Greenworks 24022 is one blower that you must have heard about if you are currently on the lookout for blowers and have been curious about the best quality and comfort blowers because of their various advantages. Today, we have an in-depth review of this incredible device that gives more than the results you are expecting.

Greenworks 24022 Product Review

We discuss some of its best features that truly set it apart from the other options available in the market and clear some of the doubts you might have. If you want a durable and good-quality product that lasts a good time, then keep reading to see whether this blower is the perfect choice for you!

Pros Cons
Includes a vacuum tube so it is a 2-in-1 deal Corded, which may restrict the amount of area you can cover
Lightweight construction prevents body aches
Two seed switch allows you to work at your desired pace

Greenworks 24022 Highlights 

The 24022 hand blower comes with a variety of specs that ensure the utmost satisfaction of the customer, making it one of the best choices of leaf blowers for just about anyone. It gives you some of the most up-to-date features at an affordable price.

Here are the features of this blower that make it stand out from the rest and make it a worthy choice to contemplate purchasing:

  • 9.26 lb lightweight construction
  • 120 V corded electric blower
  • 1 dB noise level
  • 375 cubic feet per meter air capacity
  • Two speed switches
  • High power performance
  • 12 amp motor
  • 230 MPH air velocity 
  • Converts from leaf blower to vacuum
  • Four-year warranty
  • Comes with a protective bag and vacuum tube

Greenworks 24022 Review

Greenworks 24022 Key Criteria
Number of Functions
Air Flow
Number of Airflow Settings
Includes a vacuum tube so it is a 2-in-1 deal
Lightweight construction prevents body aches
Two seed switch allows you to work at your desired pace
Corded, which may restrict the amount of area you can cover

When purchasing this blower, you do not need to be concerned at all because Greenworks Tools always have your back.

Want power and comfort all combined in a stylish-looking blower?

Then that is exactly what Greenworks offer in all their products: the best quality with the sleekest design.

Also, you willnever have to worry about the battery of the blower because they are the most awarded battery platform and have the best customer support that offers you advice and assistance whenever you require it. This makes it one of the best companies to purchase a leaf blower from.

Moreover, there is absolutely no compromising on power. The power of the blower is the most important factor that must be kept in mind at all times. The 24022 makes sure that all its customers are satisfied by the power they are granting them. 

This blower comes with a heavy-duty, powerful 12 amp motor that generates 230 MPH air velocity and 375 CFM air volume. Thus, this ensures that your yard is squeaky clean and void of any debris, sticks, and leaves at all times. You will be able to achieve this in a faster and more efficient manner compared to other blowers in the market.

Additionally, this blower has the two-in-one option that leaves the other blower companies a little shocked. While giving various features for the blower itself, Greenworks also added the vacuum tube along with the blower so you can easily shuffle between a leaf blower and vacuum to make sure that all the leaves, debris, and sticks you have blown can be collected with ease.

This further makes removing all of the collected debris much easier for you and you can easily get through a huge part of cleaning your house done at once without having to worry about the load in your device. This tool is a great machine to have in your arsenal.

The two-speed control is another great feature that hands over all control of the Greenworks leaf blower into your hands and allows you to clean at your pace. It also allows for better control in both blower and vacuum modes.

How Has the Greenworks 24022 Evolved?

The Greenworks 24022 has evolved by becoming a two-in-one device, thereby presenting a new perspective on what a blower could be like with its endless list of helpful and wonderful features. This blower’s specs are a great example of an upgrade from previous models.

This is relevant not just for the company itself, but also for many of the other electric blowers available in the market. This electric corded blower offers fresh competition to the company’s own previous blowers and even the vacuums. 

Greenworks 24022 Electric Corded Blower

When we compare this Greenworks blower to some other companies, we can see how the 24022 is a great option after the advancements and upgrades it has to offer. 

When comparing with the Sun Joe blowers, such as the Sun Joe SBJ597E, we can see that the Greenworks blower is a better choice with the 12 amp motor compared to the 6 amp one of the former and is an upgrade to the 155 mph electric leaf blower with its 230 mph air velocity. 

If we compare this blower vacuum to the Toro leaf vacuums and blowers, such as their Ultra Blower Vac 51619, we can see that while it is a 3-in-1 machine and is lighter than the 24022, and even has a higher airspeed and volume, it is also louder than the latter with the 64 dB (A) noise level and is also pricier, retailing at around double the price of the Greenwork’s blower.


Features Breakdown

– Warranty

Even if the brand claims to be the best in the market, it must prove it through its actions and quality products. The warranty offered is a great way to judge the company and is a clear giveaway for the amount of trust they put in their products. 

Greenworks Blower Features Breakdown

Greenworks has made sure to prove their trustworthiness by giving an astonishing deal on their four-year-long warranty that truly is a gateway to show their generous work policy and amazing quality of products.

– Comfortable Working 

Here comes the star of this blower’s numerous benefits: comfortable use! One of the most important factors that manufacturers of outdoor appliances must pay total attention to is the comfort of the user. An outdoor appliance that is irritating and causes fatigue is nothing new and could be a nightmare. 

From the sturdy yet soft grip on the handles to the lightweight design, you will surely be kept comfortable and far from body and backaches. What more do you want from a blower?

All of the features of this blower work together to make the experience of working with this device as remarkable as it gets. No matter how much work you do, the 24022 parts take all the measures to provide you with maximum comfort.

– Two-speed Switch and Quick Use

The two-speed switch delivers wind speed of up to 230 MPH, which makes this blower perfect for blowing away debris to removing leaves from your lawn. Hence, this makes it a perfect choice for slow workers and even faster ones who are always on the run to get things done. 

Quick Use of Two Speed Switch on Blower

Being able to work at your desired pace is another amazing feature, so you can transition from in-depth weekend cleaning to quick five-minute cleaning before a guest arrives in an instant.

Furthermore, the 10:1 mulch ratio allows the leaf mulcher vacuum to turn 10 bags of leaves into a single collection bag in no time at all. This means no frequent trips to the garbage disposal place, as you can now collect all the yard waste in a single bag!

Then the quick and easy tool-less transition to an electric leaf vac, when the need arises, leaves your yard looking pristine and clean without wasting any time at all.



This review shows you why the 24022 electric corded handheld leaf blower is the perfect option for every type of customer, as it is highly helpful for a house full of people who are sharing home chores. Not only is it lightweight and comfortable, but it also includes all the features that are a surety on your must-have list!

With the great improvements that have been done on this model, it truly is a work of art that is deserving of praise. The 24022 blower vacuum is also a great choice for those who are in search of a blower that has all the specifications and features necessary for an outdoor device while providing such an experience that makes every customer satisfied while also prioritizing the customer’s comfort. 

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