Are you tired of removing thatch from your lawn? We have got a solution for you which is the Greenworks 14-inch 10 amp corded dethatcher 27022. With dethatchers, maintaining lawns will become a lot easier. But are they really effective if you have heavy thatch on your lawn?

In this article, we have done enough research to this you a full review.

Greenworks 27022 Dethatcher – PROS & CONS



  • Easy to start and use
  • Compact shape
  • Simple assembly
  • Robust 10 Amp motor
  • Do not include collection bag
  • High vibration

Product Highlights

A Robust 10 Amp motor is not the only worthy feature of Greenworks electric lawn dethatcher.

You will find many other quality features in this product which include:

  • Performance
  • Ease of use
  • Robust motor
  • Adjustable handle
  • Push-button start
  • Portability
  • 14-inch dethatching path
  • 3-position tine depth adjustment
  • Zero Emissions
  • Maintenance

Following, you will learn more about these features.

Greenworks 14-Inch 10 Amp Corded Dethatcher Review

The Greenworks 27022 dethatcher is an ideal tool to keep your lawn maintained. It is an electric dethatcher that does not require much manual effort to operate. The 10-amp motor that comes with this device offers a powerful cleaning ability. It can easily dislodge the layer of thatch and grass from the lawn using the dethatching blade.

Besides, the stainless-steel construction makes the Greenworks Dethatcher last longer. Because of the stainless-steel material, you do not have to worry about future rust on this dethatcher.

Compared to other dethatchers, the Greenworks grass dethatcher is lighter in weight. The 25.9 pounds of weight will make it easier for you to move it on your lawn. The ergonomic design of its handle promotes better movement. Another reason to invest in Greenworks electric dethatcher is that it has a broader cutting width.

The 14 inches of the dethatching path allow removing the thatch from an extended area with ease. This wide cutting width will also require you less time to clean the whole lawn. Also, it comes with a 3-position tine depth that you can adjust depending on your need.

This tine depth adjustment offers better control by removing matted layers that improve lawn health.

Besides, this unit has a stainless-steel tine that remains sharp for a more extended period. The sharpness of the tines helps in eliminating harsh thatch and grass from the lawn. Unlike many other corded dethatchers, this Greenworks electric lawn dethatcher has 18 built-in tines for reliable performance.

– Performance

Performance is the primary feature most gardeners look for before buying a dethatcher.

The Greenworks electric dethatcher is a useful tool that can conveniently eliminate nasty thatch by removing it from underneath the surface. You can easily remove the thatcher from your lawn with this machine. It comes with a slew of moving vertical tines that clean the soil layer by eradicating unwanted thatch and grass.

The sharp tines of this dethatcher guarantee to deliver top-notch performance. The sharpness of the tines can even cut harsh thatch easily. Whether you want to clean large or small lawns, this dethatcher’s design will make it easier for you to use every step of the way. This device will let you easily remove grass for a healthier lawn.

Overall, this machine’s performance is excellent, but it might struggle a bit on a super-thick lawn.

– Ease of Use

The product is easy to use, and you will not struggle to operate it properly. With this corded dethatcher, you do not have to worry about the process of using it. This dethatcher has an ergonomic design and is super easy to use.

You can comfortably stand behind this dethatcher and push it without putting in too much effort because it is lightweight. The 25.9 pounds will not require you to exert too much force allowing you to move it quickly and easily all over your lawn. It has a push-button which makes operating this dethatcher much easier to use. Just press the button, and you are on your way to quickly work on your lawn.

The Greenworks 14-inch 10 amp corded dethatcher 27022 also comes with a manual for additional support. You can always use its ultra-accessible user manual if you find yourself stuck or face any issue when operating this device. The user manual includes detailed instructions on getting started. Besides, you will need an extended cord to connect this dethatcher with an electric outlet. We would suggest you purchase an extended cable of 100 to 150 feet for hassle-free usage.

Further, check the gauge number on the cable and ensure that it is enough to operate the machine efficiently.

Also, it includes two durable wheels that make the movement of the device much more accessible. Due to these dual wheels, you can move this dethatcher on your lawn with a gentle push.

– Robust Motor

The motor is what makes this grass dethatcher require less manual effort. This unit has a robust 10-ampere motor that helps in the cleaning of the lawn.

Additionally, it is electricity efficient, which requires less electric power to operate.

Therefore, you do not have to worry about high electric consumption when using this dethatcher. This machine also promotes zero emission. The built-in motor does not pollute the environment, which makes it an environment-friendly product. When not in use, make sure to turn off this dethatcher which will increase its life expectancy.

– Lightweight

The Greenworks dethatcher is relatively lighter in weight than most of its competitors. A heavy dethatcher is usually challenging and more difficult to use than more lightweight designs; that is why experts do not recommend heavier dethatchers.

The 25.9 pounds weight makes this dethatcher one of the most portable and easy-to-carry machines. Besides being lightweight, the device comes with built-in wheels that promote convenience in movement.

These well-designed wheels ensure mobility and will let you move even on rough surfaces. Without putting much effort, you can comfortably move this dethatcher, even on a lawn with long grass.

The Greenworks dethatcher has 37.8 x 22.83 x 44.09 inches in dimension. This not-too-imposing dimension makes it a compact, one-of-a-kind, and easy-to-store unit. The lightweight and compact shape of the Greenworks dethatcher make it a portable unit.

You can efficiently carry this dethatcher because of its lightweight. Without applying much force, you can conveniently move this machine anywhere in a short time. Besides, the adjustable handle makes it more comfortable for you to move this dethatcher.

– Adjustable Handle

Another quality feature of Greenworks electric dethatcher is its adjustable handle. You can easily fold it and makes the handle a more compact unit.

No matter how big or small it is, moving this machine across your lawn will be a lot easier for you. The handle’s standard height makes this unit suitable for people on short or tall sides. This machine propels itself so that you will not require to put much pressure to move it.

Only a fingertip pressure will be enough to drive it on a lawn.

– Push Button Start

To minimize too much manual effort, the Greenworks brand has added push-button start features in this unit. With a press of a button, you can start this dethatcher without putting in any effort. The push-button will allow you to turn the dethatcher on and off in seconds.

Further, the push button is present on the handle so you can easily access it. The button is made of durable material, so you do not need to worry about breaking it.

– 14-inch Dethatching Path

The dethatching path determines how much area the dethatcher can clean in a single run.

The Greenworks 14-Inch 10 Amp Corded Dethatcher 27022 has an excellent dethatching path as compared to its competitors. You can conveniently remove thatch from the 14 inches path in your area. Therefore, you should only prefer such units with an extraordinary cleaning path.

Apart from the dethatching path, cutting tines also play a vital role in making the lawn cleaner. This machine has strong cutting tines that make the task accessible.

– 3-Position Tine Depth Adjustment

Apart from the dethatching path, this machine also has sharp cutting tines. The cutting tines are made of durable stainless-steel material that promotes longevity. Further, these cutting tines can conveniently remove hard thatches from the lawn. You can additionally set the depth position of the cutting tines as per the requirement.

The Greenworks 27022 Dethatcher offers three depth adjustment positions. With these tine adjustments, you can remove medium as well as matted layers within a short time.

– Maintenance

Many people are usually concerned about maintenance before buying any electric device. In terms of Greenworks electric lawn dethatcher, the maintenance is relatively easy. This unit also comes with a manual that you can read for better care.

If you want to adjust the dethatcher cylinder, make sure to unplug it from the machine. Do not forget to wear gloves while replacing the cylinder.

Apart from this, you will also need to replace the tines after using this dethatcher multiple times. The replacement of tines is also more manageable. The best thing about this Greenworks Dethatcher is that it comes with 36 extra tines, so you will not need to purchase additional tines.

Also, remember not to clean this dethatcher under running water because it can malfunction the machine. For cleaning, you can use a dry cloth.

Ensure to check the compatibility of the dethatcher with the extension lead and power source before using it. Using the dethatcher with the wrong voltage can damage the motor.


  • Greenworks 27022 dethatcher will make it effortless for you to remove long grass and thatch.
  • You can take better care of your lawn and make it look more cleaner using this dethatcher.
  • The greater dethatching path and tine depth adjustment will help you to clean even large lawns quickly.
  • The push-button start, adjustable handle, and portability are other vital features you will surely like in this Greenworks dethatcher.

Is Greenworks 27022 dethatcher a suitable option to keep the lawn maintained? Well, the answer is yes, because this dethatcher has all the features required for a better cleaning of the lawn. The wide detaching width, push-button option, and durable tines are some of the features that make this dethatcher a better choice than its competitors.

With the help of this machine, you can remove unwanted grass and thatch in a short time. This Greenworks dethatcher might not work effectively on the super-thick lawn. Overall, it’s an ideal machine that you should buy if you desire a beautiful lawn.

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