Honda HRX217HXA review is a testament that this yard-care tool is among the most in-demand home electronics because of its impact on the look of a house. Using it regularly leads to a beautiful, clean, and clear yard that elevates the look of your house right away.Honda Hrx217hxa Review

Today, we will review the HRX217HXA, which is a great mower to start with. Keep reading to find out more about its extraordinary features and ease of use!

The Main Highlights

Honda HRX217HXA Key Criteria
Easy to start
Performance on rough terrain
Easy to start system that starts on one pull
A 4-in-1 system that allows more versatility
Strong deck
More on the expensive side
Slightly wider wheels - may flatten the grass at times

You know the HRX217HXA strives to satisfy its users because of its high recommendations and always increasing demand. Here are the features of this mower that allow it to compete with some of the most well-known options out there:

  • 96 lbs body
  • Seven cutting heights
  • 4-in-1 Versamow system: bag, discharge, mulch, or leaf shred
  • Hydrostatic self-propel system
  • Cruise control
  • 21-inch deck size
  • 190 cc Honda GCV
  • NeXite deck
  • Blade brake system
  • Easy-to-start

A Comprehensive Honda HRX217HXA Review

  • Starting ease: 9.5/10
  • Power & engine: 9.75/10
  • Maintenance needs: 9.5/10
  • Cutting ability: 8.75/10

Regarding brands and mower models, this HRX217HXA drains some of your worries. It proves to be up to the market’s standards because Honda makes sure that none of its products disappoint the customers. Being a brand name you have heard quite a lot, they are not just known for their mowers but their engines too!

The ease with which a lawn mower starts is paramount to view before making the leap and purchasing it. Who wants to wait several minutes on long summer days with the scorching sun overhead just for a machine to start? No one! This is where the HRX217HXA comes in handy with its simple electric start instructions.

It starts with the very first pull, taking any exhaustion out of the equation, allowing the user to work with a more peaceful mind rather than getting annoyed from the start. And unlike other lawn mowers, you do not even need to make a significantly tightened and strong pull: all you need is a light pull, and voila! Your mower is ready to operate, which gives this mower a 9.5/10.Cutting Heights of Honda

Also, this mower’s power comes hand-in-hand with its operational strength and blade reliability. The 190 cc Honda GCV engine is 4-stroke, which means it is durable and said to be “an excellent choice for demanding homeowner applications and commercial equipment alike”. This on its own earns the mower a 9.75 out of 10.

Next, we discuss the significance of knowing all the maintenance requirements for this mower. In a market that has dozens of new mowers being introduced each year, every brand needs to ensure that their product is easy to maintain and that customers do not have to spend more time figuring out how to take care of their machine rather than working on caring for their yard.

The HRX217HXA ensures that maintaining the mower is as easy as it gets. Made from the best products and a durable engine, this mower is made to last a long time before you may have to think about replacement.

We can tell from experience that Honda does not make products that lack or do not stand up to standards. This mower is resistant to harsh weather and will run like a champ for years! For its little to no maintenance requirement needs, it gets another 9.5 out of 10.

Moreover, a mower that works well on rough terrain is best for those who live in a rocky or heightened area. This mower comes with a 21-inch cutting deck and seven variable cutting options that allow more than just one setting for you to deal with the different heights of the grass. This gets any stubborn elements out of your paths which earns it an 8.75 out of 10.

And yes, we do agree that the Honda HRX217 price is a little on the expensive side. But, with the features that it offers for that price point, we consider it an investment for your yard care kit. After all, is it not better to invest in one tool that works for a longer time instead of going for a cheap one and replacing it every so often? We certainly think it is!

– How Has the HRX217HXA Evolved?

The HRX217HXA has evolved with multiple features. These include cruise control, 21-inch deck size, and superior starter system. Compared to other mowers of the same range, the Honda HRX217HXA scores high for its features and cutting abilities.

If we compare it with the Honda HRX217VKA, we see that there are a lot of similarities between the two, including the Honda HRX 217 Versamow 4-in-1 system as well as the seven cutting heights. However, the HRX217VKA has an additional feature of cruise control which keeps the compactness contact while ensuring that the mower is swift and efficient.Evolution of Honda

When compared to the Honda HRX217 GCV200, we see that this blower again does not have cruise control, unlike the HRX217HXA. But it has the Roto Stop that allows users to stop the blades without stopping the engine. This is a safety feature that many users will love because of its convenience.

Another mower that we can compare with is the Masport 21-inch mower. Like the Honda one, the Masport blower has a 190 cc engine and a 21-inch deck size. The Masport blower only has a side-discharge option, unlike the Honda blower which has 4-in-1 options.

Also, the Masport one does not come along with a NeXite deck or hydrostatic cruise control. However, it does have some additional features such as the dual MowZone blade coverage system and a Ready Start™ starting system.

The Top Features of This Mower

– NeXite Deck

This deck was specially designed to solve the issue of rusting blades. Made from an almost indestructible polymer material that is strong enough to bear a truck, this deck easily deals with any stones or rocks that may come with rougher terrain.Honda Hrx217hxa Deck

So you no longer have to face aluminum or steel decks that often rust and then have to be replaced. Also, this deck is lightweight and maneuverable, so it also makes sure that grass does not stick and the mower better reaches smaller nooks and crannies between fences, etc.

– Warranty

The warranty offered by a company showcases the amount of trust they have in their mower and whether that mower is worth the investment or not. Honda understands this concept and gives its customers a five-year warranty that earns them the blind trust they have today.Warranty of Honda

– Cruise Control

This is one of the key features of this mower that sets it apart from all others. While regular control allows the operator to maintain the desired engine speed that they want to clean their yard with without having to squeeze the throttle control, Honda’s hydrostatic transmission uses a hydraulic pump and motor that varies the ground speed by changing the rate of flow of the hydrostatic fluid. This makes the machine more efficient.

– Seven Cutting Heights

Who does not love a mower that comes with many options? This mower comes with the option of seven different cutting heights that adds to the versatility of the blower because of the variety in its features and different landscapes it can work on.

It gives you the option to choose the appropriate cutting height for the task at hand, making sure that when mowing your yard, you appropriately handle certain parts and areas by getting a result that completely satisfies you.


This review helps you see that this Honda lawn mower is one of the strongest and best-suited machines to chop off or trim the grass in your yard without leaving any traces of overgrowth behind. It gives you various features along with the most comfortable operating experience that would make anyone a fan.

With it, you can make your yard presentable without putting in too much effort. If you want to learn about any additional details, like the Honda HRX217 tune-up kit or the Honda HRX217 starting instructions, or if you want to know why your Honda HRX217 won’t start, you can consult the manual for step-by-step instructions that guide you throughout.

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