Homelite UT42100B is the type of machine that would bring a budget-friendly experience to you with its affordable pricing on great blower features to match your garden operations. This Homelite mid-range blower takes your activity pup several notches to achieve your goal as a casual or commercial gardener.

Review of the Homelite UT42100B Leaf Blower

However, you need to consider your operations and match this blower to see if it fits your workflow for optimum results. We bring you a review to help with this process, so let’s check out this blower.

Pros Cons
Unlimited runtime Corded power system
Low noise Power cord disconnects easily
Cheaper than most blowers

Handpicked Highlighted Points

The Homelite is a seven AMP running electric leaf blower that is known to give you everything you need in a blower to complete your garden tasks.

In order to choose properly the machine, you should know all about the detailed featured that it has and what it would promote.

  • Electric corded power system
  • Max wind speed totaling 150 MPH
  • Reduced noise levels
  • Total airflow capacity of 233 CFM
  • Compact handheld machine
  • Lightweight design
  • Adjustment dial for variable speed

Review of the Homelite UT42100B

Homelite UT42100B Key Criteria
Number of Airflow Settings
Number of Functions
Unlimited runtime
Low noise
Cheaper than most blowers
Corded power system
Power cord disconnects easily

The Homelite company is one that would put the customer priority on another level with its features starting from its power system. It uses plug-in support with no cord length but offers you enough power and range with an extension cable.

The electric plug-in power system guarantees unlimited runtime for a consistent workflow without intermissions.


Its design is also user-friendly as the electric blower is made to be compact and lightweight, reducing fatigue and arm strains. The blower is also handheld, and its handle is made to give you a better grip during use to keep it steady. All switches and dials are also fitted, and the reason for this is that you can reach comfortably on the handle for easy use while working.

On another note, you must also consider how the airflow and wind speed features are ones that also bring you the efficient workflow you search for in different leaf blowers. The airflow capacity goes up to 233 CFM, with its wind speed maxing out at a value of 150 MPH.

As a result, you could check how it is best for small to medium yards, and with this speed, you can effectively help the place and maintain a clean or tidy space, away from all fallen leaves. Both these features combine with the electric power system to give you the best experience and get you optimal garden-clearing results.

All the specifications push towards keeping you satisfied while giving you the best results, and it meets these requirements, just as the machine is one that is light in its weight and would also give you two-speed settings for better efficiency.

– How Has Homelite UT42100B Evolved?

Homelite UT42100B has evolved by its weight, and its noise level when it is in comparison to other blowers from Homelite models. In addition, this model is also more pocket friendly than the other version. These aspects show you how the company aims to satisfy its customers by its advancement.

However, it tends to lose its airflow and wind speed based on customer reviews but only against newer models. Nevertheless, it supersedes its previous versions making it a great purchase choice.

It has also shown better perks compared to other competitors and some of its previous versions on the market. You can check the Homelite UT26HBV leaf blower model which is also very popular.

Qualified and Detailed Features

– Variable Wind Speed and Airflow Capacity

The airflow capacity and wind speed are both at the standard level but give you what most casual gardeners search for. You can enjoy variable wind speeds with its adjustment switch and get a maximum air speed output of 150 MPH during use.

Qualified and Detailed Features of Homelite UT42100B

As a result, you would see that you could switch regarding the task you have at hand, and it would move according to what you are tackling.

The airflow capacity offers you a total volume of 233 CFM and combines well with the wind speed that comes with the blower. It gets better as the adjustment switch gives you a seamless workflow as you enjoy different speed settings.

As a result, you would surely be happy with this advantage, because you do not need to change your tool while working, allowing you to complete operations faster than expected.

– Blower Accessories and Packaging

Homelite include the necessary parts you need to assemble the product and get it into working condition in product packaging. The Homelite leaf blower parts that you find in the packaging are the blower, a blow tube, and a user manual.

You might also get extra accessories depending on the offers created by Homelite that are running at that time. However, it’s not a common scenario, so you might need to purchase any extra parts you need to add to the blower, and this would be for an even better performance, or to boost it out.

Ensure you verify that the parts you purchase work well with your product purchase to avoid any issues after.

– Two-speed Manual

The user manual that you get in the packaging on purchase exists to give you detailed information on the blower functionality. It’s designed to be trilingual, containing three different languages for you to choose from based on your preference.

It’s detailed enough to get you up to speed in assembling and maintaining the product to help you enjoy it better. Always prioritize reading the manual before starting up the blower, especially if it’s your first use.

Moreover, you could also think of the matter of how it is not limiting you because some tasks would require a lower speed and others a higher one.

– Blower Pricing

You get different prices for the Homelite electric blower UT42100 depending on the offers and condition of the product. New products are also cheaper than most leaf blowers, which is why it is a great choice, to invest in because the machine is durable, a great one to invest in, and to use in the long run.


The refurbished versions also have price tags equal to or slightly higher than the used product but not too expensive. Always define your budget and garden priority to get the best spend on your blower purchase for your desired timeframe.

– Handheld Compact Design

Design is also essential to get you the best experience you can get to maximize your blower purchase. This blower prioritizes easy mobility differently from the Homelite leaf blower 26B and the Homelite UT42120 versions on the market. Its handheld version makes it fit well on your hands and matches its lightweight design for easy maneuverability.

Homelite UT42100B Blower Prioritizes Easy Mobility

In short, the grip keeps it firm during use, so it doesn’t slip out from your hands due to moisture like water and sweat. The weight also lets you experience less fatigue as you don’t strain your arms when working in your garden with it.

– Lightweight

The machine is a lightweight one, which is a great choice if you are going to use it for your yard, and you wouldn’t want to be feeling exhausted in the long run. On the same topic, you could also see that when you use it, holding it with one arm, it won’t give you any muscular pain, or even shoulder spasms of any kind, because it is only 4.1 lbs.

As a result, you will actually enjoy the task, and if teenagers or even the elderly would like to help you as well in the given chore of blowing the leaves away, they will not see any issues doing so. The matter is due to the fact that it would run smoothly, and would not cause any difficulties.

– Electric Corded Power System

Another feature is the electric corded design which gives you a great benefit that cordless blowers don’t offer you. The benefit is unlimited runtime, as you don’t need batteries to keep the blower running continuously to give effective results.

Electric Corded Power System Benefits Unlimited Runtime

It means you won’t need to worry about getting batteries recharged or refueling your blower tank at intervals when exhausted. On the other hand, your range might be limited but will increase depending on the length of the power extension cord that you use.

This is why you would have to invest in a longer extension cord so that you would take matters into hand without any further complication. Enjoy the unlimited runtime and optimal power you get with this corded system and complete your garden operations faster.

– Warranty Period

The product also comes with a warranty similar to other products from Homelite and other brands on the market. You get a solid two-year warranty when you purchase this blower from stores verified by Homelite to authenticate your offer.

However, the warranty might not cover all parts of the blower as included in the conditions attached to the product warranty. Also, remember that used products are likely not to have the warranty benefit as it might have expired.

You should always confirm the conditions that allow you to benefit from the blower warranty at the store during purchase.


That is all on the Homelite UT42100B blower you have been planning to purchase for your garden operations. The review above will help your decision-making process, from the product description to the feature breakdown section.

You now have the details of this blower, along with the evolution from its previous versions and competitors on the market.

Ensure you prioritize your immediate needs and finances before picking a blower for purchase to avoid unnecessary expenses. You can also cut costs with a refurbished or used product if you only need it for casual garden-clearing operations.

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