Greenworks Pro BPB80L2510 brings the heat with its features, accessories, and optimal functions as it ranks above other blowers in serving you. It raises the stakes and might be everything you have been searching for in a backpack leaf blower for your garden.

Review for the Blower Greenworks Pro BPB80L2510

However, does this cordless backpack leaf blower meet the requirements of what you seek in a blower? Let us run through a review and find out the answers to your questions before making your purchase decision.

Pros Cons
Lightweight backpack design Heavier when used on arms alone
Brushless motor   Only blower feature available
80 volts lithium battery
Cordless feature

Greenworks Pro BPB80L2510 Highlights

The GreenWorks pro 80V backpack blower comes at gardeners to dominate the ranks of leaf blowers on the market. When you are willing to invest in this leaf blower, you must have awareness of the key features that this electric leaf blower brings to the table for your satisfaction.

  • Airflow capacity of 610 CFM
  • Speed trigger for wind adjustment
  • Wind speed maximum output of 180 MPH
  • 80V battery powered system
  • Cordless and brushless technology
  • Sleek backpack design
  • Four-year warranty

Greenworks Pro BPB80L2510 Review

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Greenworks Pro BPB80L2510 Key Criteria
Number of Functions
Number of Airflow Functions
Lightweight backpack design
Brushless motor
80 volts lithium battery
Cordless feature
Heavier when used on arms alone
Only blower feature available

Greenworks gives several things to look out for in this blower, and it starts from the design that it brings. The blower has a backpack design to compensate for its slightly heavy weight to give you efficient use. You can’t use the blower with one hand, but the backpack design gives a more vacuum feel for a blower.

Its operational feature lets you enjoy an airflow capacity of 610 CFM and a wind speed of 180 MPH during use. As the company has combined these two features removes the leaves and debris from your lawn and garden without any stress.

You also get the variable speed control function to select different wind speeds while working with the blower, this is a way that you will ensure the speed that you want to be working with when you are accomplishing the task.

The cfm cordless leaf blower uses a GreenWorks battery that gives you a reliable runtime on its high performance which is what its functionality gets to b more effective. You get longer runtime with reduced force and airflow without waiting too long, recharging after it gets low, which is a great matter if you think of the efficiency that it gives.

The battery charger serves one of the fastest charge times you would find among axial blowers on the market, hence the machine has a strong power when it is in its functional mode.

Its overall functionality gives you the best experience and matches it with great performance for your garden operations. The battery power, cordless feature, design, and charger included contribute a great deal but do not leave out the battery versatility.

This is the company that would also prioritize end-user compatibility, so attachments always come with the product to ease the stress you experience. 

How Has the Greenworks Pro BPB80L2510 Evolved?

Greenworks Pro BPB80L2510 has evolved by becoming a bit heavier than its previous model, the BPB80L00, as it used to be 8.2 lbs, but now it is 8.4 lbs. On the other hand, the speed of the evolved model has not increased nor decrease and stayed 580 CFM. 

Greenworks Has Evolved by Becoming a Bit Heavier

The Greenworks cordless brushless product is a powerful leaf blower that has shown improvements from previous models. It moves higher with its increased airflow capacity and wind speed compared to its predecessors and other leaf blowers. 

It’s better than others and this cfm backpack blower has given more than its previous models. You know why the votes are pushing the product so high but understanding the features helps you match it to your needs. 


Features Breakdown

– Packaging

The GreenWorks blower comes with several accessories and deliverables in the brand-new packaging you get on purchase. You have a user manual, the backpack blower, and the tube with the trigger handle attached to it. It also comes with an 80V rapid battery charger included in the package, along with the 80V blower battery, which is a great matter, if you think about it, as you would be saving money regarding the power suppliance the company is giving you. 

Features Breakdown of Cordless Backpack Leaf Blower

On the other hand, you won’t get any accessories for trimming as it doesn’t come with a string trimmer, so don’t expect one to come with the deal that you have gotten. On the other hand, the package might also come with extra accessories, that are different, of course this would be depending on the discounted offers running at that period as declared by Greenworks. 

– Battery and Charger Combo Kit

You get a combination kit of the battery and charger, removing the plan of purchasing them separately. The battery offers you 80 volts of power and is designed as a 2.5 Ah lithium battery to give you full efficiency, and you would be able to manage your tasks at a smooth run that the battery would be granting you. 

Matching it is the rapid charger that gives you a charge time of 45 minutes to resurrect your dead battery. It gives more power than the GreenWorks pro leaf blower 60V battery you get with other products. As a result, you can always expect a reliable workflow every time you pick up this blower to clear your garden.

– Blower Pricing

The blower pricing takes you on a high road since you need to make a specific choice as you note the product. You can enjoy different prices depending on whether your purchase choice is a new product or a used one. 

Getting a new GreenWorks Pro BPB80L2510 will cost you more than a used one, because you are purchasing a machine that has never functioned, and you are the one who will utilize it. While a used one will likely go for half the price, but also you should consider the condition. 

However, you might only get the GreenWorks 80V blower (tool only) if you purchase a used product, which is again a beneficial purchase that comes with the original pack. It might also have passed its warranty period, which is another thing to sacrifice for the cheap pricing you get.

– Four-year Warranty

Most warranty clauses allow you to get your powerful blower repaired if it encounters any problems or defects during use. Greenworks attached a warranty clause to purchasing this blower, which guarantees quality and is great news to customers globally. The company has trust in their product, and would want you to be invested in their product as well. 

The leaf blower comes with a warranty that would include a four-year battery and tool warranty from the manufacturers to prove the quality of the blower. You get free repairs or replacements for defects noted on the blower within these four years. However, you must meet some conditions, so remember to check them out before pushing for warranty repairs. You should also check out the Greenworks Pro GBL80300 since it also has a 4-year old warranty.

– Sleek Backpack Design

Its backpack design puts convenience up several ranks to give you better maneuverability and easy usability, improving its overall quality. It has adjustable straps allowing you to fit it to your back regardless of your build and stature, and when this happens, it saves you from the anxiety of misusing it and wrongly handing it, but this is what the manufacturers thought of. 

The back rest also doesn’t cause pain to your back regardless of the timeframe that you wear the blower to use. The backpack design makes it lightweight despite its heavy design for both hands, which is a great feature for efficient use. You can efficiently use this blower and reach the trigger comfortably without worrying about strain.

– User Manual and Guide

The user manual offers you a walkthrough on how to use this product efficiently and an optimal assembly guide.

It comes in three languages: English, French, and Spanish, and you can choose your language section based on your preference. The manual is a 36 paged document included in the packaging but also comes in a digital version. 

Using this manual will get you accustomed to using this product and the maintenance measures that you should implement after use. As a result, what you should do is to make sure you go through it before going ahead to use this product, especially if it’s your first time with blowers.

– Brushless Motor 

You get the brushless motor feature that gives your blower optimal power and charge transmission for improved efficiency.

Green Works Backpack Blower 60 v Battery

The feature lets you enjoy less power consumption with more force from the blower, which is a great advantage. With this product combination, and this is why you get to enjoy more than you get with the GreenWorks backpack blower 60V battery. 

– Cordless Features

The cordless feature also lets you enjoy easy use, and combining it with the GreenWorks 80V battery improves the experience that you get. When a machine is run without a cord, basically you will know that the power it is being supplies from is the battery, and the life of the battery is different than that of a cord, which is why you will function much faster. 

On the other hand, you do not need to have the anxiety that you would be stepping on the chord, not will you think of the length and where it would reach, because this is all thought through as the machine is cordless. Overall, you should maximize the output that this blower gives you to enjoy the best experience and get a faster garden-clearing workflow.



You have caught up with the necessary details of the GreenWorks 80V backpack blower review. It’s time to go ahead and make the big decision of choosing or not to purchase the leaf and snow blower. We also recommend checking out our latest review on the Greenworks Pro BL80L2510 model.

Remember that you can cut costs by purchasing a used product but doing so will get you a product without a warranty. You are likely to miss out on accessories with used purchases, but it’s great if your purchase is for short-term use.

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