Using Greenworks 25223 Mower With GrassIn this Greenworks 25223 review, we’ll explore the facts about this battery-powered lawn mower and what it can and cannot do. We’ll give you our opinion on who is likely to be most satisfied with investing in this garden equipment.  

You will find out all the main specs on this Greenworks tool, from the throttle grip to the wheels and everything in between. So, read on and discover if this is the lawnmower you need for your yard.  

Greenworks 25223 Cordless Lawn Mower Pros and Cons

Greenworks 25223 Key Criteria
Easy to Start
Maintenance Requirements
Ergonomics Rough Terrain
Seven deck height positions
Two batteries and charger included
Same battery as other Greenworks G-MAX 40V Li-Ion tools
Electric start and power
Plastic body
Not good on slopes or slippery ground

Product Highlights

This Greenworks battery mower has a narrow cutting deck that lets you easily trim around garden beds, fruit trees, and landscape plants, making it ideal for small and mid-sized yards with tight spaces to mow. The three-in-one function gives you the choice of collecting the cuttings in a bag, side discharging them, or mulching them. 

  • 19-inch wide cutting deck 
  • Not self-propelled
  • Comes with one 4 Ah and one 2 Ah battery and a charger 
  • 3-in1 function 
  • Single cutting blade  
  • Seven cutting heights from 1 1/8 inches to 3 inches  

Greenworks 25223 Review

Battery-powered yard tools like this Greenworks lawn mower are relatively new to the market, and they also use the latest technology for power: lithium-ion batteries. The advantage of this power source over gas is the elimination of fumes and emissions that are harmful to the operator and the environment. However, the production of Li-ion batteries is also not without its drawbacks. In addition, the batteries have a lifespan of a couple of years, and they are expensive to replace when they inevitably fail, and they require special disposal. 

This Greenworks mower uses power from the rechargeable battery to drive an electric motor that spins the single cutting blade under the deck. The motor in this unit is a brushed design, and these types of motors have less power and wear out more quickly than brushless motors. For this reason, brushed motors like the one in this tool are less expensive to manufacture.

The cutting deck on this mower is 19-inches wide, giving it a narrow profile that helps navigate tight areas and around obstacles. It’s also a manual operation mower, and that means you have to push it around with muscle power: It’s not self-propelled. However, since it only weighs a little over 53 pounds, moving it around on the flat ground is not hard for most people. 

However, if the ground has ups and downs, rough spots, or is slippery, moving this mower around can be difficult, especially for smaller people. So it’s best for use on flat, even ground that does not have lots of wet leaves, pine needles, or other debris that reduce traction for the wheels – and your feet.

A significant advantage of this mower is the low maintenance requirements. Compared to a gas mower, there is almost nothing to keeping this machine going except for charging the batteries and storing them and the mower properly. As to storage, this mower folds down and is small in size, so it’s easy to fit it into a tiny space in the garage, tool shed, or porch. In addition, since it does not use gas, it does not emit odors in storage as gas equipment does. 

The mower starts up as soon as you drop a charged battery into the battery compartment, press a safety button, and pull down the bar in front of the handlebar. As soon as the machine turns on, the motor begins turning the cutting blade, and you’re ready to mow. An attractive feature of this mower is that the blade immediately stops spinning, and the machine switches off as soon as you release the bar. 

3-in1 mowers have the benefit of letting you decide how to dispose of the grass trimmings: side discharging them, mulching them under the mower as you go, or collecting them in a collection bag that attaches to the back of the device and which comes with the machine. Switching from one mode to another does not require tools and takes a minute or two to accomplish. 

The operation of this mower is ultra-quiet compared to a gas mower, and this is a significant advantage for people who want to mow the lawn on a weekend morning without disturbing neighbors, sleeping children, or your spouse. 


Main Product Features

– Battery

If you wonder about the Greenworks 25223 battery life, there have been multiple reports of batteries failing during or shortly after the warranty. Greenworks does offer a 2-year warranty on the batteries, and this period is approximately the lifespan of a lithium-ion battery. Replacing batteries is one of the downsides of a battery-powered mower. 

This tool comes with two batteries of different amp hours: 4Ah and 2Ah. Both batteries work in other 40V G-MAX series tools made by Greenworks. See the company’s website for a long list of devices in this class, including weed trimmers, hedge trimmers, chainsaws, and more. 

The batteries used in this tool are not compatible with any other battery from any other manufacturer. Using the incorrect type of battery in the mower can damage the motor, void the warranty, and cause a hazard. 

The runtime on the power packs depends on what kind of grass you’re mowing, how tall it is, how dry it is, and even the type of grass or weeds can affect the energy required to cut. However, the larger battery runs for about one-half hour to 40-minutes, and the smaller one is about half that much. For people with small yards, this runtime is usually adequate to mow the lawn in a single charge. 

Both batteries have a charge indicator light on them, so you can check how much charge is left at any time and never get stranded at the far side of the yard with a flat battery. 

The battery pack included in this mower is advantageous for anyone who already has Greenworks 40v G-MAX series tools and a small, flat lawn.    

– Motor 

As mentioned earlier, this mower uses a brushed motor which is likely to have a shorter lifespan than a motor without brushes. Brushed motors are also more prone to overheat from friction than brushless motors. However, the motor in this mower automatically shuts off before it overheats. A shutdown is most likely to happen if you’re mowing tall grass, and the tool starts back up as soon as the motor cools sufficiently.  

Another beneficial feature of the motor in this tool is that it automatically revs up when confronted with a heavier load. So, for example, as you push it into the tall grass, you’ll hear the motor speed increase to meet the demand. This is the opposite of what happens with a gas-powered machine that bogs down under heavy working conditions. However, as the motor works harder in this mower, the battery charge declines faster. 

While the motor in this mower is not high-quality, the auto-shut-off feature protects it from premature failure, making it a benefit to consumers because it keeps the mower price down. In addition, the increased power under load feature of this mower is advantageous for people who don’t want to work any harder than they have to when mowing the lawn.

Although this mower utilizes a brushed motor, the cutting power it generates is strong and allows it to cut through even tall grass with ease. Coupled with the fact that it doesn’t produce loud noises and harmful fumes, the motor power of the Greenworks 25223 is certainly good enough for most consumers.

– 3-In-1 Functions 

The collection bag snaps onto the back of the mower. For side discharge, open the chute on the right side of the machine, and clippings blow out of it. When you want to mulch, take off the bag and close the side chute, and grass clippings are chopped up extra-finely under the deck and then left spread out on the lawn as you go.  

– Cutting Deck and Wheels

The 19-inch wide cutting deck is ideal for small yards and landscapes with lots of trees, planter boxes, outbuildings, and other obstacles to mow around. The deck is made from stamped steel, and a single cutting blade is attached underneath. 

Use your hand to move the lever next to the right rear wheel to change the cutting height. You can choose from seven positions ranging from 11/8-inches to 3-inches high. 

The rear wheels are 7-inches in diameter and about 2-inches larger than the front wheels, giving the operator a slight mechanical advantage for easily pushing the machine.   

– Dimensions and Weight

The overall size of this mower is 50-inches long by 19-inches wide and 42-inches high to the top of the handlebars at their highest setting. However, the handlebars fold down to the top of the motor housing, giving the mower a low profile for out-of-the-way storage under a shelf or workbench. 

The unit weighs 53.1 pounds, making it easy to roll as long as the ground is flat. The weight is low enough that most buyers find they can push the mower along with one hand.  

– Warranty 

Greenworks offers a limited warranty of 4-years to the original buyer, as long as they have proof of purchase. They reserve the right to repair or replace parts and units that are defective due to the quality of manufacture and materials. The warranty does not cover commercial use.

The batteries have a 2-year warranty, which remains valid as long as the owner charges and stores them according to the owner’s manual instructions. The buyer is responsible for transportation costs of equipment sent for service under warranty. The 4-year period for the mower and 2-year for the battery is beneficial for anyone concerned about Greenworks 25223 battery life and the overall quality of this device. 



How do I take care of Greenworks 25223 mower battery?

To care for your Greenworks 25223 mower battery, avoid overcharging, store in a cool, dry place, and clean the terminals regularly.

Should I charge my Greenworks 25223 battery after every use?

It’s recommended to charge your Greenworks 25223 battery after each use to maintain optimal performance and extend its lifespan.

Why does my Greenworks 25223 mower cut out when hot?

Your Greenworks 25223 mower may cut out when hot due to overheating. Ensure proper airflow, clean the cooling vents, and consider shorter mowing sessions with cool-down breaks.


If your yard is under a tenth of an acre and it’s on flat, and even ground, the size, weight, and convenience of this mower might be what you need. It is as easy to use as possible, and the product comes with a solid guarantee from the manufacture in case you have problems. 

People who have larger-sized yards or hilly and uneven terrain are likely to be disappointed with the operation of this mower. However, it does an excellent job for those with minimal lawn area on flat ground.

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