Greenworks 40V dethatcher scarifier is essential for a pristine look of your lawns, as dethatching plays a crucial role in the overall clean and lush-looking lawn. It promotes the growth of new, fresh, and beautiful grass all year round.Greenworks 40V Dethatcher Scarifier

Read our review of the 40V dethatcher scarifier to learn how you can now prosper your lawn care in ways you never thought before.

The Main Specs

Greenworks 40V Key Criteria
Easy to Start
Path Width
Depth Adjustability
Cordless design for ultimate freedom in mobility
2-in-1 design: dethatcher and scarifier
Stainless steel tines - rust resistant and sharp for a long time
Cushioned over-mold grip - comfort while operating
14-inch dethatching width is not sufficient for large spaces and professional use
No charger included

Drawing from our experience, we have noted that Greenworks tools like their lawn mower and hedge trimmers never disappoint in terms of quality, and the same goes for their dethatcher. Like their other products, this dethatcher has many unique and fascinating features.

  • Battery powered 
  • Removable 40 V lithium-ion battery
  • 2-in-1 multifunctional device: dethatcher and scarifier
  • Anti-vibratory system
  • Zero carbon emissions
  • Quiet performance
  • Up to 45 minutes of runtime
  • 14-inch cutting path width
  • Rear bag for thatch collection
  • Stainless steel tines
  • 2 lbs weight
  • Five-position depth adjustment from -½ to +⅕ inches for scarifying and -1/10 to +¾ inches for dethatching
  • Quick swap reel allows a seamless switch between dethatching and scarifying
  • Three-year limited warranty included

A Detailed Review Covering the Greenworks 40V Dethatcher Scarifier

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  • Easy to Start: 9/10
  • Path Width: 8.5/10
  • Depth Adjustability: 9/10
  • Power: 9.5/10

After putting it to the test, we allotted the Greenworks 40V dethatcher tool only a score out of ten over four categories based on its performance. It gets a 9/10 for being easy to start, an 8.5/10 for its expansive path width, a 9/10 for offering multiple depth adjustments, and a 9.5 for its powerful motor.

Overall, it proves to be a reasonable choice for homeowners that are looking to take their lawn care to the next level. Based on our observations, this machine serves well for many years with no major issues.

This Greenworks outdoor tool was designed with user-friendliness in mind. Not only is it easy to assemble and quick to get started, its cordless battery-operated design eliminates the need for fueling and the risk of unplugging if you go too far out from the outlet.


The device can also seamlessly switch from dethatcher to scarifier within moments. The Greenworks scarifier attachment is easy to attach and detach for convenient storage and accessibility. The handle is also foldable for further convenience when storing away the machine, so you need not worry about whether you have enough space to house this tool.

The adjustable tines provide versatility and range for you to cater your dethatching to the depth of your thatch buildup. Users can choose the appropriate depth setting to address their thatch buildup or perform a more vigorous detaching and scarifying.

The 14-inch wide dethatching path makes for a sufficient path width to quickly deal with built-up thatch, covering a small to medium-sized lawn in one single pass. This makes it an ideal choice for a homeowner with such a lawn.

Another great feature of this dethatcher is that it has safety measures, including the safety switch to prevent accidental starting of the machine, in place to enhance user safety during operation.Storage of Greenworks 40V Dethatcher Scarifier

Additionally, the battery life of up to 45 minutes provides a good reasonable amount of time to handle dethatching of a regular small to medium-sized lawn. So you can get your task done in one go, rather than having to pause for recharging breaks, which can be quite a waste of time and effort.

The ergonomically designed handle provides the users with ultimate comfort while operating, allowing them to not worry about sore muscles for weeks. Also, it ensures no aching bones as, in comparison to other available lawn equipment of this stature, this dethatcher scarifier is reasonably light in weight, and therefore does not exert as much pressure on your bones and joints.

We determined through our tests that this Greenworks dethatcher and scarifier is unique, as we have not seen many that work quite like this one. Due to its zero carbon footprint, you would assume it is not as powerful as a gas-powered alternative. However, this dethatcher and scarifier promise to give you the same powerful gas-like performance with none of the exhaust gases.

– How Has the Greenworks 40V Dethatcher Scarifier Evolved?

The Greenworks 40V dethatcher scarifier has evolved in a few ways, which include improved ergonomics with its cushioned grips, better quality steel tines, a more swift conversion between modes, and a more effective cordless lawn dethatcher design. Its performance specs have also improved in some areas.

These improvements have vastly improved the overall user experience, especially when compared to the Greenworks cordless dethatcher 80V. The refined ergonomics help the users to continue their work for longer without worrying about the adverse effects they would feel later on, such as user fatigue and aching limbs.

The inclusion of higher-grade stainless steel tines helps to preserve the Greenworks scarifier blades for decades, preventing them from corroding, dulling, and breaking. The swifter conversion between the modes helps to reduce overall dethatching, scarifying time and effort, while the cordless design lets users move free without the restriction of a cord.

Let us compare this Greenworks lawn dethatcher and scarifier to a Sun Joe 13-inch dethatcher. In terms of path width, the former wins due to its 14-inch path width, whereas Sun Joe offers a 13-inch width. Also, unlike the Greenworks tool, the Sun Joe is not versatile and multi-purpose, as it does not offer the option to do both: dethatch and scarify.


Further Examining the Stand-Out Features

– 2-In-1 Multi-Purpose Design

The motor on this 40V tool swiftly switches between dethatcher and scarifier, making your lawn care more convenient, as you no longer need to buy and store two separate devices. It also makes yard work easier since instead of simultaneously trying to manage and control two big lawn tools on your own, you only need to handle one.Design of Greenworks Scarifier

– Cordless Design

As this is a cordless dethatcher scarifier, you do not have to worry about your movement being restricted to the cord’s length nor do you have to constantly go and replug the dethatcher in case of accidental unplugging.

This allows for maximum mobility so you can move your dethatcher/scarifier to wherever you need it. It also makes getting into tough spots easier that you could not get into before.

– Compact Storage

As the attachments of this dethatcher scarifier come right off and the handles are foldable, it makes storing this device very convenient. You do not need a huge storage shed to house this dethatcher, as it fits snugly into any open room you have in your closets or store rooms.

– 14-Inch Dethatching Width

The 14-inch dethatching width of this tool allows you to easily get your work down with one simple pass over the whole lawn. This ensures a clean lush look of fresh grass within minutes, making this dethatcher ideal for owners with a small to medium-sized lawn.Greenworks 40V Scarifier Dethatching Width

– Ergonomic Grip Handle

The cushioned over-mold grip handle featured by this tool helps to absorb any excess vibrations from the machine. It also provides a comfortable gripping mechanism while you are driving the machine, which helps reduce hand and arm cramps.Greenworks 40V Dethatcher Warranty

– Three-Year Limited Warranty

This tool comes with a three-year-long covered warranty, ensuring your purchase is risk and tension free. Greenworks put enough trust into their products, allowing you to use this dethatcher-scarifier for a whole three years, and will still be compensated for any faults or defects that you may notice.



Alas, we are at the end of our Greenworks 40V dethatcher review review. We hope you found it helpful and have made a decision about whether you would also like to step up your lawn care with this tool. We believe it is a safe bet for your investment and you will not be disappointed with your purchase.

This dethatcher requires minimal assembly when it arrives on your door and minimal maintenance afterward as well. For all the critical reasons we explored in this review, we would like to recommend this Greenworks 40V 14” cordless dethatcher / scarifier w/ 5.0Ah battery & rapid charger as our top choice for homeowners who need a reliable way to clear built-up thatch.

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