The Greenworks 25302 electric lawn mower might be precisely what you need for keeping your yard in shape, but how can you be sure?

Greenworks 25302 Mower Review

Reading this review will help answer the questions you have about this Greenworks electric mower so you can make a wise buying decision about this machine.

In this review, you’ll learn all the crucial facts about this battery-powered Greenworks twin force lawn mower and what it can and cannot do.

So read on and learn the details you need to know before buying. 

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Two battery ports for extended power and runtime Hard to push on soft ground
Lightweight and easy to push Battery can be hard to remove
Exceptionally quiet  
Push button start  


Product Highlights

This Greenworks cordless lawn mower is an exception among battery-powered mowers because it has a dual battery port for extraordinary power and extended runtime.

The extra battery gives this mower one of the most extended runtimes of all battery-driven mowers – up to 70 minutes – which is often enough time to mow an average-sized lawn without stopping to recharge or swap dead batteries for a fresh one. 

  • Comes with one 4 Ah and one 2 Ah battery and a charger
  • 20 inch cutting width  
  • Dual blades for manicured cut  
  • Bags or mulches cut grass  
  • Manual push-style propulsion    

– Greenworks 25302 Review

Greenworks 25302 Key Criteria
Easy to Start
Maintenance Requirements
Ergonomics Rough Terrain
Two battery ports for extended power and runtime
Lightweight and easy to push
Exceptionally quiet
Push button start
Hard to push on soft ground
Battery can be hard to remove

Battery-powered lawn mowers are becoming increasingly popular because they don’t involve handling and storing gasoline, breathing fumes, or adding to air pollution problems.

Battery mowers like the Greenworks 25302 are also extremely quiet compared to gas-powered yard equipment. However, one downside is that many models do not have long runtimes compared to their gasoline counterparts. 

This Greenworks 25302 is different because it has a battery port for two power packs that extend the runtime up to 70 minutes in average conditions compared to approximately 40 minutes or less for most other battery mowers.

The extra half-hour of runtime allows for mowing an average lawn without needing to stop and recharge the batteries or invest in expensive backup power supplies. 

– Multi-Tool Compatible Batteries

Another advantage of this mower is that the batteries are compatible with numerous other Greenworks power tools, including leaf blowers, power washers, chain saws, hedge trimmers, snowblowers, and more.

This mower comes with one 4 Ah battery and one 2 Ah battery, so you have tons of choices of other Greenworks power tools you can use with these batteries.

The cross-compatibility of batteries with this mower is a huge benefit for anyone who already owns other Greenworks devices or is considering investing in them. The only downside with the batteries is that some buyers report they are hard to insert and remove from the port.

– Simple Operation

Compared to most gas mowers, another plus for this mower is the simplicity of operator controls. To start this machine, all you need to do is put the fully-charged batteries into the battery port, push a start button, and away you go. There is no need to adjust a throttle or set any other controls before you start mowing. 

Mower is the Simplicity of Operator Controls

In addition, when the mower encounters an area with tall grass or challenging weeds, the throttle automatically ramps up to a higher power level to tackle the job using the SmartCut™ system.

You don’t need to do anything except keep on pushing the mower. When you get through the rugged area, the mower once again automatically adjusts the power output to match the terrain. This feature makes it easy on the operator, and it saves battery power, giving you the longest possible runtime per battery charge. 

– Dual Cutting Blades 

Another unique feature of this mower is the dual blades cutting system for a clean cut. Most small mowers like this only have a single cutting blade, but the two-blade system gives you a streamlined cutting experience that’s hard to find in a 20 inch electric mower. In addition, the dual blades make this mower exceptionally good for mulching.

– Ultra-Lightweight

One more outstanding feature of this Greenworks 40 volt mower is the machine’s weight. It weighs 42.5 pounds, about 30 pounds less than a comparable gas mower. This low weight is crucial because it is a push mower, and the operator has to use muscle power to move it around. 

This machine’s light weight makes it easy to push this mower without straining and getting tired out in a hurry. Another advantage of the low weight is that it is easy to turn the mower on its side so you can clean it out under the deck.

Since this mower does not have a deck washout port, the simplicity of getting under the deck to clean it is a significant advantage. 

– Minimal Assembly

A final benefit of this mower is that it requires almost zero assembly. Once you get it out of the box, a few simple adjustments to the handlebar is all it needs before it’s ready to go.

Greenworks Mower Requires Almost Zero Assembly

Of course, you do need to charge up the batteries, and the included charger only fits one battery at a time. However, the charger powers up a battery in about 40 minutes, so you don’t have to wait long to get mowing. 

The machine comes with one 40 volt 4Ah and one 2Ah battery, a rear-mounting collection bag, a mulching plug, one charger, and the owner’s manual, so you’ll have all the information you need on how to care for this mower properly. The owner’s manual also includes crucial information about the warranty.

– Bottom Line

If you have a small lawn and mostly flat terrain, this mower’s low weight and long runtime are distinct advantages. In addition, you won’t be exposed to hazardous fumes and the hassles of buying, storing, and pouring gasoline.


Finally, the quiet operation of this machine is something you, your family, and your neighbors are likely to appreciate.

Breakdown of Greenworks Twin Force Mower

– Lithium-Ion Batteries 

This mower has two battery ports: one for the 4 Ah battery and another for the 2 Ah battery, giving you an astonishingly long runtime for a battery-powered lawnmower.

The two battery system in this mower automatically switches the power source from one battery to the other without you needing to do anything. Both batteries are included in with the purchase of the mower. 

The G-Max 40 volt 4Ah and 2 Ah lithium-ion batteries that come with this mower can also be used in 40 other Greenworks tools. This interchangeability of the power packs is a significant advantage for anyone who already owns other devices made by this company or is thinking of buying them.

The advantage of having backup batteries from other tools is you don’t need to wait around for the lawnmower battery to recharge because you can charge up multiple power packs before you start mowing the lawn.

However, since the batteries included with this lawnmower can power the machine for up to 70 minutes, you are likely to get your whole lawn trimmed before running out of power on the first charge. 

– Robust Motor With Push-button Start

The robust electric motor inside this lawnmower can easily cut a lawn up to one-third of an acre. Nonetheless, how much battery time you will get depends on the mowing conditions. The motor automatically senses when it needs more power to get through tough grass or weeds, and situations like this use up the battery charge more quickly. 

– Cutting Deck and Blades 

The dual blades under the deck ensure a fine cut, and the narrow 20 inch cutting width makes it straightforward to get this mower into tight spaces such as between planting boxes and around play equipment.

The two-blade cutting system is also a benefit when mulching and bagging clippings because the pieces of grass are shredded into tiny bits. In addition, the finely cut grass fits more tightly into the collection bag, and they are almost invisible on the lawn when mulching. 

Dual Blades Under the Deck Ensure a Fine Cut

Many other mowers have deck height adjustment levers on each wheel or one lever on each side of the machine for changing the cutting height. Another advantage of this mower is that adjusting the cutting deck height is exceptionally straightforward, using a single lever that raises and lowers the entire deck.

The single-lever deck adjustment is a meaningful benefit for people who do not want to struggle with levers and adjustments on their lawnmower to get the job done the way they want it. 

– Bagging and Mulching

This Greenworks mower comes with a rear collection bag that readily snaps into place, so you can pick up the grass trimmings as you mow if that’s your preference. It can also mulch by removing the bag and installing a mulching plug in the opening where the bag attaches.

When using the mulching feature, the grass stays on the lawn, shredded into minuscule pieces that add nutrients back into the soil, reduce the cost and time for applying lawn fertilizer, and relieve you of the task of emptying the collection bag or raking up lawn trimmings. 

However, one thing this mower does not do well is discharged cuttings. If you remove the bag and don’t install the mulch plug, the mower tends to blow out clumps of grass that can be a nuisance on the lawn, so this machine does not qualify as a proper 3-in-1 mower. 

– Easy Storage

Because this mower is so light and the handles fold down over the top of the deck, it’s convenient and straightforward to store the machine in a tight space in your garage, tool shed, or even in a closet inside the house.

When storing the mower for longer than two months, the manufacturer recommends charging the batteries every two months to preserve the battery lifespan. 

– Size and Weight

This mower is compact and light, measuring only 29.2 inches long, 20.6 inches wide, and 19.5 inches high, making it easy to store in the garage or toolshed. In addition, because it uses batteries and not gasoline, you can even store this machine inside the house in a closet without the worry of hazardous and smelly fumes. 

The low weight of 42.5 pounds is significantly less than almost any other mower you can find on the market, and this is also an advantage for convenient storage and transport. In addition, since this is a push mower, the low weight makes it ultra-easy to move the machine around on the lawn. 

– Noise Level 

Another significant advantage of an electric mower is the low noise level. Gas mowers make an unpleasant racket that can disturb the neighbors and family when you want to mow early on a weekend morning.

In addition, some homeowner associations have limits on the allowable decibel range for power equipment used by residents, and many gas mowers exceed these limits. However, you won’t have that problem with this Greenworks electric mower because the battery power makes it incredibly quiet. 

– Warranty 

This electric Greenworks lawnmower comes with a four-year warranty, and the batteries have a two-year contract from the manufacturer. This prolonged warranty period is one of the most extended you can find for any lawnmower.


In addition, it provides peace of mind about investing in yard equipment that uses relatively new technology. 


Is it okay to leave Greenworks 25302 mower battery on charger?

It is safe to leave the Greenworks 25302 mower battery on the charger without causing damage.

How long does it take to charge a Greenworks 25302 mower battery?

Charging time for the Greenworks 25302 mower battery typically ranges from a few hours to overnight.

Does the Greenworks 25302 mower battery go bad if not used?

Greenworks 25302 mower battery may deteriorate if not used for extended periods, but proper maintenance can help prevent this.


In this Greenworks 25302 review, you read about the many positive features of this battery-powered lawnmower and how it works.

The most important points to keep in mind are that this machine is not self-propelled, so it is most suitable for people who like a bit of a workout when mowing the lawn.

In addition, this machine is best for relatively flat surfaces due to the small wheels and manual operation. 

However, if you have a small, mostly flat yard and you want a mower that is quiet, ultra-simple to use, and free from obnoxious fumes and gas, this machine has a lot to offer.

In addition, the interchangeability of batteries with so many other Greenworks tools is a significant selling point for anyone who already owns multiple devices made by this manufacturer. 

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