Greenworks 2400802 is a great cordless battery-powered leaf blower set for domestic consumers and landscaping professionals. As part of Greenworks latest line of 40V Lithium ion outdoor power tools, also including a lawn mower and string trimmers, the 2400802 is said to have just as much power as gas-powered blowers but with 50 percent less noise.

Cordless Battery Powered Leaf Blower Review

This machine is the machine that has significantly lesser weight, and without the stress of mixing oil and inhaling toxic fumes. We want to find out if these claims are valid, so in this article, we will break down and review the features of this blower.

Pros Cons
Produces low vibration Noisy operation
Strong in its power A bit heavy for a cordless model
Well-balanced and comfortable to operate
Easy to assemble and handle

Highlighting the Specs

Greenworks is the company that is known to manufacture promising power and performance with the 2400802, which is what they delivered, as the device features an enormous air output, good balance, and a sturdy design that makes it easy to handle.

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All these, with a lot of the other features listed below, make the 2400802 a strong contender among some of the best cordless leaf blowers in its category.

  • 40V 2.5Ah cordless jet blower
  • Axial fan design
  • 390 cubic feet per minute air volume
  • 110 miles per hour airspeed
  • Variable speed trigger with cruise control
  • Includes a turbo speed
  • Push button start
  • Weighs 10.25 lbs
  • Noise rating: 92 dB(A)
  • Three-year limited tool and battery warranty

Handpicked and Detailed Greenworks 2400802 Review

Greenworks 2400802 Key Criteria
Number of airflow functions
Number of functions
Produces low vibration
Strong in its power
Well-balanced and comfortable to operate
Easy to assemble and handle
Noisy operation
A bit heavy for a cordless model

The Greenworks 2400802 maxes out with an airspeed of 110 MPH and an air volume of 390 CFM. For domestic applications, this airspeed might be sufficient for blowing yards, decks, and patios.

But for commercial users, this speed puts the tool on the low end compared to other cordless battery-powered blowers, which means that for this use specifically, one must look forth into different aspects of this machine and then make a choice of investment.

Nevertheless, an air volume of up to 390 CFM saves this tool from being an average blower as it is at par with the air output of gas blowers and meets the expectation for battery-powered blowers. For users, this means you can easily clean wet or tough debris in large landscapes in almost half the usual time.

For more precision and better productivity, users can benefit from the variable speed control settings on the device. As a result, this feature is one that allows you to set the air output to your desired speed to match the blowing requirement.

This is why, if you are blowing on gravel, near mulch, or around a garden with delicate plants, you can use this setting to get a lower air output, which is most suitable for such needs, and the machine will be on a slower pace so that a mess would not be created.

On the other hand, you can fire away with the maximum airflow when cleaning heavy, wet, or tough dirt with the turbo button. This speed control’s setting is one that comes with a cruise control trigger that allows you to lock in the selected speed and maintain it, and to give you a better result; this feature is most beneficial to help prevent quick fatigue and is easily accessible and easy to set with your thumb when holding the handle.

With a weight of 10.25 lbs, this device is neither the lightest nor heaviest cordless blower on the market. However, it is well-balanced and allows users to easily maneuver it while operating for a long time without wearing out their arms easily, but in the long run, you may get tired if you are accomplishing a bigger task.

Therefore, it is suitable for use by women and the elderly, but might be too heavy for children to operate by themselves.

An important feature to always look out for when deciding on a suitable blower is the level of noise it generates. Because you do not want to keep getting complaints from neighbors anytime you are doing yard care, and you may disturb different areas, which means it is best that you would schedule your chore.

Unfortunately, this tool will put you in that situation because it generates up to 92 decibels of sound while operating. Hence, you cannot use it in the morning or late at night, so you don’t disturb your neighbors, and you also cannot use it in noise-restricted areas. You must also wear ear protection to prevent damage to your ears due to prolonged use; in the long run, you can buy a pair of ear muffs or noise-canceling headphones.

The 2400802 only performs blowing functions and is unsuitable for those who want a multipurpose device with vacuuming and mulching functions. Nevertheless, this device is very powerful as it runs with an axial fan that Greenworks describes as a jet engine and produces a lot of airflow at a reasonable speed.


– How Has The Greenworks 2400802 Evolved?

The Greenworks 2400802 has evolved from the 24252 model. Although both are 40V cordless blower lines, but the new version has a higher air volume with 390 CFM than the 24252 with 150 CFM. It also has turbo and cruise control features that are absent in the previous model.

Major and Unique Property

– Cordless Battery-Powered Blower

Greenworks offers this device as part of their 25 power tools that can run on 40V Lithium Ion batteries, and accordingly, this blower is a cordless model.

Best Cordless Leaf Blowers Properties

Users can carry it about their large landscapes while working without worrying about tripping on a cord or not being long enough to cover the blowing area, which is why this feature is beneficial for you.

On the other hand, another benefit of using this blower from this line is that you get value for your money because you can use the same battery for all the other power tools. This means that you don’t have to be anxious and try to find the one that is especially applicable because all would be a great fit.

The Greenworks 40V battery and a charger come with the blower in the kit, but it only has a 14-minute runtime at maximum speed and up to 30 minutes at low speed. It takes anywhere from 60 to 120 minutes to get to full charge, and it is vital to charge the battery to full capacity before attempting to use the blower when you purchase it newly.

If you can afford it, it is advisable to buy an extra battery; as a result of this matter, your cleaning isn’t interrupted while waiting for the battery to charge.

The battery is inserted at the back of the blower at a suitable angle to the handle, making it easy to push the button behind it to check the battery level. Moreover, four LED lights on the battery indicate the amount of charge left when the button is pressed. With the latter given you will now know well how much time you still have until the machine’s power would be cut.

– Air Output

The Greenworks 40V axial blower has an air volume of 390 CFM with an airspeed of 110 MPH, an air output that can blow up a storm when used at maximum level. Although the airspeed is a little disappointing as it is very low for a battery blower, you would still be able to displace wet, heavy, or tough leaves and debris without breaking a sweat.

In addition, the air volume more than makes up for this inadequate speed such that you can push a significant amount of dirt in a short time.

Axial Blower Has an Air Volume of 390 CFM

The variable speed trigger on this device allows you to use different speed levels for different types of cleaning tasks, this is why the blowing performance at various levels is excellent. At the lowest speed, you can displace small, dry leaves and debris, dust, cobwebs, grass clippings, etc. It can even blow around your plants and flowers without uprooting them from their roots.

The decision to invest in this machine is a great one because you can easily blow leaves, small twigs, branches, pebbles, and small sticks at medium speed. You may even pick the highest speed, which can be activated using the turbo button, you can displace piles of wet leaves, and heavy debris or dirt stuck in tight places.


– Ergonomics

Considering this tool is a handheld blower, it should be comfortable and light enough for users to hold for a long time. Therefore, with user comfort as a priority, this Greenworks leaf blower was designed with a few user-friendly features to enhance your blowing experience. To start with, the device is well-balanced and easy to maneuver.

And this is mainly because the battery is positioned at the rear of the tool. The handle is made with rubber over-mold to provide a soft and firm grip for users, and the speed control trigger is large, so you can easily reach it with your finger while gripping the handle.

Designed with a Few User Friendly Features

Lastly, remember that the device has a push-start button for easier start-ups compared to other blowers with pull-start triggers, which require you to pull a few times before it comes on.


If power and versatility are important to you, this 390 CFM cordless axial leaf blower should be your go-to power tool. The Greenworks 2400802 delivers top-notch airflow that is astonishing for a handheld blower, and when you buy it, the kit comes with one Greenworks axial blower, a blower tube, a 40V 2.5 Ah battery, an operator’s manual, and a 40V charger included.

Greenworks is known for producing top-quality outdoor tools, and this one is no different as it was designed with several features to make light and heavy-duty cleaning tasks as seamless as possible. Moreover, you can be sure of its durability as the manufacturers have guaranteed both the tool and the battery to last up to three years with their warranty.

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