Uses greenworks hedge trimmerThe Greenworks 22262 is a hedge trimmer that runs on a 40-volt rechargeable battery that works in dozens of other Greenworks garden tools. This Greenworks cordless hedge trimmer is popular with many buyers, and in this review, we’re going to explore the reasons why.  

This review covers this power tool’s specs, features, and operation and reveals insight into how this tool works in real-life situations. Read on to find out how much power this hedge trimmer delivers and what kinds of features it has to make your garden cleanup chores go smoothly.  

Greenworks 40v Hedge Trimmer Pros and Cons

Greenworks 22262 Key Criteria
Blade Length
Rotating rear handle
Long battery runtime
Battery interchangeable with other 40 volt Greenworks garden tools
4-year warranty
Heavy for some users
Not for heavy-duty work

Product Highlights

This 24-inch cordless hedge trimmer gets lots of work done with every battery charge, and you don’t have to drag around an extension cord or breath gas fumes while you trim the hedge as you do with a corded or gas-powered trimmer.

This tool comes with a 40 volt, two amp-hour battery and charger, but it’s also available without the battery components if you already have them from other Green work tools you own, and you can also use it with a 4-amp hour battery.

  • Weight with battery: 8.26 pounds 
  • Battery and charger included  
  • Rear handle pivots for maximum flexibility  
  • Fast battery recharge time  
  • 2/3 inch thick cutting capacity 

Greenworks 22262 Review

If you’re looking for a cordless tool to keep multiple hedges, shrubs, and small trees in your garden looking their best, this battery-powered trimmer might be what you need. Among its advantages is the advanced feature of a rotating rear handle that swivels 180 degrees around the machine’s base.

This feature lets keep your fingers firmly on the trigger pad while cutting at all angles and heights without straining your wrists and arms, and it’s what you need for maximum comfort and control during extended work sessions.  

Battery-powered trimmers are superior to corded-electric models when it comes to mobility and ease of use. Charging up a battery and putting it into the trimmer is a lot less work than unrolling a heavy, 100-foot extension cord and rolling it back up again after dragging it around while working and being careful not to trip on it or accidentally cut it.

Gas-powered trimmers have maximum power, but they produce fumes, require pouring and storing gasoline, and are noisy and smelly compared to battery-powered trimmers.  

The 24-inch long, dual-action blade on this Greenworks cordless hedge trimmer provides a broad area of cutting surface for quickly snipping away large areas of overgrown branches, twigs, and leaves, leaving a clean and even vegetation surface behind.

In addition, the front handle wraps fully around the machine’s body, giving you a large handgrip area at the front of the device for controlling it in multiple positions and heights and achieving the optimum result.   

The trimmer uses a Greenworks G-MAX 40 volt battery that powers dozens of other Greenworks tools, including lawnmowers, leaf blowers, and string trimmers. You can also buy this tool without the battery and charger for a lower price if you already have Green work 40-volt battery-powered tools and want to save money on the device’s purchase price.  

The battery stays charged for as long as two hours of work time, and this is a significant benefit if you have a large yard and lots of trimming work to do. Also, the lithium-ion batteries are compact, and they keep a charge for weeks or months after you take them off of the charger.

So it’s easy to charge up extra batteries ahead of time and have them in reserve, so you never lose power when you need it. Battery trimmers like this Greenworks tool make gardening more pleasant and less of a chore for homeowners who want to keep their yards in shape with minimal effort.   

The cutting power on this trimmer is rated for branches up to two-thirds of an inch in diameter. This power rating is higher than many battery trimmers that only cut a maximum of one-half inch diameter material. However, it’s also quite a bit smaller than some trimmers that easily handle heftier branches of three-quarters to one inch in thickness.  

While the rotating rear handle provides this tool with a lot of ergonomic comfort, the overall weight is a bit high for some residential users, especially when using the device to trim the tops of hedges or for reaching into the center of a wide hedgerow.

If you want the lightest trimmer available, this one is not it. However, it is still lightweight compared to many other models, especially those powered by 2-stroke gas engines. 

The dual-action blades reduce the amount of vibration you feel in your arms and hands, a significant benefit for many buyers. The vibrations from single-action blades can leave your body with a tingling, aching, or numb feeling after working for a while, but this problem is significantly reduced with the type of blade used in this hedge trimmer.  

This trimmer is an excellent addition to a set of garden tools for anyone who already owns or plans to buy other Dewalt 40-volt tools. It works well for light cleanup of hedges and shrubs and for pruning small trees. However, it does not have much power for more demanding cutting situations, and the motor design is best suited to occasional and not frequent work. 


Greenworks Hedge Trimmer Product Features Breakdown

– Cutting Blades 

This trimmer comes equipped with a 24-inch long, dual-action cutting blade that reduces vibrations and makes the tool more comfortable to use. In addition, the trimmer comes with an aluminum blade cover to protect you from accidental injury by the extra sharp blade during transport and storage of the tool. When handling the blade to sharpen or clean it, always wear heavy work gloves to protect your hands. 

Cleaning and lightly lubricating the blade after each use keeps it working smoothly. This care of the blade is the only regular maintenance this tool needs except occasional sharpening of the cutting teeth and proper storage of the device and battery.  

The thickness of the material you can cut with this tool depends on the wood’s hardness and the diameter of the branches.

Dry, dead branches are more challenging to get through than tender green growth. However, on average, this trimmer has no problems with most ½ thick material and sizes a bit above that. However, it cannot easily cut branches over ¾ inch in diameter without putting strain on the motor. 

– Motor

The motor is a brushed design, which means it is more prone to overheating than a brushless motor. In addition, the motor is designed for light-duty and medium demanding workloads and not for frequent or heavy-duty trimming. If you have challenging cutting in your yard, a small gas-powered or corded electric trimmer is probably more suitable than this one.

Nonetheless, the design of the motor and blades in this tool is a benefit for anyone who needs a reliable, long-running trimmer for occasional light yard cleanup. In addition, using this tool helps you get the job done without getting too tired out from work.  

– Batteries and Power 

The battery voltage this tool uses is a 40-volt G-MAX lithium-ion battery models 29462 and 29472 and the charger model number 29482. The two battery models differ in one being 4-amp hour and the other 2-amp hour rating. This tool comes with a 2-amp battery. Higher amp-hour batteries hold a charge for longer than lower amp-hour batteries. 

This tool cannot safely use any other type of battery except one of these two Dewalt battery models, and the batteries cannot be charged in any other kind of charger except the one designed for this power pack. Improper charging and storage of the battery can invalidate the warranty, damage the battery, and potentially create a hazard.  

A noteworthy advantage of the Greenworks line of power garden tools is that you can buy the device with or without the battery and charger. Buying bare tools without a battery and charger saves a considerable amount of money, and it makes sense if you already have Greenworks 40-volt tools and a charger for them and if you want to use this tool with the 4-amp hour battery instead of the 2-amp hour one.   

The average runtime for a fully-charged 2Ah battery is approximately 90 minutes. In addition, recharging the battery only takes about 50 minutes on the fast charger that comes with the tool. This long runtime and fast recharge are convenient for anyone who wants to spend minimal time on yard maintenance.  

The tool starts up simply by switching off a thumb-operated trigger lock and pulling up on the large pad on the bottom side of the rear handle. The pad extends the entire length under the handle, so you use four fingers to active it, producing less strain on your fingers than a single button ‘on’ switch on other models.

This hedge trimmer’s ultra-simple, no-fumes, the no-cord operation is perfect for people who want to keep their yard looking good without hassle or extra work. 

– Size and Weight

The tool weighs 8.26 pounds with the battery installed, and this is somewhat heavier than the lightest trimmers but still considerably lighter than most.  

The overall dimensions are 39.5 inches long, 7.5 inches high, and 9.5 inches wide, making it compact and easy to store or transport.  

– Ergonomics

The most robust ergonomics feature on this trimmer is the rotating handle. However, the adjustment range is not continuous, and it only moves by increments. Rotating the handle involves pushing down a large button located on top of the tool near the rear handgrip and then turning the handle in relation to the cutting blade section of the device. The mechanism snaps in place in different spots to accommodate different cutting angles

This feature makes the tool safer and easier to use for all types of cutting, making it one of the most popular features of this garden tool. It also reduces how much you need to twist your upper body, neck, and shoulders when cutting at different heights and angles, making it much easier to use for anyone with flexibility problems.  

– Warranty  

Greenworks offers an outstanding warranty on its products. They back their tools with a 4-year limited warranty, twice as long as many other competing brands offer. In addition, they also cover the batteries in their warranty for the entire warranty period. 

It’s vital to read and closely follow all directions in the User’s Manual that comes with the tool for charging the batteries and maintaining the trimmer. Improper use or care of the device can invalidate the warranty.

Additionally, the Manual contains essential information on the safe use of the tool and other important information crucial to getting the most from this trimmer.  

Greenworks’ extended warranty period is a significant advantage for buyers concerned about the quality of the tools they are buying and want to assure they can get help if something doesn’t work correctly. 



How do you tell when Greenworks 22262 trimmer battery is full?

To check Greenworks 22262 trimmer battery status, refer to the battery indicator on the device. It displays when the battery is fully charged.

How do you jumpstart a dead Greenworks 22262 battery?

Jumpstart a dead Greenworks 22262 battery by connecting it to a compatible charger for the recommended charging time.

Do you oil the blades on Greenworks 22262 trimmer?

Greenworks 22262 trimmer blades do not require oiling as they are designed to be maintenance-free.


Man using greenworks trimmer

The Greenworks 22262 battery hedge trimmer is not the most robust trimmer you can find. However, it performs reasonably well when used for light and medium-duty garden cleanup in average residential yards.

The pivoting rear handle is a significant advantage for extended use and trimming and shaping shrubs at different angles. In addition, the no-fume operation is a benefit to the operator’s health and the environment. 

Some buyers have been disappointed in this tool’s power and capacity. Still, when used for lighter-duty work, it has a good reputation for reliable performance, and most people with small yards and seasonal garden cleanup chores are likely to be please with it. 

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