Hiding pool equipment with plants is an easy and natural way to increase the scene’s beauty and tidiness without spending much money.

Hiding Pool Equipment with Plants

A swimming pool instantly adds value and appeal to any property or landscape, as everyone loves a good swimming pool, but the sight of bulky equipment, not so much. The plants will present a refreshing sight whenever you decide to go for a swim.

List of Ways to Hide Pool Equipment with Plants

1. Build a Tree Fence

If you aim to hide pool equipment using plants, the easiest option is to plant trees. You can plant a tree fence or a wall to hide the unsavory pieces of equipment. You can also build an enclosure using trees.

Planting and Caring for Tall Grasses

Not only will it hide the sights you do not want during your swims, but it will do so hide pool equipment naturally.

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Adding trees also helps dampen the equipment’s sound, as wood does an excellent job at that. Adding trees will transform the scene that was previously filled with machinery into a place that looks like a sanctuary of nature. The surroundings will become aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and calm your mind.

These trees will not only help you break the line of sight from all the machinery lying around but also come with their own benefits. They increase the oxygen in that area, resulting in a better relaxing experience.

Furthermore, the poolside will become your natural resort where you can gather with family and friends.

There are some aspects that you should consider if you decide to plant a tree fence. It is a splendid idea to look for drought-resistant trees that do not require much maintenance, so they don’t become a chore. It would be best to search for trees that do not shed a lot of leaves because it will make the scene very untidy and add to the list of things you have to clean.

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When you choose trees, you will be able to hide the equipment naturally and cost-effectively. In addition, these trees will add more greenery to the scene, which will soothe your eyes and mind.

On another note, wood is a good material to dampen the sound of the pool equipment. Just as the trees are low maintenance and survive on their own.

2. Plant Tall Grasses

If you are not keen on plating trees or do not have the luxury of wide-open space, you can opt to do the same job using ornamental grasses.

Designing with Shrubs and Bushes

If you have limited space around the pool, trees can overcrowd that area, so it is better to install tall grasses. They will do the same job but take less space and time.

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Many types of tall grasses available do the job of hiding pool equipment wonderfully. They can grow to a considerable height and easily break the line of sight on the bulkiest pool heater and filters. Many of them are easily maintained without much hassle and can live for a long time.

You may also have the option to install a small wooden fence between two layers of grass. Not only will it fill the space nicely, but the fence would do well to deflect a lot of the noise from this equipment away from your home. This will increase the sense of peace and calm, which is the primary purpose of having a swimming pool, as an option to choose them and see the benefit.

– Choice Options

There are several types of ornamental grasses to choose from. The most common among tall grasses is Maiden grass. It can grow up to six feet in height and has a spread of about five feet. Morning Light grass is the next best option if you don’t have enough space for Maiden grass. They are a little smaller in size but do the job well.

If you are in a cold area, you can install Plume Raven grass. It is a cold-hardy grass that is well suited to cold regions. This grass can rise to a height of eight feet in a couple of years. Zebra grass is another good option, with lush green blades reaching a height of five to eight feet.

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They take lesser space compared to planting trees but do the same job. In addition, there are many varieties you can choose from with varying appearances, and you don’t have to be limited with the options, not only that but also they have low maintenance grass that would live for a big vast of years.

3. Shrubs and Bushes

If you want to go one step further than ornamental grasses and are looking for something sturdier and denser, then shrubs and bushes are your best option. They are more resilient than ornamental grasses, can reach greater heights, and provide a much thicker screen than a lining of grass.

Beautiful Outdoor Space with Plants

Many of the bushes can easily survive throughout the year without much problem. They are a low-maintenance option, readily available, easily installed, and affordable. All you must do is to pay a visit to your local store, and you will be met with tons of simple and showy varieties of shrubs and bushes.

– Cautiousness

Although installing bushes is an excellent option, there are still some things to consider so that you do not create problems for yourselves. Some bushes grow and spread very quickly, and it may be good to see results that fast. But it can also result in overcrowding in that area, and they may spiral out of control.

Another important consideration is to choose shrubs that do not produce a lot of debris and pollen. You do not want to make your pool look dirty or messy l with leaves as it would compromise not only the cleanliness but also create a lot of extra work. If you decide them wisely, bushes are a great option.

– Benefits

When you are placing bushes, remember that the benefit is grand as they are denser than ornamental grasses but take up less space than trees. In addition, they are easily maintained and can survive throughout the year. There are many varieties of shrubs, and some of them can produce beautiful flowers.

4. Landscaping with Plants

Some people do not like the simple look of a tree fence or a line of ornamental grasses. You have many options to consider if you are looking for a more sophisticated landscape design.

Trellis Fence with Creeping Flowers

One of the simplest options is a rock garden with hardy plants that can survive in rocky soils. It will add aesthetic value while blocking the pool equipment from sight.

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Hill-and-valley approach is one of the most famous methods of landscaping to transform the landscape while blocking out unwanted machinery from sight. It involves digging holes for the equipment and blocking that view with hills of dirt, note that these hills are the perfect base for landscaping options with flowers and beautiful plants, especially as a design choice.

If you are not a big landscaping enthusiast, you can find some big rocks and line them up in front of the equipment. This rocky landscaping will add an interesting sight to your poolside relaxation, as the equipment hide behind it. Many textures, shapes, and sizes of rocks are perfect for incorporating into landscaping designs.

– Benefits

Whether you choose the hill-and-valley approach or like rocky landscapes, it is the perfect option to increase your property’s value while meeting your goal of hiding your pool equipment. However, a key feature that you should keep in mind is that this is an expensive option that will require sizeable funds and a lot of space to work with.

In addition, it is also great to note that it will instantly add interest and value to your property and, of course it will hide the equipment while elevating the aesthetics of the scene.

5. Trellis Fence with Creeping Flowers

We have already discussed building a tree fence, but how about making an actual wooden fence and decorating it with plants? Building a wooden fence is a much more reliable option than planting trees as you can control many parameters.

Creeping Flowers on a Trellis Fence

The fence will meet your requirements to the dot, and you will have more control over the final look of the fence. The goal here is to hide the pool equipment with plants, and the best fence to incorporate plant life is a trellis fence.

– Design Ideas

It is a fence where wooden boards are interwoven with each other to give it a stylized look. A trellis fence is the best friend for many creeping flowering plants, and it would give a very nice feature as the primary function of a trellis fence was to support vines.

There are wide varieties of vines and creeping flowering plants that you can easily incorporate with your fence. Creeping flowering plants are the most aesthetic option. They will work as an effective screen and bring in more greenery, fragrance, and vibrant colors when they bloom.

But like every other green screen option we have discussed, it is essential to note that some plants can create problems with their debris and pollen, littering the pool and space around it. As a result you must choose plants that are easy to maintain and do not produce much waste.

– Benefits

The key significant advantage they have over other entries on this list is their beautiful flowers and scent. Even if the fence is far safer than a lining of grass or bushes, these plants will properly cover them. You can even plant some that do not have a high maintenance feature, which would be easier for you to take care of.

6. Use Plant Pots

Another way to incorporate flowering plants, herbs, or even shrubs is to grow them in plant pots; after that, you can simply line the pots to create a barrier around the pool equipment and block it out of sight. This is probably the most straightforward idea on this list because you do not need digging to plant new specimens, develop landscape designs, or build a fence.

Creating a Colorful Garden with Plant Pots

The pipes, PVC plumbing, motors, filters, and heaters are indeed necessary to keep the pool running, but it does not make them any interesting to look at, hence pots are a better view. It goes without saying that almost everyone would rather look at some flowers and greenery than this machinery.

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There are hundreds of plants that can quickly grow in planters. Some of them are flowering plants, some produce fruit, and some are simple bushes and shrubs. You can also opt for unconventional plants like cacti or agave, but their spike can present serious safety hazards, so get them at your own risk.

Another benefit of using plant pots is that if you choose a fast-growing plant, it will be confined to the pot and not create unnecessary headaches.

The only worry that you would have is to keep an eye out for self-pollinators if you don’t want young saplings in unwanted areas, especially you do not want them to grow and vine over the equipment.

– Benefits

It is the easiest way to make a blocking screen to hide pool equipment. In addition, many low-maintenance plants can grow in plant pots without much hassle. Furthermore, you do not even have to buy planters and make yourself with some spare materials in your garage.


Hiding pool equipment with plants is an easy, economical, and eco-friendly option to block the bulky heaters and filters from your sight without much compromise. If you are considering implementing any of these ideas, make sure to keep some essential things in mind:

  • Avoid using plants that produce a lot of debris.
  • Make sure the equipment does not get compromised by anything.
  • The best plants to choose are low maintenance and easy to find.

So which plants are you getting for your equipment blockade?

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