Great States 815-18 is a mower that inspires your creativity and advances your yard tasks. Anyone looking to unleash their inner craftsman loves this tool’s incredible potential.Great States 815 18

It is the mower for you if you want to use your ideas to their fullest and do even the most challenging tasks with ease. Let us delve deeper and discover what makes this tool so unique!

The Key Specs of This Mower

Great States 815-18 Key Criteria
Easy to Start
Maintenance Requirements
Rough Terrain
Lightweight (27 lbs)
No fuel needed
Easy to store and assemble
Powerful long-lasting blades
Hard to push
Requires multiple passes for tall and dense grass

The Great States 815-18 five-blade push reel lawn mower is designed for use in household and light-duty commercial applications. Some of its note-worthy specifications include.

  • Self-propelled
  • Alloy steel blades
  • Manual operation
  • 27 lbs weight
  • 18 inches cutting width
  • Adjustable height varying from 5 to 2.75 inches
  • Five-blade ball bearing reel
  • 10-inch composite wheels
  • 25 inches depth; 14 inches width; 10.5 inches height
  • Loop-style handle with cushioned grips

A Great States 815-18 Reel Lawn Mower Review

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  • Easy to Start: 8.5/10
  • Power: 9.5/10
  • Maintenance Requirements: 9/10
  • Rough Terrain: 7/10

The Great States Corporation, a well-known maker of manual lawn mowers, has diversified its skills to create an amazing 815-18 model. The 815-18 18-inch five-blade reel lawn mower is a reliable product made to assist homeowners in maintaining their lawns without the noise, pollution, and upkeep associated with gas-powered mowers.

It is rated at 8.5/10 for being easy to start, 9.5/10 for power, 9/10 for maintenance requirements, and 7/10 for its performance on rough terrain.


A five-blade cutting mechanism with the Great States reel mower 18-inch width is at the core of this mower’s design. The blades are manufactured with heat-treated alloy, which guarantees great durability and sharpness for precision cutting. A healthier-looking lawn is the result of the five-blade arrangement, which enables a cleaner cut with each pass and lowers the possibility of ripping or harming the grass.

The mower’s body is made of durable materials, making it strong and reliable to withstand years of use. It has a modern, ergonomic design that makes it simple to use and move about. Long mowing sessions are made easier on the hands, thanks to the loop-style handle’s coating of a soft, cushioned grip.

And the rubber tires of the 815-18 lawn mower provide smooth and simple operation across a variety of terrains

The adjustable height is one of its most noteworthy features. It allows the users the freedom to adjust the height of their lawn per their preferences and seasonal conditions, all due to the three height options that range from 0.5 to 2.75 inches.Great States Cutting Technology

Also, it is very easy to use and requires little upkeep. Since there is no engine involved, there is no need for petrol, oil, or spark plugs, which saves money and lessens the carbon footprint of the user. However, the blades should be kept sharp, and the moving parts should be lubricated occasionally to guarantee smooth performance.

When used on flat terrains with shorter grass, the mower performs well. It may have trouble with extremely long or dense grass, as well as with uneven terrain, but with the right technique and routine mowing, it can easily manage the majority of residential lawns.

An eco-friendly substitute for gas-powered mowers, the 815-18 encourages a more peaceful and relaxed mowing experience, making it the perfect option for residential areas with noise restrictions. Additionally, the Great States reel mower assembly is also user-friendly and simple.

Overall, the 815-18 mower is a reliable and efficient tool for house owners looking for a conventional and ecologically friendly approach to lawn maintenance.

People searching for an affordable, low-maintenance, and environmentally responsible lawn mowing solution frequently choose it because of its tough construction, 5-blade cutting system, adjustable height settings, and user-friendly design, making it a win-win for the user and the environment!


– How Has the Great States 815-18 Evolved?

The Great States 815-18 has evolved with modifications throughout time to accommodate shifting customer demands and technological improvements. The progress focuses on enhancing its functionality, robustness, and usability while maintaining its core values of environmental friendliness and the Great States reel mower manual operation.Improvement of Great States 815 18

Over time, improvements in heat treatment methods have ensured that the blades maintain their sharpness for extended periods, minimizing the need for blade maintenance. Ergonomic advancements have also been made in design to increase user comfort while operating.

Longer and more pleasant mowing sessions are now possible, thanks to the introduction of enhanced cushioned grips and adjustable handles that reduce stress and wear on the user’s limbs.

A comparison of the 815-18 lawn mower vs the Great States 304-14 manual lawn mower shows that the former has a wider cutting width of 18 inches, while the latter Great States 14 inch reel mower offers a 14-inch cutting width. This enables faster mowing and allows you to cover more ground with each pass.

The 18-inch cutting width of the 815-18 is also larger than that of the Great States 415-16, which features a 16-inch cutting width. This enables more effective and quicker mowing, reducing the time and effort necessary to cover a bigger grass area.

Overall, the 815-18 mower has improved with time to become a more effective, long-lasting, and user-friendly tool while sticking to its manual operation and eco-friendly principles. It maintains its ability to satisfy the demands of customers who desire a conventional and ecologically responsible method of lawn care via improvements in material, design, and safety features.


An In-Depth Discussion About All Its Features

– Lightweight and Compact Design

Weighing in at just around 27 lbs, the 815-18 is notably lighter than most traditional gas and electric lawn mowers. This lightweight construction makes maneuvering the mower around the yard a breeze, reducing strain and fatigue for the user.Design of Great States 815 18

The compact design of the Great States 815-18 further enhances its usability. With a cutting width of 18 inches, the mower strikes an ideal balance between efficiency and portability, as the deck allows it to fit through tight spaces and around obstacles quite easily, reaching areas that larger mowers might struggle to access. Additionally, its compact size ensures that storage is a simple task, requiring minimal space in your garage or shed.

– Ergonomic Design

The 815-18 is ergonomically designed to be comfortable and simple to use. Being lightweight, it prevents hand and arm tiredness and strain while in use for a lengthy duration. The cushioned grip further aids to reduce hand fatigue, while the adjustable handle guarantees an ideal fit, allowing users of various heights to use it while maintaining a more natural mowing posture.

– Five-Blade Cutting Technology

The five-blade cutting technology of the 815-18 mower provides users with improved cutting performance, as the precision-cutting blades made of heat-treated steel alloy guarantee a cleaner and more equal cut with each pass.

This lowers the possibility of tearing or harming the grass, resulting in a healthier lawn. Such cutting efficiency also saves the operator’s time and effort when maintaining the lawn.

– Adjustable Cutting Height

With the 815-18 lawn mower, users can easily alter the appearance of their lawn according to their desires through the Great States reel mower height adjustment option. It allows the freedom to adjust to different grass lengths and seasonal circumstances with height settings that range from 0.5 to 2.75 inches.

This guarantees a precisely trimmed lawn according to the user’s preference, encouraging healthier grass growth and improving the overall lawn appearance.Eco Friendly Great States 815 18

– Eco-Friendly

Because it does not need gas or electricity to run, the 815-18 has a small environmental impact and low noise emissions. When you have this man-powered mower, you do not need to fret with cords or fuel. This contributes to a greener and healthier outdoor space by not only preserving the environment but also giving consumers a tranquil and sustainable lawn care option.



The 815-18 mower is more than a tool: it is a game changer for anybody wishing to improve their yard and lawn care skills. Being the ideal tool for every project, big or little, its revolutionary design and exceptional performance are always there for you.

It is the only tool you will ever need, as it has you covered whether you are a professional contractor looking for dependable power equipment or a homeowner undertaking an essential home makeover. We hope this review was of help to you!

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