Greenworks 25012 review is the insight into the corded lawn mower that you need to enter the realm of green technology for lawn care. This powerful tool boasts a sleek design, easy maneuverability, and a range of features that make it stand out from the competition. But is it worth the investment?Greenworks 25012 Review

In this review, we give you a full in-depth look at this mower, from its key features and specifications to the possible pros and cons of each feature to help you decide if this is the right choice for you.

Pros Cons
Seven cutting heights It needs an extension cable to work
Lightweight (46 lbs) There is no grass-collecting bag
2-in-1 feature that allows for mulching and rear bagging

Attributes of the Greenworks 25012

Greenworks has created the 25012 electric lawn mower for households with small to medium-sized lawns. The 12-amp electric motor in this lawn mower has plenty of strength to chop through weeds and thick grass.

  • No cord function
  • Battery-powered
  • Durable steel cutting deck
  • 18-inch cutting path
  • Seven cutting heights, varying from 1 ¾ inches to 3 ¾ inches
  • 46 lbs weight
  • Four-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • No gas, oil, or tune-ups
  • 1440 W

A Detailed Analysis of the Greenworks 25012 Review

Greenworks 25012 Key Criteria
Ease of Staring
Performance on rough terrain
Seven cutting heights
Lightweight (46 lbs)
2-in-1 feature that allows for mulching and rear bagging
It needs an extension cable to work
There is no grass-collecting bag

The Greenworks electric 18 amp lawn mower is designed to make the users’ lives easy and therefore is quite easy to start, which makes it stand at a fine rating of 9 out of 10. In addition, the power it has gives it a rating of 8.9 out of 10 because of the different ways that it can help and make the job more efficient for you.


In addition to this, the company recognized for creating high-quality and ecologically friendly outdoor power equipment, is the mastermind behind it. In short, by doing so, you now know why this Greenworks 13 amp mower gets a rating of 8.5 out of 10 for low maintenance requirements and 8 out of 10 for the rough terrain capabilities, as they will help you maintain the job with all ease without a worry of the external factors.

The Greenworks 25012 boasts several characteristics that make it an excellent choice for customers that have small to medium-sized lawns. One of its most distinct characteristics or features it has is its 12-amp motor, which has the strength to cut through thick grass and weeds.

The purpose of this 18-inch corded electric mower is to blow leaves and other garbage, and it does that effectively, thanks to its single-speed setting with a maximum airflow of 160 mph, which makes it ideal for removing light to medium-weight debris, including leaves, twigs, and grass clippings.

The 2-in-1 function, according to many lawn mower reviews, further enables mulching and rear bagging, making it simple to dispose of grass cuttings. In parallel, the back bag is simple to remove and empty.

The mower also includes seven height adjustment options, ranging from 1.75 to 3.75 inches, allowing you to select the ideal mowing height for your grass. This is especially useful if your lawn has uneven topography, or you wish to cut it to a specified length, as it allows you to easily change the mower’s height to match the height of your grass, providing an equal cut every time.

It is also simple to enforce or implement, as the height adjustment lever is simple to use and quick to modify. Moreover, the Greenworks 25012 electric mower is also lightweight, making it easy to maneuver and store. With this being said, the machine is only 46 lbs, much less than the weight of conventional gas-powered mowers, making it simple to push and turn.

The 18-inch-wide steel cutting deck of this Greenworks corded electric lawn mower is made of sturdy steel. It is constructed to resist wear and tear over time, giving you your money’s worth over time. It is also simple to put together and is ready in no time to tackle your multi-terrain lawn. Since the mower comes with all of the essential Greenworks 25012 parts and tools for assembly, it can be good to go in just a few simple steps.

Lastly, you should also remember how the Greenworks 25012 electric lawn mower is popular for its quiet operation. It is ideal for homeowners who wish to mow their lawns without disturbing neighbors or family members. Because the mower is electric and does not have a gas engine, it is quieter than gas-powered mowers, making it perfect for residential areas with noise limitations.

– How Has the Greenworks 25012 Evolved?

Greenworks 25012 has evolved with an upgraded motor, sharper mower blades, and better blade design, leading to more efficient and precise cutting capabilities. In addition to these, these modifications make the mower more efficient, user-friendly, and ecologically friendly than prior versions.

Previous Greenworks lawn mowers had limited battery life, which required users to recharge them regularly. However, the newer 25012 model, when compared with other brands such as Sun Joe, offers greater battery life, allowing customers to mow larger lawns on a single charge. In case of any confusion, the Greenworks 25012 manual and buying guide is always there for your aid!Details of Greenworks 25012

When compared to previous electric lawn mowers, the 25012 has more ecologically friendly batteries that are made to live longer, decrease the need for replacements, and may be recycled, lessening the environmental effect.


Several significant variations exist between the 25012 and the 25142 Greenworks mowers, two electric corded leaf blowers from the same manufacturer. The Greenworks 10 amp 16-inch corded mower 25142 uses a 10 Amp motor, whereas the 25012 uses a 12 Amp motor. This indicates that the 25012 has a stronger motor that can withstand more difficult mowing situations.

Main Characteristics and Mower Specification

– Mulching System

The Greenworks 25012 corded electric lawn mower is equipped with a mulching system that allows you to finely chop grass clippings and keep them on your lawn as a natural fertilizer. This saves you time and money on lawn maintenance while reducing the amount of organic waste that goes to landfills, lowering your carbon footprint. This means that anyone who wishes to maintain a healthy and beautiful lawn while saving time and money on lawn maintenance will benefit from the Greenworks 25012 mulching system.

– Adjustable Cutting Height

The adjustable cutting height function on the 25012 tool is what allows you to modify the height at which the blades cut the grass. Only a single lever allows you to adjust the cutting height to your chosen level simply. In addition to repairing the quality of your lawn, the adjustable cutting height also assists in minimizing the number of clippings produced by the mower.Cutting Height of Greenworks Mower

The adjustable cutting height option of the 25012 makes it useful for homeowners who have a lawn with varying topography, such as hills or dips. You will have the freedom to adjust it and to set it according to how you wish for it to look. This way, it guarantees that the mower cuts the grass uniformly and does not scalp the lawn in regions where the terrain is uneven by changing the cutting height.

– Easy to Use

The Greenworks 25012 lawn mower is easy to use, making it perfect for homeowners with uneven terrain or obstructions in their yards. The seven-inch front and 10-inch rear wheels give stability and allow it to handle rough terrain easily. Hence, with the Greenworks 25012, people who live in small or tight quarters no longer struggle to maneuver a huge and unwieldy lawn mower about their property, and having a neat-looking lawn is a great choice to opt for in the end.

– Lightweight

One of the main characteristics and benefits of the Greenworks 25012 is its lightweight design. It weighs only 37.5 lbs, making it simple to maneuver around barriers in your yard, such as trees, flower beds, and plants.

The smaller weight of the mower also helps to lessen tiredness when mowing, especially if you have a large lawn. You can push and pull the mower more effortlessly without feeling burdened or exhausted, which is useful for people with a lot of landscaping or uneven surfaces in their yards. Moreover, the lightweight is also beneficial for your muscles or limbs, so after working, it wouldn’t be a heavy load of a chore for you in the end.


– Powerful Motor

A 12-amp corded electric motor powers the Greenworks 25012 electric lawn mower, which has the strength to cut through weeds and thick grass. Since it enables the blades to cut through grass and weeds effectively, it reduces the amount of time and work required to mow the lawn.Motor Specifications of Greenworks 25012

The Greenworks 25012’s strong motor is ideal for users seeking a high-performance lawn mower that can handle sizable lawns and thick or dense grass while also providing quick and reliable results.


Overall, the Greenworks 25012 is a great choice if you’re searching for a mower that can handle a range of lawn care activities and deliver dependable and effective results. It is an efficient and easy-to-use lawn mower that assists you in keeping your lawn healthy and beautiful.

Hence, the Greenworks 25012 mulching system is a top pick for anybody looking for a high-quality mower since it provides a wonderful balance of performance, ease, and environmental friendliness!

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