Greenworks 24012 review is an in-depth analysis of the Greenworks 24012, a single speed electric corded leaf blower that is a popular choice amongst avid users of electric leaf blowers. It provides users with a powerful, budget-friendly, eco-friendly, and sustainable tool that keeps their lawns looking tidy and pristine all year round.Greenworks 24012 Review

In this review, we plan on covering each one of its aspects and thoroughly examining and explaining each of its features to help you gain a clearer picture of whether it is the right handheld leaf blower for you.

Pros Cons
Lightweight and easy to maneuver Does not have mulching/leaf vacuuming capabilities
Zero carbon footprint, eco-friendly and sustainable Is not a cordless blower
A powerful motor capable of blowing air speeds up to 160 mph
The convenient cord lock mechanism prevents unplugging during operation.

Understanding All Its Features and Specs

This single-speed electric blower has plenty to offer, although it may not have variable speed control settings like some other electric cordless leaf blowers, it still has several other noteworthy specs at a fraction of the price. This Greenworks leaf blower is one that will help you out with the great benefits that it has to offer on gardening and clean-ups.

  • Lightweight and compact design (4.5 lbs)
  • Corded power source
  • 7 amp single speed settings motor
  • An air speed of 160 mph
  • An air volume of 150 cfm
  • Ergonomically designed handle grip
  • Safety cord lock
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable
  • Zero carbon footprint
  • No toxic gas fumes produced
  • Offers virtually no vibration as compared to gas leaf blowers
  • Noise rating of 68 dB – quiet performance
  • A voltage of 120 V
  • 4 year-long warranty

An Absolute Greenworks 24012 Review

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Greenworks 24012 Key Criteria
Number Of Functions
Number of air flow settings
Lightweight and easy to maneuver
Zero carbon footprint, eco-friendly and sustainable
A powerful motor capable of blowing air speeds up to 160 mph
The convenient cord lock mechanism prevents unplugging during operation.
Does not have mulching/leaf vacuuming capabilities
Is not a cordless blower

To quickly summarize our feelings about this corded electric leaf blower, let us allow it a score out of 10 over a few different critical categories. The Greenworks 24012 receives a 7.5/10 for the number of airflow settings, a 10/10 for perfect airflow delivery, another 10/10 in weight, and an 8/10 for the number of functions it offers.


With so many options of leaf blowers available in the market, and it is also easy to get overwhelmed, which is why we aim to help relieve and facilitate some of that stress with this Greenworks lightweight leaf blower. When it comes to comparing electric blowers, the 24012 is in a league of its own.

It has a comfortable, lightweight design with an ergonomic handle that helps to make it incredibly easy to function with, for beginners as well that have not had much experience working with yard care tools.

It also reduces user fatigue with a handheld blower design that prioritizes minimizing the strain on the user’s body, while still delivering a superior performance that matches any top blower out there. This feature is great if you are planning to work longer periods of time and clean the place up well.

Greenworks Tools is a name you are sure to hear if you have been around the yard maintaining tools space for a while. Greenworks competes with some of the very best of the best names of manufacturers out there, including Toro UltraPlus, Sun Joe, Decker BV, Decker LB, Poulan Pro, and Worx Turbine blowers, all of which are increasingly popular.

Among all these, the Greenworks 24012 is a top recommended electric blower for its zero carbon footprint as it emits no carbon into the atmosphere and requires no fossil fuels to run, making it a top pick for environmentally conscious individuals. Furthermore, this blower has to be one of the best bangs for your buck deals out there.

For those concerned about budgeting issues, we are happy to tell you that this blower will not drive a hole into your wallet, making it a great pick for cost-effective electric leaf blowers.

This blower is also backed by a four-year-long warranty, and this means that you can rest assured that you will only be receiving the best quality product and you are covered for a period of four years for any defects or malfunctions in the device.

– How Has the Greenworks 24012 Evolved?

The Greenworks 24012 has evolved by having undergone several improvements and upgrades. They are signified by having an increase in their power, prolonged battery life, and improved ergonomics. They have pushed the bounds with their brushless motor, long-lasting, and quieter compared to other blowers, especially gas powered leaf blowers.Details of Greenworks 24012

Another company that has kept with Greenworks is Worx Tools, so let us compare the Greenworks 24012 to a Worx WG520 12 amp turbine 600 electric leaf blower review. First, in terms of power, the Worx leaf blower 600 cfm wins over the 24012, as the Worx can produce an air capacity of 600 cfm, whereas the Greenworks can do 150 cfm. Although both blowers have the same maximum speed of 160 mph, which is how it would get the job done.

Second, in terms of weight, the Greenworks is considerably lighter at 4.5 lbs whereas the Worx weighs about 6.5 lbs. This makes the Greenworks a lot easier to move around and carry for the user’s muscles, preventing cramping and sore muscles from prolonged use.

Third, let us talk pricing: the 24012 takes the cake here, at a much more reasonable price whereas the Worx WG520 costs almost double, which is quite a significant difference for those searching for a blower on budget.

Further Evaluating Some Main Features

– Powerful AC Motor

The robust 7 AMP motor of the Greenworks 24012 is capable of generating an airflow of 150 CFM and a speed of 160 MPH while using an alternating current supply. This amount of power and airflow is more than adequate for those individuals with small to medium-sized lawns to clear their lawns in a shorter duration and with increased precision. In short, you would see that the power it has would help you in ways to reduce your tiredness.AC Motor of Greenworks Blower

– Safety Cord Lock Mechanism

This electric blower features a cord-locking system that ensures the cord will not plug out while the blower is in use. This takes away the issue of accidental unplugging, which is why you can use the blower at ease without being concerned about it coming undone from the blower outlet and stopping every now and then to plug it in again.

– Ergonomically Designed Handle Grip

The ergonomic design of the gripping handle gives you the ability to comfortably hold onto the blower without any risk of hurting your hand. This takes away the risks of your hands cramping up during prolonged use of the blower, ensuring you are not worn out after a blowing session.


– Lightweight Design

This lightweight blower has a minimum weight of 4.5 lbs, which means it is incredibly easy to lift and maneuver for people of all ages and strengths. This makes for a much simpler and less strenuous experience while performing yard work, reducing user fatigue while increasing efficiency, no matter the age of the person using it.Design of Greenworks 24012

– Anti-vibratory Technology

This 160 mph blower features an anti-vibration system, which means it produces virtually no vibrations compared to other blowers, especially gas types. This reduces the strain caused on the user’s joints and makes for a more pleasant operation, allowing you to work in your yard for prolonged periods comfortably without having any numbness in your arm muscles.


Because of all the reasons outlined above, the Greenworks 24012 has everything you would need in a capable electric leaf blower. With its powerful motor, fatigue-reducing design, and zero carbon footprint, you really can’t go wrong with choosing it and checking the buying guide deeply.

In conclusion, we recommend the Greenworks 24012 as our top choice for those individuals and homeowners looking for a reliable and easy-to-use leaf blower that does the job effortlessly. It is well-known and respected for its impeccable products, including its Greenworks lawn mower, leaf blower vacuums, and backpack leaf blowers, which is why you can easily trust the product as they have mastered it well with also their cordless leaf blower reviews.

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