The Greenworks Pro BL80L2510 is a great cordless leaf blower that promises to be the answer you have been searching for, as its spectacular features and specifications leave nothing to be desired, and that is for sure!

Greenworks Pro BL80L2510

In this review, we give you a full in-depth guide about each of its features and further go into all the possible advantages and drawbacks you could expect if you plan on bringing this beauty home. So, if you are interested in any of the topics mentioned above, continue reading!

Pros Cons
A brushless motor gives a quieter performance Does not have a mulching option available
Cordless for hassle-free operation with no risk of accidental unplugging Does not have a vacuuming option available
Cruise control option available
Lightweight for Increased comfort

Some New Showstopper Highlights

The Pro BL80L2510, as is usual for Greenworks products, offers its user many unique and sophisticated features, such as speed options, cruise control, and turbo mode, which do way more than the regular blower. More amazing features of the Pro BL80L2510 include:

  • Maximum airspeed of 145 mph
  • Maximum air volume capacity of 580 CFM
  • A voltage of 80 V
  • Weight of 8.33 lbs with battery
  • Runtime of 55 minutes on low
  • Charging time of 45 minutes
  • Brushless motor
  • Push button start
  • Turbo button for boost mode
  • Variable air speed trigger
  • A four-year warranty on the tool and battery
  • Quiet performance as compared to other blowers
  • Cruise control
  • Eco-friendly
  • Charger included 

An In-depth Review of the Greenworks Pro BL80L2510

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Greenworks Pro BL80L2510 Key Criteria
Number Of Functions
Number of air flow settings
A brushless motor gives a quieter performance
Cordless for hassle-free operation with no risk of accidental unplugging
Cruise control option available
Lightweight for Increased comfort
Does not have a mulching option available
Does not have a vacuuming option available

The Pro BL80L2510 somehow manages to stand out from the crowd even among all the noise and the vast array of options available for blowers. It scores the best in all judging criteria. It scores a massive 10/10 for the number of airflow settings, 9/10 for airflow, 8/10 for the number of functions, and 9/10 for weight! This cordless brushless axial electric leaf blower just has that ‘x-factor’ and is sure to knock your socks off.

Greenworks Tools are highly successful and skilled manufacturers of all sorts of yard tools, including jet leaf blowers, jet electric blowers, and string trimmers, particularly of the Pro BL80L2510. Hence, upon purchasing this blower, there are no worries about being unsatisfied, as the quality of this tool, among other critically acclaimed yard tools, speaks for itself!

This 580 cfm cordless blower is electrically powered, as its battery and charger come included in the same box as the blower. As the charger comes included with the device and all Greenworks tools are compatible with each other, you can purchase the Greenworks 80v blower tool only, as well.


Their first advantage is that they are less of a health hazard to the user as you do not run the risk of inhaling toxic fumes and gasses produced by the blower. So, they are an environmentally friendly option, as there are no harmful waste gasses produced in the atmosphere. Second, you do not have to worry about handling oils, petrol, and other substances when the blower requires refueling.

Additionally, the BL80L2510 brushless cordless blower has a superior runtime of 55 minutes, which gives you ample time to carry out whatever task needs to be done. Furthermore, the charging time is only about 45 minutes, hence you can easily recharge it with the battery charger and use it multiple times if need be.

Moreover, as mentioned above, the Greenworks 80V jet blower weight is only about 8.33 lbs which is incredibly low and makes for an easy, comfortable operation that reduces user fatigue and strain. We, therefore, give it a 9.5 out of 10 for that factor.

– How Has the Greenworks Pro BL80L2510 Evolved?

The Greenworks Pro BL80L2510 has evolved in terms of its brushless technology that is groundbreaking and incredibly intuitive – and it sets new standards for other leaf blowers to follow. Just like other Greenworks leaf blowers, it has continued to evolve in various astounding ways.

Evolved with Brushless Technology

Greenworks has always been known to put out impressive products, which include the Greenworks 80V blower, which you can find by searching Greenworks Pro 80V blower Costco. Additionally, it also has the brilliant Greenworks Pro blower 60V and the Greenworks 80V jet blower with (2) 2ah batteries.

Now, let us compare the Pro BL80L2510 Greenworks 80V blower to a Greenworks 60V blower. First, the 60V blower has a lower maximum airspeed, 130 mph, whereas the 80V one has an airspeed of 145 mph, which means the latter gets your work done quicker.

Second, the 60V version has a shorter runtime of 50 minutes on low, whereas the 80V can go for 55 minutes, an additional 5 minutes runtime. Also, as the 60V does not produce as much power as the 80V, it charges up faster – at 30 minutes of charge time.

The Main Features and Details of the Greenwords Pro BL80L2510

– Pro Brushless Technology

The Pro brushless technology of the BL80L2510 provides two times more torque, longer runtime, a quieter operation, and an extended motor life compared to other blowers. Therefore, you can use your blower for a long time!

– Turbo Boost Mode

The turbo button makes for easy conversion to “boost mode,” which gives you greater power and force for more stubborn debris.

Turbo Boost Mode

This ensures that you clean your entire yard with ease and in less time.

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– Variable Airspeed Controls

The variable wind speed trigger lets you expel just the right speed and pressure of air that your intended task demands. This offers a greater range of airspeeds than the average blower, allowing you to complete your yard work in a comparatively quick time.

– Lightweight Design

The lightweight design of this blower greatly reduces fatigue, strains, and muscle cramps that users face with other bulky machinery. Hence, you would not feel tired, even after working on your lawn the entire day!

– Easy Start

The simple push button start mechanism of this blower instantly starts up the device, so you do not have to wait around and rev the engine just to use your blower. Just push the button and see the wonder of the blower for yourself!

– Cruise Control

The cruise control setting lets you set the blower at a certain speed and pace so that you can just let it go at your desired requirements. This is unlike other blowers where you would have to hold down the control and therefore risk cramping up your hand.

– Easy Access Control Handle

The handle is not only designed to make it easier for you to hold on to the blower, but it also serves as a convenient placeholder for the control panel.

Easy Access Control Handle

On the control panel you have the cruise control, boost mode, and variable speed triggers, all in an easy-to-reach place.


– Four-year Long Warranty

All Greenworks tools come with an extended four-year warranty guarantee that lets you use the device freely without worrying about it giving up on you too soon. For warranty eligibility, do make sure to check online on the official Greenworks website.

– Electric Motor

Unlike gas powered motors, this electric-powered blower does not release any toxic exhaust fumes or carbon emissions. Not only this makes the blower an ultimate environment-friendly option for a greener tomorrow but it also ensures you are not exposed to any harmful toxins.


Finally, we have concluded this complete Greenworks Pro 80V Blower 730 cfm review. Before we leave, we would like to recommend the Greenworks BL80L2510 as our number-one choice for any potential buyers on the lookout for a brilliant blower that is perfect for a great range of cleaning, from the smallest yards of lightweight duty to the largest of yards.

We hope this review has been insightful and helped you gain a better grasp of this blower and whether it is a worthy candidate for your money. We certainly believe so, and we hope you will be adding this wonderful piece of equipment to your possessions soon!

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