Greenworks 24322 falls among the tools you would have come across either online or in discussions when planning your gardening needs. If that’s not the case, you should know about this leaf blower and its results for your gardening activities.

Greenworks 24322 Features Breakdown

However, what makes this blower so great that you have to include it in your gardening arsenal? Our detailed review brings in the details about this blower so let’s run through what it offers.

Pros Cons
Battery-powered product Manual has only two languages available
Ease of use Higher wind speed consumes more battery power
Six speed choices  
Gmax system compatibility  

Greenworks 24322 Highlights

The Greenworks 24322 blower ranks among the best products you can consider for gardening with its consumer-targeted features. Its consumer satisfaction objective makes it affordable and easy for gardening activities without any hassle.

You might enjoy it in a similar but different approach to a lawn mower, but it does give you great benefits during use. 

  • Adjustable wind speed dial
  • Gmax Li-ion system compatibility
  • Max wind speed of 185 MPH
  • Efficient airflow function
  • Cordless and brushless technology
  • Max airflow up to 340 CFM
  • Rechargeable 40V Battery

Greenworks 24322 Review

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Greenworks 24322 Key Criteria
Number of Functions
Air Flow
Number of Airflow Settings
Battery-powered product
Ease of use
Six speed choices
Gmax system compatibility
Manual has only two languages available
Higher wind speed consumes more battery power

Using the 24322 brushless blower / vac is one that helps you keep the debris away, keeping your garden clean. It blows debris, rounds up fallen leaves in your yard, and helps dry tools with an airflow of 340mph. Your car is included since this brushless cordless blower / vacuum can also dry it at varying wind speeds.

The 24322 blower makes its way up the ranks and satisfies customers with its lengthy runtime and usability. Its cordless design gives more reach as you don’t need to worry about any disconnection during use. 

On another note, also remember that the blower design also makes it lightweight, making you feel less pain in your arms during use. Which means that when you are using it, you won’t hurt your arm, nor will you feel exhausted after your you have used it.

In addition, you should also consider the airflow and wind speed it brings, which you can adjust to match your activities. The adjustable speed makes it easy to use in different situations without any technical knowledge because it is one of the greatest investments, as it would give you a choice of options, which is great because to have the freedom.

The Greenworks blower/vacuum 40v has no use for fuel since it offers a rechargeable battery that lasts you during your gardening activities. The last great feature of this product is its zero smell and quiet runtime with a simple button to startup.  

How Has The Greenworks 24322 Evolved?

Greenworks 24322 has evolved to outrank and outperform other blowers with its cordless and brushless features, from its previous version the Greenworks 24312. Its ability to work with a charged battery rather than fuel also supports zero emissions and a quieter use. 

Its variable speed adjustment and compatibility with the Greenworks g-max system also match its lengthy runtime during use. It has also gotten somewhat lighter, as observed by users of this blower and other similar counterparts and the previous product, the 24312 version.

In addition, a replacement bag comes with the packaging to improve the ease of use and create more comfortable handling.


Features Breakdown

– Packaging

Purchasing a new Greenworks leaf vacuum means you get the full product and other extra accessories depending on the sale. The packaging includes a Greenworks 24322 replacement bag, the blower, a 40v battery, two tubes, a battery charger, and the manual. 

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However, you might get the Greenworks 40v blower (tool only) if you purchase it from something other than a trusted source. The replacement bag gives room to vacuum things, keep them in the bag and dispose of them while reusing the bag later. 

Getting this product’s essentials in one packaging reduces the stress during purchase and assembling. As you can see, the producing company has looked upon your 

– Warranty

You enjoy a warranty period of three years when you purchase a brand-new Greenworks 24322 blower. The long timeframe serves as proof from the manufacturers to users showing its quality and durability with multiple uses. 

It’s a product that doesn’t require much maintenance, and this perk increases with zero fuel use. However, if you experience any defaults with the product during use, you can always reach out to the purchase point. 

Note that any issue outside the three-year timeframe will not be covered by the warranty and will attract extra costs. The reason why this machine is one that would be great to invest in is that it would give you confidence and trust in your machine as well as the company that is proving you the best care, and the ultimate care, as they ensure you about the quality of the product. The same warranty can be found on older models, such as the Greenworks 24252.

– Wind Speed Adjustment

The product offers you variable wind speed with a button to switch between six different speeds during use. You can set the speed by adjusting the dial located on the handle section of the blower slightly above the power button. 

Remember that when you have this adjustment button, it is one that will help increase the wind speed when moving heavier objects without performing special fine-tuning to the blower. Another great use of wind speed adjustment is drying surfaces and tools faster depending on your chosen speed. 

You can enjoy breezing through your tasks without wasting time on switching speeds or getting a different tool to work. When you have the freedom of adjustment you can always try to fix it, according to how your chore would require it. Due to dust and dirt, you can adjust the speed, and if you have a bigger task, you can push it forth.

– Design

Greenworks blowers are designed to serve users with comfort, and the priority increases with this version of blowers. Its lightweight design makes you feel less pain on your shoulders and fits well in your hands, as it has a very sleek design.

The tubes are also long enough to blow debris and leaves out of your path without any need to squat. Gripping the product is easy and simple with the rubber design on the handles, so it doesn’t slip off. Changing the tubes is also easy as it is made with a tool-less transition allowing you to switch tubes without any tools.

– Battery and Charge Feature

The Greenworks 40v leaf blower/vacuum 24322 uses a battery feature in place of fuel engines for the best experience. Its zero-fuel use removes any worry about gas smells and running engine noises that might affect your gardening activities. 

Unlike fuel-based blowers, you can always recharge the battery and reuse your product multiple times without plugging it in directly. To elaborate further, you may get a full runtime of 21 minutes after charging with the battery charger included in the package, improving the comfort you enjoy during use. 

Both the charger and battery are included in the packaging when you make a brand-new purchase of the product. Purchasing a replacement battery doesn’t give you a Greenworks blower 80v, as some people think.

– Cordless Use

Most products are adapting the cordless feature to solve the short distance issue while using the product. The Greenworks blower doesn’t lose in this regard, as you don’t need to leave it plugged in to use it efficiently. 

You can always recharge the batteries after use and work with them at distances far from any power outlets. It’s a perk that you enjoy putting the product above wired blowers, which reduces the distance you can cover. 

However, remember that the task gets better since you can use the blower during a power outage or in locations with no power outlets.

This is helpful because when you are trying to reach different areas, without a cord, you may have the freedom to do so. On the other hand, you wouldn’t get the stress if the plug spark would be pulled off, or cause any distress regarding electricution. 

– Greenworks 24322 Manual

You also get manuals with the package, which is obvious for every good package, including cordless leaf blowers. It contains enough detail on the product features, including a walkthrough on how to use this specific and amazing blower. 

However, this blower improves things as it offers the manual in two languages for usage in certain locations. The manual is available in English and Spanish, making it easy to use in locations that speak these languages.

If your language is outside these two, you may not get the full details it offers, however, the machine has been quite easy to be functioning, which means that this would ease out the stress of the languages of the manual. 



There you have it! The detailed review of the Greenworks variable speed cordless blower and how it benefits every gardening task. You are not excluded, as our guide should have helped you in your decision-making process to get a blower.

If you want a convenient gardening experience with tools that serve their purpose, then getting this product is a great choice. Its features and durability are all you need to complete tasks requiring wind speed and efficient runtime.

Enjoy easy assembly and use after purchase, and you can always check out the best deals for discounts on the product. Check out the newer model as an alternative, the Greenworks 25022.

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