Gardener’s Supply Company is an established name in the world of gardening, known for its wide array of gardening products and services. From the needs of the novice home gardener to the demands of an expert horticulturist, the company offers a diverse selection of items including seeds, soil, planters, grow lights, and tools tailored for various gardening activities.

Their eco-friendly product offerings and company practices reflect their commitment to environmental stewardship.

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I’ve noticed that the company takes special pride in being employee-owned, which could contribute to the high-quality customer service and product knowledge provided by its staff.

Operating out of Burlington, Vermont, Gardener’s Supply is not just a retailer; it is a resource for gardeners nationwide looking to improve their craft, enhance their gardens, and find practical solutions to gardening challenges. They leverage both a physical presence and an online platform to reach a broad audience, ensuring gardening supplies and know-how are accessible to all.

Maximizing Garden Health

In gardening, the vitality of perennials, annuals, and vegetables heavily relies on well-practiced maintenance methods such as using quality fertilizers, effective watering, and the appropriate use of mulch and plant supports.

Utilizing Quality Fertilizers

I make it a priority to choose fertilizers that are ideal for the specific needs of my plants. For perennials, a balanced, slow-release fertilizer encourages consistent growth. In raised beds, incorporating compost or well-rotted manure can significantly improve soil fertility and structure.

Effective Watering Techniques

Water is a crucial component for plant health, but knowing how much and when to water can be the difference between thriving and surviving. I use a drip irrigation system to deliver water directly to the roots, minimizing waste and evaporation. Early morning watering reduces fungal diseases and allows plants to efficiently absorb moisture during the day.

Importance of Mulch and Plant Supports

💥 Mulch preserves moisture and suppresses weeds

Mulch is a must in my garden; it keeps the soil cool and reduces water loss. I also use garden supports from the beginning of the growing season to encourage vertical growth and prevent damage to plants. Supports are especially beneficial for heavy bloomers and climbers like tomatoes and beans in raised beds.

Planning and Designing Your Garden Space

Creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing garden begins with effective planning and selecting the right resources. My personal experience with Gardener’s Supply Company has informed me on the importance of choosing appropriate perennials, tools, plant supports, and raised bed solutions.

Selecting the Right Perennials

I consider perennials as the backbone of my garden, providing consistent beauty year after year. When selecting perennials, I ensure to:

  • Match plants to my garden’s conditions (sunlight, soil type, etc.)
  • Consider bloom times for a season-long display
  • Plan for varying heights to add depth and structure
My go-to perennials include: Echinacea for resilience, Astilbes for shade, and Sedum for autumn color.

Innovative Tools and Accessories

Without the right tools, garden work can become arduous. Over the years, I’ve come to appreciate:

  • Ergonomic tools that reduce strain
  • Durable plant supports that keep my garden looking tidy
  • Functional accessories like watering aids and knee cushions for comfort

I ensure that the tools I choose will not only serve their purpose but also stand the test of time and the elements.

Raised Bed Solutions

Raised beds alleviate many garden challenges such as poor soil conditions and back strain. I have designed my own raised beds using the online planner provided by Gardener’s Supply, which allowed me to:

  • Maximize space with square-foot gardening techniques
  • Improve soil health with controlled soil mixtures
  • Enhance drainage to promote plant health

By using raised beds, I ensure my plants have the ideal growing conditions and maintenance becomes more manageable.

💥 Tip: Combine raised beds with trellises or obelisks to support climbing plants and add vertical interest.

Shopping for Gardening Supplies

When looking for quality gardening supplies, I consider Gardener’s Supply Company as a go-to source. They are not only renowned for their range of products but also for their unique position as a 100% employee-owned enterprise operating out of Vermont. I find that their commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in their service and product offerings, which include free shipping on orders over $124 with the code GARDEN24, some exclusions apply.

Employee-Owned Garden Centers in Vermont

As someone who values community and sustainability, I’m drawn to the idea of supporting an employee-owned company. This model promotes a vested interest in the company’s success and, in my experience, translates to a more personal shopping experience at Gardener’s Supply garden centers. Based in Vermont, these centers are a testament to the company’s dedication to gardening and customer service.

💥 Quick Answer

The catalogs available both in print and online showcase their extensive array of gardening tools, planters, seeds, and more.


Navigating Online Catalogs and Exclusive Offers

Navigating Gardener’s Supply’s online catalogs is straightforward. I find it particularly helpful when I am planning my garden layout or seeking specific supplies. The details are clearly presented, which simplifies the decision-making process for me. From time to time, the company offers exclusive deals that I keep an eye out for. Additionally, the website provides details on delivery options, like economy shipping to the lower 48 states, which is a great saving for large or frequent orders.

Here’s a pro tip: Always check for the latest codes and details around any exclusions to ensure you don’t miss out on savings or special offers when placing your order online.

Remember, to avail of free shipping, the total must be over $124. This is a detail that I pay attention to when bulk-buying for the season or purchasing larger items. It’s economical and convenient, saving me a trip to the garden center when I have a busy schedule.

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