Over time, the Greenworks 22272 hedge trimmer has gained much popularity because of its performance and features.

However, due to other pole hedge trimmers available in the market, you may have doubts whether the Greenworks 22272 hedge trimmer is your best choice.

Is the performance of 22272 hedge trimmer better than its competitors? Well, to know the answer, we have written a comprehensive review so that you can make the right decision.

Greenworks 22272 Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer – PROS & CONS



  • Reliable G-MAX 40V Li-Ion battery system
  • Three-position pivoting head
  • Long dual-action blade
  • 6.5 feet reach
  • Smooth operation
  • Need careful handling
  • Relatively heavy

Product Highlights

This Greenworks 22272 is a cordless unit that is very convenient to use. Apart from being cordless, this machine has various other worthy features described below.

  • High-performance battery
  • Adjustable blades
  • Telescopic shaft
  • Lock-off switch feature
  • Better cutting capacity
  • Three-position pivoting head
  • Convenient to use
  • Extended Reach
  • Maintenance

Greenworks 22272 Review

The Greenworks 22272 is a battery-powered yard tool that introduces a 2Ah battery. The use of the G-max battery system allows it to deliver a long run time. You can easily remove hedges from a large area on a single charge because of the high run time. Unlike its competitors, you do not have to worry about charging while operating the 22272 model.

The battery is lithium-ion, making it a perfect choice for outdoor usage. This Li-ion battery will make this pole-mounted hedge trimmer last for up to 30 minutes on a single charge. Although it is inferior to its cousin (the Greenworks hedge trimmer 22262) when it comes to battery life, it does compensate for its three-position pivoting head.

The 3-position pivoting head is another worthy feature that you will praise in the Greenworks hedge trimmer. The pivoting head will permit you to adjust the blades at three different points with ease. Make sure to alter the position according to the width and height of the lawn for easy usage and optimal results.

In terms of the blades, the Greenworks have used durable steel material. The blades are dual-action and can cut hedges and branches from multiple sides. The 20-inch blade length is enough to trim large hedges efficiently.

Additionally, it supports a telescopic shaft so that you can also cut hard-to-reach hedges and branches. The shaft can be extended by up to 6.5 feet, making it a suitable option for trimming high hedges. You can also get a much better view through the telescope resulting in convenient and better cutting.

Another thing that will make you like this Greenworks pole hedge trimmer is its cutting capacity. It has a 5/8-inch cutting ability. It supports a controlled and convenient trimming of various hedges and bushes.

Though it is a sleek design hedge trimmer, it is slightly heavier than other similar products. Its weight of 9.6 pounds makes it a bit hard to handle, especially when used to trim high hedges. Overall, you will surely like using the Greenworks 22272 hedge trimmer because of the functionality it offers.

1. High-Performance Battery

The Greenworks hedge trimmer has a 2Ah battery that will help you run the machine continuously for up to 30 minutes. To recharge, you will also get a 2Ah charger that will help you recharge the unit in a few minutes.

The li-ion battery system in this machine has less power loss. You can also keep a few additional batteries if you have to take care of a large garden.

2. Adjustable Blades

The three-position adjusting blade is a unique feature in the Greenworks 22272 model that you will only find in a few hedge trimmers. This adjustable blade will help you work according to the width and height of the lawn. It will also let you adjust the blade whenever needed.

Furthermore, the blade length is 20 inches, making the cutting of both large and small hedges easier. This 20-inch-long blade will give you much better control than a longer-sized blade.

You will be able to cut the shrubs and branches more evenly because of such a blade length. The enhanced blade sharpness will allow you to get a more aesthetic sense of the garden. With this blade, you will get a cutting capacity of 5/8 inches.

3. Telescopic Shaft

The Greenworks 22272 model also includes a telescopic shaft, allowing easy cutting through hard-to-reach areas. Up to 6.5 feet, you can extend the telescopic shaft as you need. The cutting task will become a lot easier for you because of the telescopic shaft.

4. Lock-Off Switch Feature

Greenworks have added a few safety features in the 22272 unit to help you prevent any severe injury. The lock-off switch is among those safety features that will give you a safer cutting experience.

The lock-off switch is present at the rear handle that prevents accidental start-ups. There is always a chance that the hedge trimmer might get turned on while you work on it. To overcome this issue, the Greenworks have used the lock-off switch. With this feature, it won’t accidentally turn on.

5. Better Cutting Capacity

The hedge trimmer’s cutting capacity lets you know how much thick material the hedge trimmer can cut. The cutting capacity of the 22272 unit is 5/8 inches, which is relatively higher than many other hedge trimmers available in the market.

You can get rid of thick branches, bushes, and hedges with this hedge trimmer without buying additional tools because of the high cutting capacity.

6. Three-Position Pivoting Head

You will also access a pivoting head with this extended reach hedge trimmer. This pivoting head will let you adjust the blade at different angles, making the cutting task effortless.

Even if you are a beginner, you will still be able to use the Greenworks hedge trimmer without any hassle. Cutting the hedges, branches, and shrubs present in hard-to-reach areas will also become more accessible because of this pivoting head.

7. Convenient to Use

The Greenworks hedge trimmer is very much easy to use. Unlike the gas hedge trimmers, you do not have to put a lot of pressure into starting this machine. Both starting and stopping it will be a hassle-free task for you.

It has an ergonomic design which makes it a more portable choice. However, the only issue you might face is with the pole. If you use the Greenworks 22272 hedge trimmer with the pole, then you might find it a bit challenging to handle.

Though the extended pole is quite useful, it increases the weight of the overall hedge trimmer, making it hard to manage for people with lower body strength.

7. Extended Reach

Removing hedges, bushes, and branches from hard-to-reach areas will become a lot manageable because of the extended reach presented by Greenworks 22272 hedge trimmer. The 6.5 feet shaft extension will let you remove hedges from unattainable places quite conveniently.

8. Maintenance

Maintaining a battery-powered hedge trimmer is a lot easier than gas hedge trimmers. You do not have to worry about changing the oil frequently in this Greenworks hedge trimmer.

However, you may require applying a lubricant to the blades to make them work properly. Apart from lubricating, you will also need to change the battery after a particular period.


  • The 2Ah battery present in the Greenworks hedge trimmer has a long-lasting run time so that you can enjoy the uninterrupted cutting of hedges and branches.
  • The 20-inch blade is dual action and will let you get a more optimal cutting experience when dealing with branches, bushes, and hedges.
  • This Greenworks unit has a pivoting head that can be adjustable to three different positions for better mobility.
  • The sleek design of Greenworks 22272 makes it an easy-to-storage hedge trimmer.
  • It has an electric start option that will let you run the hedge trimmer quickly.

Is the Greenworks 22272 hedge trimmer a good choice for better lawn maintenance? The answer is yes. If you want a cordless hedge trimmer with a high-performing battery and durable construction, then you will surely like to use the Greenworks 22272 model.

It has a pivoting head and sharp cutting blade that allow removing unwanted hedges and bushes in no time.

However, some users might struggle using this 40v hedge trimmer with the pole if they do not have any prior experience. It becomes a bit hard to operate with an extended pole, especially for beginners.

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