Great States 415-16 is a top-notch high-functioning reel lawn mower that makes a great yard tool companion for homeowners with smaller to medium-sized lawns. It is easy to use and features no fussy complicated technology that makes your head hurt.Great States 415 16

It also does not compromise on effectiveness and power. In this review, we equip you with all the crucial information, including the pros and cons, unique features, and any technical specifications, you need to make a well-informed decision about whether this mower is right for you.

All the Main Features of the Great States 415-16

Great States 415-16 Key Criteria
Easy to Start
Maintenance Requirements
Rough Terrain
An environmentally friendly way to mow your lawn - produces no carbon emissions.
Adjustable cutting heights
Quiet operation
No difficult start-up or need for fuel
Not self-propelled - may be difficult on sloped terrain
Cutting width not large enough to handle large lawns and professional needs

Based on our observations, this push lawn mower comes fully equipped with all the mechanisms one would need to effectively cut and maintain their lawn. Here is a full list of all the relevant key features and technical information that make it stand out from the rest:

  • Reel push mower
  • 16-inch cutting deck
  • Five heat-treated alloy steel blades
  • A lightweight build of 2.2 lbs
  • User-friendly
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • 1 inches depth; 10.6 inches width; 13.8 inches height
  • Eco-friendly – produces no gas or carbon emissions
  • Tool-free easy assembly
  • Virtually silent operation – not much noise produced
  • Smooth-rolling 10-inch durable wheels
  • Ball bearing reel
  • Cutting height ranges from 1 inch to 2.5 inches

An Intricate Review Uncovering the Great States 415-16

  • Easy to Start: 10/10
  • Power: 7.5/10
  • Maintenance Requirements: 10/10
  • Rough Terrain: 8.5/10

As per our expertise, this Great States mower is one of the best options for buyers on the hunt for a five-blade push reel lawn mower. To quickly give you our overall thoughts on this mower, let us rate it in four critical categories. A perfect 10/10 for its seamless easy to start mechanism, a 7.5/10 for power, another 10/10 for maintenance requirements, as there are none, and lastly, an 8.5/10 for how it works on rough terrain.

As indicated by our tests, this is a great reliable mower for any individual who wishes to maintain their lawns with ease. After conducting experiments with it, we determined that it is an ideal fit for homeowners with smaller or medium-sized lawns, who do not want to learn how to operate complicated electric lawn mowers or deal with the hassle of maintaining gas-type mowers.


The Great States Corporation is a renowned producer of yard tools, as they have created many great products, including reel mowers and even string trimmers. They compete with some of the world’s leading companies, including Cub Cadet, so you know the 415-16 is well worth the investment. You can be assured that your lawn is in safe and professional hands.

Opting for a manual mower such as the 415-16 rather than a gas-type mower offers many great benefits. For one, it produces absolutely zero gas and carbon, which is great if you are environmentally conscious of how your actions benefit the world. Ultimately, this is the first choice of buyers with concerns about the adverse effects of using gas mowers on our planet.Great States Mower Cutting Speed

Furthermore, with the 415-16, say goodbye to the hassle of fueling and refueling, which can be so time-consuming and taxing. With this mower, you do not even have to worry about wearing gas masks anymore, as you are at no risk while using it.

Also, with manual mowers like this, you produce almost no noise pollution. Thus, while using the 415-16, neither do you raise the neighborhood noise levels nor do you bother people with sensitive ears when it’s time to tend to your garden.

Another great thing about this mower is that it is highly compatible with other attachments, such as grass collection bags. If you choose to purchase such Great States reel mower parts, this single tool does all the lawn work and you do not need to buy a separate device for individual yard tasks.

Not only is the Great States reel mower assembly simple, but the mower also comes with an extremely helpful Great States reel mower manual that neatly explains every little thing, from assembly to care for your device in easy-to-follow steps.

– How Has the Great States 415-16 Evolved?

The Great States 415-16 has evolved significantly compared to the previous Great States mowers. The weight of the Great States reel mower vintage is significantly lighter; a mere 25 lbs! It has improved the Great States reel mower height adjustment options to be more inclusive of more height positions too.Great States 415 16 Evolution

Let us compare the 415-16 to a Great States 18-inch reel mower to see how it holds up. First, the 815-18 mower has an 18-inch cutting deck width, so it beats the 415-16’s 16-inch cutting deck in that area. This means that the 815-18 is better suited for larger areas.

However, when it comes to weight, the 415-16 wins by its extremely lightweight build of only 25 lbs, whereas the 815-18 stands at a much heavier 27 lbs. Therefore, the 415-16 is overall much easier to use and maneuver whereas moving the 815-18 around requires a great deal of physical strength and effort.

Let us further compare the 415-16 to another similar mower, the 204-14. In cutting width, the 415-16 has a slightly larger width of 16 inches as compared to the 204-14, which has 14 inches cutting deck.

In the weight category, the 204-14 takes the lead by a huge margin, as it weighs only 20 lbs, whereas the 415-16 weighs in at 25 lbs. This makes the former a much better-suited mower for larger areas and an easier-to-maneuver mower than the latter.


Deeper Exploration of the Key Features

– Comfortable T-Grip Handle

The T- shaped handle of this mower offers immense comfort due to its ingenious ergonomic design that helps alleviate and prevent cramping and sore muscles. It provides a nice cushioned grip for your hands to comfortably hold on to, so in the case of extended use, the vibrations and the tight holding do not cause you any discomfort, allowing you to work for longer periods with no pain or fatigue.Handle of Great States Mower

– Lightweight Construction

The entire mower weighs only a few pounds which makes maneuvering it around a super comfortable ordeal with no worn-out and sore arms. Because of this, you do not have to hassle to get it into tight difficult-to-reach spots anymore. Also, it reduces user fatigue and promotes healthier bones and joints for many years to come.

– Adjustable Height Options

The 415-15 features an impressive range of cutting heights varying from 1 to 2.5 inches. This lets you customize your lawn to your preferences and have it look exactly how you want it to look every time.

Moreover, the locked-in height positions ensure a consistent and precise cut every time to produce the best polished and even look for your lawn.Height of Great States 415 16

– Heat Treated Alloy Steel Blades

The five blades are all made of heat-treated alloy steel which keeps them safe from corrosion, wet weather, and dulling for many years to come. This proves that the mower is designed to last the test of time and will be in your service for years with no issues.

– Precision Cutting

The five-blade ball bearing reel with heat-treated steel blades allows for a clean and precise cut every single time, giving you a consistently even and pristine-looking lawn all year around. The sharp-cutting technology helps to promote healthy grass cutting rather than tearing or shredding, both of which leave a rugged look, as well as damage grass growth.



As you can see, it does not get better than the Great States 415-16 when it comes to manual reel mowers. We recommend it as our top choice for homeowners and individuals with the need for a personal use mower. Through our practical knowledge, we believe it is a suitable option that performs just as well, if not better, than other mowers available on the market.

To bring this review to a close, we hope this review has helped you in some manner in deciding whether this mower is the one for you. We wish you luck and hope you consider this mower worthy of your investment, as we are sure that you would not be disappointed.

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