No cords, no gas, no oil, and no maintenance: That is the slogan behind the Greenworks 22342 extended reach hedge trimmer and other cordless tools made by the Greenworks Company.

Review of Greenworks 22342 Hedge Trimmer

This lightweight pole hedge trimmer has an adjustable head, letting you swing the cutting bar into different positions for clipping exactly where you want.

Readily reach overhead to trim the top of tall hedges or shrubs or clear the path in front of you, slicing blackberry bushes, tall weeds, and tree saplings out of your way.

In this Greenworks 22342 review, we cover all the critical specs, features, and uses for this cordless hedge trimmer and give you our opinion on who can benefit most from owning one.

Greenworks 20-inch Hedge Trimmer Pros and Cons

Greenworks 22342 Key Criteria
Blade Length
Battery and charger included
Long reach pole extension
Fast battery recharge
Batteries interchangeable with other Greenworks tools
Limited power and not suitable for branches over 5/8 diameter
Can be heavy to hold in extended position

Greenworks 20-inch Hedge Trimmer Main Product Highlights

If you are looking for a garden tool for trimming hedges, shrubbery, and small diameter tree branches, this cordless hedge trimmer is worth considering. The trimmer comes with a 2.0 AH 40-volt battery, a fast charger, and an instruction manual.

  • 20-inch, dual-action cutting bar
  • Pole extends to 6.5 feet
  • Cuts vegetation up to 5/8 inch diameter
  • Adjustable blade on a 3-position swiveling head

Greenworks 22342 Review

If you have spent time cutting hedges and pruning small overhead branches, you know how hard it can be to reach some spots to trim them properly. Similarly, if you’ve faced a tangle of thorny overgrowth that you want to blast through, you probably know how overwhelming that can be when equipped with a pair of handheld clippers or even short-handled power clippers.

This pole hedge trimmer has an adjustable head and extendable handle to help you overcome these challenges, and it does it with the power from a 40-volt, 2-amp-hour lithium-ion battery. The extendable handle telescopes out to a maximum of 6.5 feet. This length lets you trim well above head level while standing on the ground. The extended reach is a significant advantage for cutting tall shrubs, high hedges, and bramble overgrowth without climbing a ladder.

The body of this tool has two parts: the lower part houses the battery, trigger, and handle, and the motor is in the upper part, sitting right behind the cutting bar. Both housings are made from rugged, bright-green plastic.

The battery slips into a slot at the base of the handle, and the wire connecting it to the motor extends through the adjustable length handle to the 3-position adjustable cutting head. The head swivels a total of 105 degrees, giving you lots of flexibility for different trimming situations.

The trimmer blade is 20-inches long, making a reasonable compromise between the weight and balance of the tool in an extended position and a large enough cutting blade surface for shearing away vegetation efficiently. In addition, the trimmer comes with a blade sheath. This accessory is valuable for keeping the blades sharp and preventing an injury from the pointed blade tips when transporting the trimmer.

Greenworks 22342 Pole Hedge Trimmer

Starting this trimmer up can be difficult because you have first to release a trigger lock that prevents accidental startup and then depress front and back trigger switches. Those with dexterity problems might find this startup system a bit hard to manage. However, with a bit of practice, it is doable for most people.

The battery is the heaviest part of the tool, but when the pole is fully extended, the weight of the motor and cutting bar at the far end can feel even heavier and become hard to maneuver. However, it is not any heavier or even harder to operate than with most extendable pole power tools.

Greenworks delivers on their promise of no maintenance, although you need to clean and lightly lubricate the cutting bar from time to time. Additionally, using a mild horticultural disinfectant on the blade after using it reduces the chances of spreading a fungus or other plant disease around your garden the next time you cut.

Besides the small amount of time needed to take care of the blade, the only other maintenance is recharging the batteries and storing them in a dry place at the correct temperature range to preserve their lifespan: not too hot and not too cold. However, compared to the maintenance needs of a gas-powered trimmer, this cordless hedge trimmer is effectively a no-maintenance machine.

It’s essential when using this tool to stay clear of fences, overhead wires, and structures. Accidentally hitting wire or wood when this tool is extended can easily break the cutting head. If it’s an electrical wire, electrical shock is possible. Greenworks considers hitting any solid surface with the tool to be misused, and their warranty probably won’t cover the repairs.

One advantage of this trimmer with battery power is that you can easily take it anywhere. If you have a recreational property off the grid or remote areas on your property, this trimmer can be handy for clearing a campsite or a trail in the woods. Also, if you have a backup battery or two or a 120-V converter for your car to run the charger, you can have all the battery power you need without access to the power grid.

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This Greenworks 20-inch hedge trimmer is a medium-duty tool with a powerful motor built for the occasional trimming of overhead vegetation. The cutting blade adjustability, low weight, and minimal maintenance make this an excellent choice for buyers who need a user-friendly, no-hassle pole trimmer.

Greenworks 22342 Main Product Features

– Battery

The battery that comes with this trimmer is compatible with over 40 other Greenworks power tools, including chainsaws, string trimmers, lawn edging tools, and lawnmowers. The 2 Ah battery fits into a slot at the base of the device.

This type of battery provides fade-free electricity and can be charged up at any point as its charge gets depleted. It does not have a ‘battery memory’ problem that requires you to drain the battery completely before recharging to preserve the battery life.

Trimmer Battery Is Compatible with Other Power Tools

These batteries are an advantage for people who want full-charged batteries on hand and ready to go without worrying about losing power in storage.

– Cutting Bar and Extension Pole

The 20-inch long cutting bar has dual-action oscillating blades for high performance and low vibration. The expandable shaft reaches a maximum length of six and one-half feet. The blades can slice through branches up to five-eighths inches in diameter, but it’s better not to push them beyond that limit.

This cutting capacity is suitable for light and medium-duty hedge trimming challenges and not for substantial projects. The head of the machine pivots and locks into three positions so you can adjust the angle for trimming hard-to-reach spots of overhead foliage.

This feature is hard to find in battery-powered extension trimmers, although it is available in more expensive gas-powered models. The extendable pole has a sliding lock to keep it at the desired length rather than a friction ring found on other similar tools.

There are reports from buyers of the blades locking up when trying to cut larger diameter branches. However, using the tool only for branches up to five-eighths inches in diameter and not moving too quickly through the foliage as you cut keeps the blade mechanism running smoothly.

This tool is not rated for heavy-duty work, and overloading it can damage the blade and motor. Nonetheless, if the motor becomes overheated or stalls, stop work and let the blades and motor cool before continuing.

– Size, Weight, and Ergonomics

The overall dimensions of this cordless hedge trimmer are 77.75-inches long when extended, 4.5-inches wide, and 8-inches high at the base. The weight with the battery installed is 9.6-pounds.

Padded Hand Grip Around the Handle of The Trimmer

A padded hand grip around the handle and trigger makes it comfortable to hold the tool. However, when the pole is extended, the head’s weight can become tiring to support after working for a while. However, this is true for any extension pole power tool.

This tool’s relatively low-weight and compact size are advantageous for people who want an easy-to-use hedge trimmer for overhead work that’s convenient to store and needs little care.

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– Warranty

The Greenworks 22342 pole hedge trimmer comes with a 3-year warranty period for the tool and the battery. This warranty period is above average for battery-powered outdoor equipment. Check the warranty information in the owner’s manual that comes with the product for details about product registration and requesting service.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the Greenworks 22342 hedge trimmer be used for trimming bushes and shrubs?

Yes, the Greenworks 22342 hedge trimmer is suitable for trimming bushes and shrubs.

2. What is the minimum cutting height of Greenworks 22342?

The minimum cutting height of the Greenworks 22342 lawn mower can be found in the product specifications and is typically around 1-1.5 inches.

3. Can the angle of the Greenworks 22342 hedge trimmer blade be adjusted?

Yes, the blade angle of the Greenworks 22342 hedge trimmer can be adjusted.

Greenworks 22342: Our Conclusion

This extended reach hedge trimmer has moderate power and is suitable for occasional light and medium-duty overhead hedge trimming work.

The portability and low weight compared to many other extension hedge trimmers makes this a valuable yard tool for those with tall hedges to shape and tame.

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