How many okra plants per 5 gallon bucket, is a question in mind of gardeners with small spaces as they would often wonder.

How Many Okra Plants per 5 Gallon Bucket

While okra plants of the Malvaceae family don’t take up too much space, it doesn’t mean you can grow several in a single container.

This guide will help you learn how to grow okra in containers for the best results.

How Many Okra Plants Can You Grow per 5 Gallon Bucket?

You can grow one plant of okra per 5 gallon bucket. In other words, growing okra in this container that’s about 10 to 12 inches will suit one okra plant. You can grow more plants in the container if you opt for a larger pot.


The number of okra plants you can grow in a 5 gallon bucket will depend on the variety you wish to grow. For instance, if you choose the dwarf variety, you can grow a couple of the plants in this container. As for the regular varieties, this might not be possible.

Does Okra Plant Perform Well in A Container?

Yes, the okra plant performs well in containers. In fact, most gardeners with limited space opt to grow these plants in pots since they don’t take up much space. Growing them in containers means you choose the right pot size to carry enough potting soil supporting the plant’s long taproots.

Besides choosing the right container size, you also need to ensure you provide your plant with optimal growing conditions. This means making sure that you use quality organic soil mix, water frequently, and use a well-draining container.

What Are the Advantages of Growing Okra in a Bucket?

The advantages of growing okra in a bucket are that the space would be limited, and it wouldn’t take over your garden, you can have the option to grow it both indoors and outdoors. And lastly, these buckets are portable, you can move them around for better growing locations.

– Limited Space

One of the main reasons you may find planting okra in containers desirable is that it allows you to use your limited garden space.

planting okra in containers

With the right container size, you can grow a number of these plants in your garden.

– Grow Indoors or Outdoors

Your area might not provide an ideal environment to plant okra. Therefore, container growing these plants allows you to grow these plants indoors or outdoors. 

This would help you choose which is better for the health and the prosperity of the plant’s life, because when you check the plant’s growing medium, now, you have the liberty to place it indoors and outdoors, wherever it is thriving to its best potential. In addition, you can move it from one place to the other depending on the weather, and the season that you are growing it in. 

– Portability

The portability of container gardening also ensures you grow your plant for a long period. This means your family can enjoy okra throughout the year.

In addition, remember that when you have the option to grow this plant in a portable container then, this would give you the facility to move it for better sun requirements from one place to the other. Not only that, but even if you would move for an entire season, you can take this plant with you and not let it die. 

Which Is the Best Okra Variety for Small Gallon Bucket?

The dwarf okra variety is the best choice to grow in a 5 gallon bucket, the main perks of these okra varieties is that they don’t grow taller than five feet. This doesn’t mean you’re limited from growing other species in pots. 

What Are Factors to Consider When Growing Okra?

The factors to consider when growing okra is to choose the right variety, the proper bucket, and the right potting soil. Moreover, you must consider the location, the moisture of the soil and the high temperature it needs to thrive. Lastly, remember to harvest it regularly so that it thrives. 

– Choose the Right Variety

Think about the type of okra you want to grow in your garden. For a container garden, it’s important to note that not all varieties will grow to the same height. You should also note that not all okra pods have the same color. If you wish to set them along with others in your vegetable garden you must pick the one that suits your garden the best, if you wish to grow a single one then go for the bigger pod, or for a couple of them, the dwarf ones are great. 

Apart from the dwarf varieties, other species that grow well in these containers include Baby Bubba Hybrid, Perkins Long Pod, Cajun Delight, and Dwarf Blondy.

– Buckets

Choose a dark five gallon container about 10-12 inches deep. These beautifu plants do well in heat, meaning black or dark-colored pots are a great choice. If you have white containers, paint them black.

It’s also important to ensure that the buckets have good drainage, because you wouldn’t want the roots to go through different diseases as they would be sitting in water for a prolonged time. As a result, the containers should have holes at the bottom, and when planting your okras, line with gravel to help improve drainage.

– Potting Soil

Plants grow well when provided with the right soil mix, this means that you must ensure you fill your bucket with the correct potting soil. These are the type of plants that would do well in well-draining soil. Soil rich in organic matter is the perfect choice for indoor or outdoor plants. Fertilizer for okra in pots is also worth considering.

– Location

Of course, it’s also influential to position your okras in the right place to get enough sunlight and space. Position your plant where it can get full-part sun for six to eight hours on a daily basis so that it would grow in a prosperous state, on another note, remember that some varieties will require more sunlight.

– Keep the Soil Moist

Water frequently to ensure the soil is moist at all times. Okra grow well with little maintenance, but regular watering is crucial, which means that the moisture is something you must regulate, so that the roots would establish themselves.

– Maintain High Temperatures

Okras also do well in high temperatures, when the weather is sunny and bright. Ensure the plants are in an environment where the weather won’t get frosty.

Maintain High Temperatures for growth

Moreover, what you can do in such a case is to ensure the location is well set.

– Regular Harvesting

Harvest okra regularly once they start fruiting. These plants blossom two months after planting. The fruits will appear within a week, as a result you must always harvest it and keep the plant looking fresh so that it would grow the tendency to produce more. 


So, how many okra can you plant per gallon buckets? Preferably, it’s best to grow one of these plant in each container. Here are a few gardening tips to remember about container gardens for your little vegetable plants:

  • Okra is the type of plant that would do well in containers, but choosing the best varieties of your garden is important.
  • Apart from the dwarf types, opt for pot-friendly okra species, such as Baby Bubba Hybrid, Perkins Long Pod, Cajun Delight, and Dwarf Blondy.
  • There are several advantages of growing okra from the plants in containers, including the benefit of using limited space and portability, and you can grow the plants indoors or outdoors.
  • Besides providing your plants with ample growing space, regular maintenance is crucial for optimum yield.

Well, you don’t need to worry about growing okra from seed as long as you choose the right variety and grow under optimal conditions. Make sure to avoid these plants as Okra companions, because they will ruin your crop.

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