Growing a majesty palm indoors is perfect for anyone looking to make their space as charming and luxurious as possible. However, to keep it lush and beautiful, you need to understand the right methods to care for your indoor palm.Growing a Majesty Palm Indoors

In this post, we’ll be explaining the different steps to take and ensure that your plant remains healthy with no leaves turning brown or roots and stems decaying. Let’s dive right in, and read all about growing this plant.

How Should You Grow a Majesty Palm Indoors?

To grow a majesty palm indoors, use the right potting method, water your plant properly, and provide a humid environment. You must also allow it to enjoy excellent lighting conditions, and provide immaculate and regularly make sure that you are pruning the tree.

1. Utilizing the Right Potting Method

Growing majesty palm indoors the right way starts with how it’s potted. Majesty palms thrive in well-draining soil that contains loam, peat moss, and you can also try to add some sand. You may also use cactus potting mixes for them, and adding some peat moss to the equation allows the plant to enjoy exceptional moisture retention, acidity, and drainage.Right Potting Method of Palm Trees

Also, you must try and ensure that the pot you plant your palms in is one that has a plastic tray or liner underneath it. The tray or liner will collect excess water and make sure that the water doesn’t leak into any decorative container you want to use to disguise the main pot.

With that said, you must first begin by selecting a large pot that’s big enough not to restrain your plant’s growth. Then, make sure the pot you purchase is one with drainage holes and a plastic tray or liner.

Put some soil in the pot, ensuring that the soil is a mixture of peat moss or perlite, sand, and loam. And then, plant your majestic palm into the soil, making sure to adjust the soil level so that the tree’s root ball is just below the pot’s rim.

Water your plant thoroughly after planting, and ensure the soil is evenly moist; now you can notice that if you want to provide your already-developed tree with fertilizer, add it during the growing season or during spring and summer. Make sure that you always use natural and organic fertilizers that are specifically formulated for majesty plants.

2. Watering Your Plant the Right Way

Majesty palms do well with water in the wild because they are able to develop excellent trunks. However, majesty palm indoor watering needs to be done carefully since indoor majesty plants are unable to develop such trunks. You don’t want to overwater your plant as that can cause the plant to rot.

Now, you must always water the soil around the base of your plant instead of the crown or leaves located at the base such as the kentia plam, cascade palm, and areca palm. On the other hand, pouring water on the crown of your tree can lead to rot, so make sure to keep water away from them, especially if the tree is sprouting young fronds, and try to keep the soil moist instead of soggy so you see more water content.

Water your plant properly when the top soil becomes dry to keep the tree as hydrated as possible; for this, you may also place your index finger almost an inch into the soil and you will be able to determine whether it’s moist or dried. You may need to water the majesty tree multiple times a week, and the top of your soil might become crusty over time, so be mindful of it, as you see, it is quite the same as majesty palm care outdoor.

Simply take a skewer or chopstick and use them to poke holes in the soil, and then, make sure the holes don’t exceed a few inches, so you don’t mistakenly damage the roots. Water the soil through the holes, so the water can seep into the soil easily, and this is a way that it will thrive as it grows.

3. Humidity and Lighting

Like many other palm trees, majesty palms also love humid environments since they are native to warm and humid regions. Therefore, to make your tree thrive as much as possible, you’ll need to create an environment that’s close to its native environment. You have to be detailed about how the majesty palm indoor light is indirect sunlight since direct sunlight can burn its leaves easily.Required Humidity for Indoor Palm

If you inhibit in a region that has warm climate, you may purchase a humidifier and locate it in the room where the plant is situated, or you can also try to place a pebble tray. Note that there are different majesty tree indoor benefits if you take care of the tree, so make sure your plant is situated in a location where it can get enough light without being in contact with direct sunlight. Lastly, be detailed and try to avoid misting your plant to prevent its leaves from getting water spots.

4. Pruning Your Tree

Pruning a majesty tree is basically for ornamental reasons. However, that doesn’t mean you can just cut off the majesty palm brown tips, yellow leaves, or dead leaves as you’d like, as they are common problems. First, you should grab a pair of scissors or pruning shear and use them to cut off the leaves according to their natural shapes as you may place the majesty palm indoor or outdoor.

After you have sterilized it, you can cut them so that the leaves will align with the rest of the tree. While the palm will grow a new shoot, it won’t regrow a hacked-off leaf, because this is the aspect of the majesty palm easy to guide.

In case you see that you palm has a lot of brown leaves you’d like to prune, it’s best that you cut off the entire stalk at the tree’s bases instead of hacking off the leaves. Doing so will make sure your tree stays shapely while retaining its green leaves to give the majesty palm care outdoor location.

How Do You Propagate A Majesty Palm Indoors?

To propagate a majesty palm indoors is done by separating the offshoot buds with their root balls from the mother plant, planting them into fast-draining soil to help them grow, and providing them with excellent growing conditions, including water, light, and fertilizer.

1. Separating the Buds From the Mother Plant

The first step is to get saplings or buds with their own roots from the parent plant. You want to carry out this exercise when you’re repotting the plant, so it doesn’t undergo too much stress from being moved around too much.Separating Palm Tree Buds

To remove the buds from the mother plant, you must first get the mother plant out of its pot by placing the container on its side and gently rolling the plant out. Then, make sure not to pull the plant with force or in an upright position, and check for offshoots or buds that can be separated from the mother plant to be sure they have their own roots.

Now, you must untangle the buds by massaging their root ball with your fingers, and as you are gently massaging them, you will see how this process makes the roots soft and relaxed, making it easy for you to untangle the buds. You can use a sharp, disinfected knife to separate the roots, but if the roots are too long for the pot you want to plant them in, you can trim them down if you see more of them.

2. Planting and Watering the Buds

The next step is to plant and water the buds; for this, you must plant them in fast-draining soil, so the soil can absorb water at a faster pace and nourish the buds. When watering the plants, make sure to water the pot in your sink until water starts dripping from it. Later on, you can take and let the plam grow out of the sink and make sure that you do not let the pot sit in water.

3. Providing Excellent Growing Conditions

Just like the mother plant, propagated palm buds also require bright spots to thrive. Ensure they’re not in direct sunlight, and you can provide fertilizers once they’re about a month old and you will see how big do majesty palms get indoors with the right care.Growing Conditions of Palm Trees

Try to repot your plant annually, as it encourages proper majesty palm care and helps your tree retain majesty palm growth and lushness. Also, when choosing a pot for your plant, it’s recommended that you opt for ceramic or clay pots, as they can help stabilize the plant when it becomes top-heavy so give it the right plant care.


Here are some key notes to remember when growing a majesty palm indoors:

  • Try to keep your plant far from any direct or harsh sunlight, because the sun can easily scorch its leaves because this is a palm easy to care for.
  • Keep your plant indoors during freezing weather and provide it with a humidifier during hot weather.
  • Always keep the potting soil as moist as possible to help your palms grow properly.
  • If the soil becomes crusty, use a thin tree branch, chopstick, or similar object to make holes and water through the holes.

Whether you’re looking for how to care for majesty palm indoors, grow a Chamaedorea seifrizii, Howea, cat palm, Rhapis, Caryota, Dypsis, Ravenea rivularis, or any type of parlor palm, our care guide is sure to be helpful.

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