable base that returns year after year.

  • Pansies and violas for winter color
  • Impatiens and petunias for summer vibrancy


  • Hostas and daylilies for foliage and blooms
  • Echinacea and rudbeckia for summer to fall attraction

Ferns and Foliage

💥 Lush Greens to Complement Blooms

My selection of ferns and foliage is curated to enhance any garden with texture and verdant life. These plants are perfect as understory companions in shaded areas or as distinctive standalone features. Their ability to thrive in various conditions makes them a favorite among gardeners for filling in the green spaces between seasonal color.

  • Japanese Painted Fern for subtle color
  • Lady Fern for elegant fronds

Foliage Plants:

  • Heuchera varieties for year-round foliage interest
  • Ivy as a versatile groundcover or climber

Staff Expertise and Customer Service

💥 Quick Answer

My visit to Full Bloom Nursery reveals a team well-versed in horticulture, offering exceptional customer assistance.

In my experience, the staff at Full Bloom Nursery are not just employees; they are passionate gardeners themselves. This passion translates into a knowledgeable team that is eager to share their expertise.

💥 Location & Hours

Full Bloom Nursery is conveniently nestled in Clermont, Georgia. A vital detail for planning a visit is their operating hours, which however is not mentioned, it’s recommended to check on their website or make a call to ensure a visit within their business hours.

The appreciation from the local community is evident, as Full Bloom Nursery has been recognized as “Best Nursery of Hall County” for consecutive years. Customers consistently highlight the helpful nature of the staff, underlining their ability to enhance the shopping experience through valuable plant care advice and gardening tips.

💥 Customer Experience

Others and I have noticed the attention to customer needs, from answering questions about plant selection to providing insights on maintaining a thriving garden. Their commitment to customer service fosters a welcoming atmosphere that encourages both novice and avid gardeners to explore and learn.

Creating Stunning Landscapes

When designing landscapes, the goal is to create a space that both captures the imagination and stands the test of time. My approach combines expert plant selection from nurseries with tailored design and maintenance services.

Design and Installation Services

I select each plant to suit the local climate and the specific conditions of your garden. With an eye for aesthetics and function, I ensure plants of various heights and textures come together to form a visually pleasing whole. Here’s how I plan the layout for your landscape:

Design Assessment: First, I evaluate the space to understand its potential and limitations.

Plant Selection: Choosing the right plants is crucial; I consider not just the looks but also how they’ll grow over time.

Installation: With careful consideration to plant maturity, I ensure your space won’t become overcrowded and will remain beautiful for years to come.

Maintenance Tips

Maintaining a landscape involves more than just watering and weeding. Here’s what I recommend for long-term care:

Regular Pruning: Not only does it keep plants healthy, but it also encourages new growth and maintains the desired shape.

Soil Health: I highlight the importance of compost and mulch to nourish the soil.

Seasonal Adjustments: It’s essential to account for season-specific plant care to protect your landscape against weather changes.

My knowledge and experience in horticulture guide my decisions, ensuring that each landscape I design is a natural work of art, well-suited to both its environment and the people who enjoy it.

Pricing and Availability

In my visit to Full Bloom Nursery, I’ve observed their commitment to offering competitively priced plants while ensuring a diverse, seasonal selection to cater to all gardening needs.

Competitive Pricing

I have found that Full Bloom Nursery offers a range of plants at prices that tend to be more attractive than those at large chain stores. Their pricing reflects their direct grower-to-consumer approach, ensuring that customers receive quality plants at a great value. For instance, their prices for seedlings, especially during early spring, make starting a vegetable garden quite affordable. Additionally, their end-of-season sales are a fantastic opportunity to purchase a variety of annuals and ferns at significant discounts, sometimes up to 50% off.

Seasonal Availability

The availability of plants at Full Bloom Nursery varies with the seasons, which allows me to plan my garden accordingly. Throughout the year, the nursery stocks a wide selection of happy and healthy plants, including perennials suited for sun or shade, succulents, flowering shrubs, and ground cover. I especially appreciate their winter annuals for adding color to the garden during the cooler months. As a gardener, I rely on their knowledgeable staff to help me understand what plants are best for each season and how to care for them to ensure they thrive.

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