Gravel landscaping ideas are an excellent way to spice up your garden. Since every plot needs an update now and then, this season we recommend you go with gravel as an option, as it is budget-friendly and low-maintenance.

Gravel Patio and Outdoor FurnitureIf you need to give your space a new look, the following landscaping ideas we’ve collected for you will be ideal.

Keep reading to find the perfect look, as we will discuss everything gravel related, including, but not limited to, gravel landscape front yard, gravel garden ideas with pots, or pea gravel front yard idea!

List of the Best Gravel Landscaping Ideas

Here’s a list of the top gravel for landscaping ideas, and their best features explained:

– Circular Seating Area

People usually stick with rectangular shapes when it comes to landscaping, but circular shapes in landscaping can have quite a soothing effect, as they’re unique. Also, designs like these work quite well in courtyards and large backyards, as they provide a new element in a rectangular space and provide a central feature to the area.

The perfect gravel for this design is a pale-colored one, as it will help give the space a livelier vibe and make it brighter. To tie the whole look together, you can go with contemporary chairs and tables.

If you have brick walls around the perimeter of the space, this idea will provide a great contrasting look. You can even add some shrubs and plants to make the space feel more alive and fresh, as a small edge garden will elevate the look.

If you’re wondering where to get gravel, just search ‘gravel landscaping near me’ and look for yourself!

– Gravel Around Water

1. Gravel Around WaterMany people like to add a small water feature to their homes, whether it be a small pond or a fountain. And gravel complements all such features quite well by giving the area a more serene and peaceful vibe.

Use pale-toned and fine-textured pea gravel or granite to create the perfect landscape, as this will help the water area be the spotlight. That’s the beauty of gravel designs: gravel doesn’t stand out itself, but it helps the other features shine. The same can be done for a bench or a swing set.

– Gravel With Your Patio

2. Gravel With Your PatioEvery house needs a patio, as it can be a place to relax and clear one’s mind or even a nice spot to sip a cup of coffee and read a book. But how amazing would it be if you elevated your plain and simple patio using some gravel?

Nonetheless, you may even consider some warm-toned pea gravel and honey-colored fences as they will lift your patio. To stick with the modern and simple theme, use clean lines stepping stores, and light-colored patio furniture, or maybe even a small swing or a cute bench would do the trick.

If you want to add some potted plants, feel free to do that. Evergreen foliage in light-colored pots will look amazing, so you can use this as a blank canvas and add whatever your heart desires. It’s your time to get creative with your gravel patio!

– Variety in Gravel

3. Variety in GravelIf you want to create a bold look, you can use different types of gravel. In this design, try to tone down the other elements, otherwise, the space will look chaotic and under planned. 

You can create different patterns from different types of colors, so feel free to play with different shapes and textures: use anything from a dry creek bed to quartz gravel. Get creative!

This is a great way to fill up a smaller space, as there is no need to add planters or furniture when budget-friendly gravel can do just as good of a job. You can use gravel in various design ideas, from pathways to rockeries, as it’s a great way to vamp up any blank space and add different textures, but many decorators and gardeners usually overlook the impact of gravel as it seems to be something so mundane, however, in actuality, the gravel you use can completely change the look of your space.

– Gravel Underneath Floating Furniture

4. Gravel Underneath Floating FurnitureFloating furniture is a new trend in the landscaping world. It’s modern and chic and is taking over the furniture business and is considered to be a great option when it comes to outdoor seating areas.

However, many people get confused about how to cover the space underneath. Of course, you can always use grass, but due to shade, the grass won’t flourish. Synthetic grass is another option but can be quite pricey. That is why the most suitable option is gravel.

Grey-toned gravel will be best for the job, as it will complement the floating furniture quite well and will help add texture to the plain surface underneath. If you add some grey cushions on top of the furniture, it will create a sense of harmony.


– The Minimal Look

Minimalism seems to be taking over the world, so why not your home too? Minimal gardens and decor ideas are easy to maintain and budget-friendly, so it’s time to say goodbye to clutter and chaos!

This easy-to-achieve look can be created using neat square-shaped stones, simple foliage and white-colored gravel. Crushed granite gravel would be perfect for this job, as if your space has plain retaining walls, this design will be the easiest.

– Stylish Steps

5. Stylish StepsDo you have some boring steps in your home that you wanna spice up? If so, consider using gravel, as it is a fun way to lift any space, including a couple of steps. Corten steel will be the ideal pick for this job. 

Corten steel has a rich rusted patina and a hardwearing nature, which makes it a great choice for edges, screens, raised gardens, and even steps. Pair with gravel and you have something amazing on your hands. You can add some plants, grasses, or small ferns to create a unique look. 

Or you can even add some extra color by planting flowers. Of course, the theme is totally up to you, as you can either go with something chic and modern or a bit more traditional and cottage core. You’re the boss here!

– A Rockery

6. A RockeryA rock garden is a fairly new trend and if you’re a fan, gravel can be your new best buddy. People prefer to add unique and large pebbles to their rockery, but the base always has to be something simple. Gravel is the ideal base, just like the grass serves as ideal garden bed.

You can use any light-colored gravel for the job, as it won’t overshadow the rocks sitting above, but will complement them. A rockery can also completely change your backyard landscaping game, as it can even be built as a garden path.

– A Walkway Through Grass

7. A Walkway Through GrassTall plants are a great choice for any small space, as they add height and dimension, but they make it impossible to walk through space. That is why creating a gravel walkway in between is a great idea. 

You can use some warm-toned river rock gravel to create a small walkway and end the path with a cute bench, so it can turn into a place to relax and enjoy the breeze along with the rustle from the plants. This garden design is a great way to enjoy nature and can double as a zen garden.

– Entry to Your House

8. Entry to Your HouseMany people associate gravel with informal decor and hence, avoid using gravel landscaping around the house. But its formality depends on how you decide to use the gravel. 

Gravel is a great material to create the perfect decorative pathway to your house. You can create darker-colored borders and fill them in with light-colored gravel, or vice versa. These contrasting colors will help make the gravel path visible.

You can even create a decorative pattern on top, like zigzag or horizontal lines and then you can line the border with flowers. Vivid colors will be best in this case as we’re working with contrasting colors.

– Make It Monochrome

Monochrome designs in gravel look best in black and white. Charcoal black tones are so trendy at the moment, as they give a formal, industrial vibe to any small space. And if you’re not a fan of black gravel, you even have the option to use white gravel.

For this look, large-sized gravel will give a more tactile finish. Mexican gravel will be the best, as it’ll add some texture and dimension to the space. Monochrome can be quite basic, so larger stones can add a striking look.

Front Yard Landscape Design

Table of Best Gravel Landscaping Ideas and Their Features

Gravel Landscaping Ideas Main Features
Circular Seating Area Pale colored gravel with contemporary seating and some shrubs and plants
Gravel Around Water Pale toned and fine-textured pea gravel or decomposed granite
Gravel With Your Patio Warm-toned pea gravel with honey-colored fences, along with clean lines stepping stores and light-colored patio furniture
Variety in Gravel Toned down elements with different patterns and colors of gravel for a bold look
Gravel Underneath Floating Furniture Grey toned gravel underneath the floating furniture with grey cushions on top of the furniture
The Minimal Look Square shaped stepping stones, simple foliage and white-colored gravel
Stylish Steps Corten steel paired with gravel, along with either plants and ferns or colorful flowers
A Rockery Light-colored gravel base with large pebbles on top
A Walkway Through Grass A path made up of warm-toned river rock gravel with a bench at its end
Entry to Your House Contrasting colored gravel as the border and its filling, with vividly colored flowers on the sides
Make It Monochrome Charcoal black or plain white Mexican beach gravel that gives the place a formal look


Now that you know this, you’re ready to create a beautiful gravel garden of your own. 

  • All the above-mentioned landscape design garden ideas will help you decide what you want to do with your space and how you can transform it into something spectacular. 
  • Landscaping with rocks and gravel isn’t hard. You just have to get innovative and think outside the box.
  • The various colors and textures available in gravel allow you to play with it and see what suits your aesthetics the best.

Now that you have all of this information, it is time to go and start gravel landscaping around the house!

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