How tall can oak trees grow? The standard height of an oak tree is 100 feet. The tree’s size depends on its species, location, age, and growing conditions.

How Tall Can Oak Trees Grow

Some oaks grow up to 200 feet, while other short varieties, like the Japanese Evergreen, have a maximum height of 30 feet. We researched how tall oak plants grow and the sizes of different types. Here is everything to know.

How Tall Do Oak Trees Grow?

Oak trees would grow an average of 100 feet in height, as they have varying sizes depending on their variety, location, and growth conditions. Some types grow too short, while others grow as tall as 200 feet tall, and it would grow as the age increases.

The average height of an oak tree in meters is 30 meters. This is why when one thinks of an oak tree they would consider a tall tree that has a width of nine feet. However, the branches spread further up to 135 feet. Their trunks measure about two to three feet in diameter, with some having more giant trunks.

The maximum height an oak plant can reach depends on its species as well. Some have a maximum size of the tree would grow a 100 feet tall or even more, but do note that other rare species can grow past that.

It also depends on whether the plant receives the right growth conditions like good soil, direct sunlight, and water.

Oak plants are among the tallest in the world and are planted to provide shade and create a forest. The trees are resistant to drought and strong winds, meaning oak are not very picky with climates and can live long.

– Growth Rate

Oak plants have an average rate of growth of one to three feet per year—however, the rate changes as the tree ages.

Growth Rate

Once the tree gets to 10 to 15 years, it grows faster, this is because the tree would have established itself pretty well by the age. Young oak plants grow at a rate of two to three feet per year, and then they would start to develop more.

However, some species grow faster than others. For example, the Japanese Evergreen is one of the fastest-growing varieties, although they are the shortest. They grow at a speed of three feet per year and are ideal if you want tall plants in your garden within a short time.

– Maturity

If the tree’s rate of growth is one to two feet per year, it could take 30 to 40 years to reach full maturity. The duration your oak tree takes to mature also depends on the climatic conditions you expose it to. A 5-year-old oak tree size is likely to be 7.5 feet, but other varieties can be taller, and this is the range where it is growing pretty well.

Again, the maturity time for oaks depends on the species. However, these trees take five to six years to grow fully, although some continue growing even after. Maturity time also depends on the oak’s variety and climatic conditions, and it would also be a way to consider if you are giving it the right requirements for it to thrive.

– Age of Tree

Oak trees’ lifespan ranges between 300 and 600 years. A few species, like the Northern red oak tree, can reach 1000 years unless it becomes toxic or perishes, or it gets infested on a grand scale. However, most species live for 600 years, while others die at 400 or 300 years. Climatic conditions contribute to the age of these trees, so ensure you plant them in their preferred areas.

Which Are the Height Variations of Oaks?

The height variations of oaks would differ from one kind to the other, such as the mingo oak, or the Bur, the chestnut, and the swamp Spanish Oak tree. Moreover, the tree heights would also differ from the Scarlet, to the willow, pin, black, red and white oak trees.

1. Mingo Oak

The Mingo oak belonging to the white oak species are known in botany as the Quercus alba, and they are the tallest oak tree species that would grow so high. It grows up to 200 feet, and its trunk has a diameter of eight feet. However, this tree lived for 100 years and died. The people of West Virgins used these tree species as a shrine during its time.

2. The Bur Oak

The bur oak is a slow-growing oak plant common in Ontario. It can grow up to 160 feet tall, while others reach 100 feet.

The Bur Oak

The trunk is ten feet wide and lasts 300 to 400 years. The tree got the bur name from its burr-like fridge bristles, which wild animals like to feed on. Its bark is rough and gray, and it has dark green leaves, and it looks vibrant and strong.

3. Chestnut Oak

Also called the mountain chestnut or rock oak, this tree grows up to 70 feet high. It has a moderate growth of two feet per year, with a trunk diameter of up to 36 inches. This oak has one of the thickest barks with deep vertical furrows.

Chestnut Oak

It is a survivor oak and can live in steep rocky sites, unlike its oak relatives. The leaves change from pink to silver and later turn green. Chestnut oaks live between 300 and 400 years, which is how it would establish itself well and thrive, as a result.

4. Swamp Spanish Oak

Scientifically referred to as Quercus palustris, this oak plant grows up to 80 feet tall on maturity. It has unique, deeply indented green and shiny leaves which turn red in fall. The oak tree is fast growing, increasing by two feet per year. On the other hand, its trunk grows to a width of 60 feet and can live for 120 or more years.

5. Scarlet Oak

Scarlet oak is one of the most beautiful oaks, with deep roots and scarlet red leaves. It can grow up to 80 feet tall, and the branches can spread up to 50 feet. The Scarlet species of this tree is the ones that belongs to the red oak species and have a lifespan of 80 years.

Scarlet Oak

This oak tree’s leaves are six inches long. They have a deep cut with pointed lobes. The leaf’s top is glossy and changes to scarlet red in the fall. The scarlet tree has a medium rate of growth of two feet per year.

6. Willow Oak

Willow oak grows up to 120 feet and can spread up to 60 feet. This moderate to rapidly growing oak has a pyramidal shape when young. As it ages, it becomes more rounded and spreads until maturity.

Willow Oak

Willows have waxy ovate green leaves with rough gray and shades of brown bark and do well in full sun, and they would also thrive and grow stronger. The trees are food for wild turkeys, songbirds, and whitetail deer.

7. Pin Oak

The pin oak grows to 70 feet tall. It can spread up to 40 feet to maturity and has a trunk diameter of three feet. Pin oaks have dense branches growing from the trunk, making the tree’s base invisible.

The trunk is cylindrical and straight, and it has a smooth bark. The tree’s leaves have five to nine leaf lobes and take the standard shape of oak plant leaves, and that is what it is specified for.

8. Black Oak

Another tall oak, the Black oak plant, grows up to 60 feet in height and is suitable for homeowners with smaller yards. It has a straight trunk with an open crown and grows slower than other oak tree varieties. The tree can last 100 years, but some die after 200 years, from different issues that may occur in the long run.

9. Red Oaks

The average maturity height for the red oak is 60 to 75 inches, and they spread up to 60 inches.

Red Oaks

However, these trees are available in different types that get different shapes. It takes about 20 years to notice red oaks better because they grow slowly.

10. White Oak

White oaks grow up to 80 feet tall at maturity, however the trees have a slow growth rate of 12 to 14 inches per year, but their life expectancy is high, and they are a common species and a source of food for wildlife.

However, you can increase the rate of growth by growing the tree in acidic, rich, and well-drained soil and exposing them to sunlight. Although these trees live long, they are slow growers, with an average annual growth of an inch. The tree thrives in full sun and acidic soils.


1. What Height Will an Oak Tree Be After 10 Years?

It depends on the type of oak tree and its rate of growth. For example, the English oak is a slow grower and will be 20 feet after ten years. Other oaks will be 14 or 20 feet tall at the same age.

2. At What Height Will an Oak Tree Be in One Year?

On average, an oak plant will be one to three feet tall within a year. Most oaks grow at a rate of one to three feet yearly, apart from the fastest or slowest growers. However, if your oak tree grows moderately but does not have access to the right growing conditions, it will take longer to develop.


Oak trees are some of the tallest trees in the world. Some species are taller than 600 feet, while others grow to 150 to almost 300 feet. The height depends on the plant species, location, and growth speed. If you have a small garden, grow shorter species like Japanese evergreen. The biggest oak tree is Mingo oak, with a height of 200 feet. In summary:

  • Oaks are tall, medium-growing plants with an average size of 100 feet.
  • Some oak plants grow up to 200 feet and can spread up to 60 feet. Some have wide trunks, while other trunks are tall and slender.
  • The tallest oak tree is the Mingo oak of the white oaks.
  • Oak trees can live for 600 years, but some have a lifespan of 1000 years, and others die at 150 years.

When choosing an oak plant for your garden, consider the species because some grow extra tall.


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