Honda hrr216vya Mower with GrassThe Honda hrr216vya is a gas-powered, Honda self propelled lawn mower with a reputation for being especially easy to start.

This review explores all the facts so that you can make a wise buying decision and get your money’s worth. 

Read on to find out all the specs, features, reviews, pros and cons of this mower, along with how well it handles slopes and rough terrain.

Honda hrr216vya Pros and Cons

Honda hrr216vya Key Criteria
Easy to Start
Maintenance Requirements
Ergonomics Rough Terrain
Easy to start
Engine stays running while you empty collection bag
Quiet operation
Flimsy collection bag
Problems with rear wheels locking in reverse

Product Highlights

This Honda lawnmower has a well-deserved reputation for being easy to start and producing a finely manicured lawn in mulching mode due to the innovative cutting blade system. This model also quickly converts from mulching to bagging mode by snapping on the collection bag and flipping a large switch on top of the deck. 

  • MicroCut™ twin cutting blades
  • 21-inch cutting width
  • 160cc GCV Honda engine
  • 3-in1 function bags, side discharges, and mulches cuttings
  • Easy no-tool assembly

Honda hrr216vya Review

If you’re looking for a gas-powered lawn mower with Honda engine that is robust and solidly-built, with an easy-to-use self-propel drive for breezing through your lawn mowing chores, this Honda model might be a wise choice. It offers 3-in-1 options for bagging, rear discharging, mulching the trimmings, and leaving them on the lawn as fertilizer.

One of the most significant advantages of this mower over similar models is the MicroCut™ twin-blade cutting system that uses two blades for chopping up grass cuttings more finely than most other mowers.

If you are a perfectionist about how your lawn looks after you mow, this machine offers an exceptionally manicured finished lawn in mulching mode. 

While this machine is excellent for getting a professional-looking trim, it has four 8-inch diameter wheels that do not work so well for mowing on steep terrain. If your yard is mostly flat, this mower has a lot to offer.

However, if you have significant amounts of uneven ground or slopes, you might want to look into another mower, such as one built by Husqvarna with large rear wheels built for rough ground. 

Another important point about this mower is that it has a rear-wheel-drive and not an all-wheel-drive. Rear-wheel drive is excellent for self-propelling the mower around on mostly flat ground, but it does not have as much power for getting up steep hills or over slippery terrain. 

– Operator Controls 

One valuable feature of this mower that you don’t find on most other models is the easy-to-operate lever for switching from bagging to mulching. This lever is located on top of the deck, and, by turning it, the mower quickly changes from mulching mode to bagging or rear discharge.

You don’t need to install a baffle or buy a separate mulching kit on this machine. A collection bag comes with the unit and readily snaps onto the machine’s rear without the need for any tools. 

The operator functions on the handlebar are simple to use and include Smart Drive and Roto-Stop features to conveniently allow you to engage the self-propel drive by pulling a lever or stop the machine and leave the engine running while you empty the collection bag.

The Roto Stop is especially valuable for people with large lawn areas who need to empty the collection bag multiple times while mowing, because you do not need to stop and restart the engine each time you empty the bag. 

– Assembly

This mower is ready to use right out of the box. All you need to do is unfold the handlebars and adjust them to the correct height using the quick-release knobs on each side.

Then, put regular gas in the tank and fill the oil reservoir with the bottle of oil that comes with the unit, and you’re ready to start it up with a pull of the starter cord. Most buyers report this mower starting on the first pull right after assembly and every time they use it after that. 

– Problems with Rear Wheels

Some buyers report that one problem this mower has is in its rear wheels. The wheels tend to seize up when you disengage the self-propel function and try to move the mower manually in reverse.

This is because Self-propel only works in forward motion on this mower. Honda is addressing this issue by offering free replacement wheels of a better design, so help is available if this issue comes up on your unit. 

The wheels are also all the same size of 8-inches in diameter with a tread that is not very deep, giving them less traction than on other models and brands. However, the wheel design is adequate if you mow on primarily flat terrain and not travel over slippery, wet leaves. 


Product Features

– Engine

The GCV160 Honda engine on this mower is one of the most reliable available on a walk-behind mower and includes several automotive-style features. For example, the overhead cam and automotive-style carburetor are well-known for their durability. In addition, the gas cap is also of automotive quality, firmly clicking shut when fully closed. 

The automatic choke does not need any adjustment when starting the mower or after it warms up. All this is done for you inside the high-quality carburetor. This feature can be a significant advantage for the average homeowner who does not want to mess around with setting a choke lever and pumping a primer bulb every time they mow the lawn. 

The three-setting throttle speed on the handlebar lets you choose from high, medium and low power depending on what you are cutting. The low setting is ideal for flat, short grass, and the higher settings provide extra gas to the engine when the cutting gets tough on tall weeds and overgrown grass. 

The engine is a 4-cycle design that does not need oil added to the gas. This type of engine has plenty of torque, and it’s also more fuel-efficient and cleaner running than 2-cycle engines. The oil dipstick is conveniently located on the side of the engine, and the oil level should be checked before each use and topped off when it’s low. 

– Engine Maintenance 

You need to change the oil on this model at least once per season, as per the instructions in the owner’s manual. In addition, the engine needs some other essential maintenance and replacement of other Honda hrr216vya parts, such as the air filter and occasionally replacing the spark plug.

The engine does not have an oil filter. It’s also crucial to drain the gas tank when storing the unit for more than one month; not doing so can lead to corrosion in the carburetor. 

– Cutting Deck

The heavy-duty cutting deck mows a swath of grass up to 21 inches wide, which is average for most lawnmowers of this type. You can adjust the cutting height in six positions from 1 ⅛ inches to 4 inches by moving a small lever on each wheel. 

The MicroCut™ twin-blade cutting system is especially valuable for finely mulching grass clippings, leaving an exceptionally manicured finished lawn. This blade cutting system also results in up to 50 percent more cutting before the collection bag is full: a distinct advantage for anyone with a large lawn.

The deck is made with heavy 16-gauge steel that holds up well from season to season. Another advantage is that the rear discharge chute does not easily clog. However, this unit does not have a washout port on top of the deck. 

To clean under the deck, you will need to tip the mower on its side. This point can be a disadvantage for some buyers because this machine is a bit heavy. If you want a mower with a washout port, check out some of the Husqvarna lawnmower models that have this feature. 

– Size and Weight

The unit weighs 93 pounds, putting it on the heavier side for mowers. However, the extra weight is due to the high-quality engine and rugged construction of the steel deck, making this mower more durable and long-lasting than others. 

This mower is 60.5 inches long, 23 inches wide, and 40 inches high when the handlebar is extended. You don’t have to worry as the handlebar easily folds down, making it more compact for storage. 


This mower comes with a 3-year consumer warranty on the engine and a 90-day engine warranty for commercial buyers. 



Why does Honda hrr216vya Mower have 2 blades?

The Honda HRR216VYA Mower has 2 blades to enhance cutting efficiency and provide a more even and precise cut. The dual blades work together to create a powerful cutting action, resulting in a cleaner and neater lawn appearance. Additionally, having 2 blades helps distribute the workload, reducing strain on each blade and improving overall performance and durability.

Should I run my Honda hrr216vya Mower out of gas for winter?

It is recommended to run the Honda HRR216VYA Mower out of gas before storing it for the winter to prevent fuel-related issues.

Is Honda hrr216vya Mower great for a small yard?

The Honda HRR216VYA Mower is excellent for small yards due to its compact size and maneuverability.


Honda hrr216vya Lawn Mower-Self-PropelledThis Honda hrr216vya lawnmower is popular for a good reason:

  • It starts up reliably.
  • It’s built for long and challenging cutting situations.
  • It’s got plenty of operator features, making it easy and convenient to use.

It’s ideal for homeowners and commercial users with lots of flat lawns to mow, but it can also handle moderate slopes and slightly bumpy ground. Anyone who needs a super reliable mower with a self-propel drive and an engine that can idle while you empty the collection bag is likely to be pleased with this mower.

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