Hot tub landscaping on a budget may seem challenging for some, but it is actually quite realistic. By understanding the importance of selecting the right projects, you can turn your hot tub into a work of art.

Hot Tub Landscaping Ideas

We’ve selected the best ways to elevate your hot tub landscaping from the simplest additions to the more intricate detailing here.

List of Hot Tub Landscaping Ideas When on a Budget

1. Add Decorative and Functional Lighting

Decorative and Functional Lighting

Pros ●      Decorative lights help create a moody atmosphere

●      Functional lights illuminate areas to avoid accidents for homeowners

Cons ●      Initial cost can be mid to high, depending on the lights used

●      Additional electrical costs

Complexity ●      Mid to high, depending on the electrical setup

●      May need a contractor

Aesthetic appeal ●      High aesthetic appeal

There’s nothing more exciting than designing a personal escape right at home. This is even better when you create a luxurious ambiance to help you release stress and get more out of life. Remember, a great outdoor hot tub can really bring out the best of your overall home design.

Adding some ambient lighting to your areas increases the beauty of your outside spaces already. It will be even more attractive when you place lighting to highlight your hot tub. Lights are very powerful components to the overall mood and atmosphere of any space. This is especially evident when it comes to looking for hot tub design ideas and inspiration.

For instance, you can add something as simple as a string of outdoor lights. This can lend a casual and dreamy vibe to your hot tub area. For a more substantial look, consider installing some elegant or simple lamp posts. Consider high and low lighting as well to bring out a luxurious beach resort or spa ambiance, depending on your tub design.

2. Grow Some Plants

Grow Some Plants

Pros ●      Natural forms of decoration

●      Can work as a natural privacy fence, depending on the plant type and purpose

●      Increases the amount of oxygen

●      Low to medium level of maintenance

Cons ●      May require regular pruning

●      Additional expenses on water, fertilizer, and other maintenance costs

Complexity ●      Low to medium, depending on the landscape plants used
Aesthetic appeal ●      High aesthetic appeal

Plants provide a wide range of benefits when planted around any outdoor space. One of the most prominent advantages is that they create a hot tub space that is visually appealing and relaxing. Plants are one of the most natural ways to decorate our spaces since they are living and breathing greenery that adds elegance and privacy wherever they’re placed.

Depending on the mood you’re after, you can go with any kind of plant that suits your regional area. You can go for a zen-like feel with some Sansevieria plants, go tropical with some Monstera cultivars, or even have a truly romantic setting with rose bushes. The possibilities are as endless as your creativity when it comes to decorative landscaping around your hot tub. Be careful what grass you have around your hot tub though, since the hot tub water might damage it!

3. Construct Pergolas and Gazebos

Construct Pergolas and Gazebos

Pros ●      Provides you with solid structural support

●      Can be customized according to your needs

Cons ●      Can be expensive to put up
Complexity ●      High

●      May require the services of a professional contractor

Aesthetic appeal ●      High aesthetic appeal

Pergolas and gazebos are similar in appearance with one difference: pergolas have open roof systems while gazebos have permanent roofs attached to the structure. Either way, you can’t go wrong because both options will provide you with privacy while being aesthetically pleasing. These two options are important if your hot tub is located in an area that is not as private.

While some homeowners prefer to have their pergola or gazebo as is, some decorate their outdoor structures with plants and even lights. These add a touch of whimsy, magic, and mystery to the overall hot tub experience. When enjoying the hot tub alone or with someone else, you’ll be sure to enjoy all the sensorial pleasures under one of these structures.

4. Natural or Manufactured Stones and Rocks

Natural or Manufactured Stones and Rocks

Pros ●      Tough and durable surfaces ensure product longevity

●      Provides casual elegance to any outdoor areas

Cons ●      Can be expensive, depending on the area and the materials used
Complexity ●      May require the services of a professional contractor
Aesthetic appeal ●      High aesthetic appeal

Rocks are natural components to your landscape, whether natural or manufactured. While natural rocks are more authentic, they can turn out to be more expensive as well. Manufactured stones and rocks are wonderful alternatives if you’re looking to decorate your hot tub deck with some natural elements that won’t dent your wallet.

There are so many ways to incorporate stones and rocks into your hot tub backyard oasis. For instance, you can use manufactured stones and rocks to build privacy walls, lay them as flooring, or use large pieces as decor accents around your hot tub. While you can use them alone, they look great when paired with plants for that tropical retreat from the outside world.

5. Screen with Lattices

Screen with Lattices

Pros ●      Provides adequate privacy

●      Usually inexpensive

Cons ●      May not last very long

●      May take some time to set up and customize

Complexity ●      Can be done as a DIY project
Aesthetic appeal ●      High aesthetic appeal

Lattices are cost-effective ways to create a privacy screen while being stylish at the same time. They tend to be inexpensive compared to other forms of privacy structure and yet they’re quite easy to put up. Aside from privacy, lattices protect your hot tub from harsh sunlight. Once you have your lattice set up around your hot tub, you can begin to be as creative as you can be.

For instance, you can paint the lattice in colors that you love. On top of that, you can add some vining plants to provide a natural screen for privacy or add some string lights for that romantic mood. If you want an instant but cost-effective way to decorate your lattice, consider using fake plants and solar-powered lights. You get the same effect without the cost and maintenance!

6. Build a Patio

Build a Patio Over Tub

Pros ●      Provides additional outdoor areas for entertaining

●      Can be easily customized to fit any budget

Cons ●      Project may be too big for some homeowners to do it by themselves

●      Will require maintenance from time to time

Complexity ●      May require the services of a professional contractor
Aesthetic appeal ●      High aesthetic appeal

Your hot tub deserves to be a focal point in your backyard, and what better way to do it than build a patio around it? While it’s not exactly a DIY weekend project for most homeowners, a patio can be a great way to start learning new skills. Your patio can be as simple as you want it, or as elaborate as you imagine your hot tub decorating ideas to be.

A patio with a hot tub tends to be the centerpiece of backyard spaces, and you can enjoy the added floor area however you want to. If you’re tight on cash, you can start with a small patio design that can be expanded on later. Be sure to have some room for patio furniture, so that you get to enjoy your time in and out of the hot tub.

An outdoor hot tub is a wonderful way to leave all your cares behind, even if it’s just for a few hours. The roaring warm water, a tranquil atmosphere, and some of your favorite food, drinks, or music will be enough to transport you somewhere peaceful and magical.

7. Create a Comfortable Deck Area

Comfortable Deck Area

Pros ●      Larger areas to relax or entertain guests

●      Can be a good factor when it comes to reselling your house

Cons ●      Can be expensive, depending on the area and the materials used

●      May take some time to set up

Complexity ●      May require the services of a professional contractor
Aesthetic appeal ●      High aesthetic appeal

A good deck is a great investment if you’re wanting to increase the value of your house. Aside from elevating the market value, a deck also provides you with a larger outdoor space compared to a patio. Most houses have raised wooden decks, which blend seamlessly with nature. A deck with hot tub landscaping is a surefire way to highlight your hot tub.

Some outdoor decks are painted while others are treated with a protective layer of sealants to reduce the effects of sunlight and rain. Once you have your deck, you can enjoy its minimalist appeal or throw in some plants, furniture, or even a grill to complement your existing hot tub. Add some dramatic lighting or some candles and you got yourself a winning combination. Check out some low-budget backyard deck ideas in our quick guide.


Here’s what you need to remember when picking up ways to elevate your hot tub:

  • The best place to put a hot tub in the backyard is somewhere a bit private and secluded.
  • If privacy or seclusion is a bit challenging, try using plants, lattices, or walls around your hot tub to create a sense of peace and solitude.
  • Consider your current hot tub needs, as well as your future plans for your backyard retreat, and plan accordingly.
  • Where possible, choose options that are environmentally safe, cost-effective, and enhance the market value of your house.

Based on what you’ve learned, what are your plans for your hot tub? Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below!

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