Greenworks Pro GBL80300 should be your go-to yard tool if you are searching for a battery-powered equivalent to a gas blower.

Details Review of Greenworks Pro GBL80300

This cordless electric leaf blower is the perfect blend of power, durability, sturdiness, and quality and can handle all types of yard cleaning needs, making it a wise investment for professionals and homeowners.

To help you decide if the GBL80300 is a good fit for you, we have curated this extensive review guide; all you have to do is keep reading.

Pros Cons
Well-balanced, easy to assemble and use Short battery life
Quiet operation A bit heavy after battery is installed
It has good power Quite pricey
Cordless electric blower

Greenworks Pro GBL80300 Highlights

The GBL80300 is one of the newest members in the Greenworks line of battery powered leaf blowers that uses a brushless motor and an axial engine for increased power and torque, providing users with more blowing efficiency. 

Highlights of Battery Powered Leaf Blowers

  • Two Ah 80V Lithium Ion Battery
  • DigiPro Brushless Motor
  • 500 CFM air volume
  • 125 MPH air speed
  • Three speed settings 
  • Has a variable speed trigger
  • Weighs 8.9 lbs
  • Noise Rating: 60 decibels
  • The leaf blower kit comes with one Greenworks leaf blower unit, a Greenworks 80V battery, and a charger included
  • Four-year warranty on the unit 
  • One-year warranty on the battery

Greenworks Pro GBL80300 Review

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Greenworks Pro GBL80300 Key Criteria
Number of Airflow Functions
Number of Functions
Well-balanced, easy to assemble and use
Quiet operation
It has good power
Cordless electric blower
Short battery life
A bit heavy after battery is installed
Quite pricey

Electric handheld blowers are typically expected to be lightweight for easier carriage and handling. The blower is believed to be the equivalent of a 32 cc gas blower and provides plenty of performance with a powerful airflow without the hassle and extra maintenance costs peculiar to gas blowers.

When it comes to the weight of the machine, the Greenworks GBL80300 weighs 8.9 lbs, which might be light enough for some people to work with but not most, especially when used for a long time. This weight is primarily due to the large battery and the fact that it is larger than most electric blower models. But think about the air flow and the motor’s strength that comes with the weight. 

Also, you should think about the additional large battery that would help the machine to balance the unit so that you can maneuver it easily. Now, you might still have to keep switching your hands if you use it for lengthy cleanups, on the other hand you can also use both hands to hold it if you are elderly, which is also a great possibility if you wish to avoid the load.

As for when it comes to the force or the power, you should know that the blower has a maximum speed of 125 MPH and an air volume of 500 CFM, possibly putting it at the top spot as one of the most powerful cordless handheld blowers. However, when the maximum air speed is given to it, that is when the machine is going to be needing more power from the battery, because it will run a bit faster than usual. 

With this airflow, you can say goodbye to brooms permanently as the GBL80300 quickly rushes through all sizes of leaves and debris. From simple cleanups around the home, moving wet or big piles of leaves, clearing gutters and driveways, or for professional use, you can use this blower to do just about anything without missing a beat, but in this case if you consider such an aspect this is a great choice.

And although its airflow is not as strong as gas blowers, the GBL80300 is very powerful in its own right.

A multiple-speed control trigger on the handle of the blower features three speed settings you can use to set the speed to different levels. The setting ranges from low, medium, and high, which can also be easily adjusted to suit different blowing needs, as this would save you from the hassle. 

However, unlike other blower models with a cruise control feature to keep the blower running, the GBL80300 does not have one. Basically, this would help you to keep your finger on the trigger to maintain a speed level, and this might easily wear them out, when you use it at an extensive period of time.

Overall, this blower is an over performer, and it would be the one to carry out the job it was designed for-blowing. The air output is so strong that if you use it at the highest speed, you can get pushed back. 

It is also one of the few models that utilizes an axial engine for more substantial power and higher torque density. Hence, this axial blower is easy to use with an easy on/off switch and can be quickly assembled and dismantled. 

Lastly, to top it all off, it is noiseless, so you won’t have a problem clearing your yard at six in the morning and risk waking up your neighbors, because neither will you feel like the job is giving you a hard time, not will the neighbors feel annoyed. It also has a wall-mountable charger for convenient storage.

How Has Greenworks Pro GBL80300 Evolved?

Greenworks Pro GBL80300 has evolved from the BL80L2510 in its running time, because it will run for 70 minutes, when the previous version would run 22 minutes after it has been fully charged. Now, you can cover the task with one go, rather than waiting for the battery every time. 

Evolving Greenworks Pro GBL80300

The GBL80300 is one of the few cordless leaf-blowers by Greenworks with as much power as a standard gas-powered blower. Compared to the GWG40AB, this one has a higher CFM and MPH and is fitted with a brushless DigiPro motor that guarantees durability and reliability with little to no maintenance.


Features Breakdown

– Lithium-Ion battery

Lithium ion batteries are becoming more common for powering cordless leaf blowers due to their fast charging, long-long lasting and versatile qualities. As such, the Green works Pro GBL80300 is powered using one of such batteries, and the task will be well performed by the machine. 

To be more specific, it utilizes a two Ah 80V lithium ion battery. Although the battery is heavy and contributes to the blower’s weight, it is highly durable, generates lots of power, charges faster, and requires little to no maintenance.

Fully charged, the blower battery gives it a 70 minutes runtime on low speed, but it runs for under 20 minutes on high speed. The upside is that the battery recharges quickly in about 30 minutes and has three LEDs to indicate the charge left. 

Basically, if you have other battery-powered Greenworks tools in their 80V Li-Ion MAX system, you can use their batteries for your blower. On the other hand, remember that you must always remove the battery from the charger or unplug the charger after recharge to avoid damaging the battery, this is, of course, for the safety keeping of the machine. 

– Brushless DigiPro Motor

The GBL80300 runs on a brushless DigiPro motor, meaning it is digitally controlled. The significant advantage of this kind of motor is that no parts come in contact with one another, so there is no risk of sparks or dust, and there is reduced wear. 

Hence, the motor helps extend the blower’s lifespan and reduce maintenance costs. It also has better speed control, does not produce noise while running, and works with various commands. Even if you think about it in a sense that the motor is a special installed one, you would think of the durability and how it is the one in charge to get the job perfectly well done.

The motor is responsible for the wide speed range of the 500 CFM cordless blower. Another significant benefit of the motor is that it does not contribute to the weight of the blower as it is lightweight. 

– Airflow Capacity

With an air volume of up to 500 CFM and a maximum speed of 125 MPH, cleaning does not have to be a back-breaking task. This combined airflow lets you push your leaves quickly over several feet from one go. 

As a result, you can cover a large portion of your yard work in a short time. Despite being packed with substantial airflow, it does not produce vibrations. So you can work for long without quickly getting tired.

– Speed Control Trigger

To provide more efficiency while blowing, the GBL80300 is fitted with a speed control setting you can use to adjust the power output to your desired speed. You can select the speed to match your blowing needs with low, medium, and high-speed options. 

At low speed, you can clean small and light dirt like dust, cobwebs, and leaves, and in this case, think about how the speed level is also suitable for blowing around your garden and flower beds. It is also best for cleaning indoors and for use on gravel, which is a great case even if you wish to cover different grounds such as your backyard. 

Gbl80300 Is Fitted with A Speed Control Setting

You can use the medium speed on hard surfaces such as driveways, walkways, patios, and decks. This speed level is quite strong and is also suitable for blowing freshly cut grass and bigger leaves. 

The high speed gives you the full 125 MPH and is powerful enough to push you back when applied, and this will even help you in cases of covering the task in a faster manner. As a result of the latter, it is recommended for use on large piles of wet leaves and tough or heavy debris.



We recommend the Greenworks Pro GBL80300 if you are looking for a blower that delivers excellent quality. With this blower, you can say goodbye to gas blowers and welcome an easier and environmentally friendly way of cleaning.

No matter the type of cleanup you want or the size of your yard, this blower has everything you need because it is easy to use, does not produce as much noise as gas blowers, saves you money on gas and oil, and you would not have to inhale toxic fumes or carry out constant maintenance. It might be a bit expensive, but this unit is worth every penny in the long run. As an alternative, you should check our detailed review of the Greenworks PRO BPB80L2510 model.

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