How tall do cedar trees grow is a question that many gardeners and tree lovers often ask. In this regard, know that these delightful trees gain up to one foot in height each year on average, giving you a significant amount of shade and privacy in your garden.

Growing Tips of Cedar Trees

Read this detailed article to understand cedar tree height and width. We also touch upon how fast do cedar trees grow to reach their height, so read on right away.

How Tall Can a Cedar Tree Grow?

A cedar tree can grow to a height of almost 100 feet tall, which means that cedar tree height in meters, on average, can reach more than 30 meters. Moreover, the actual height, depends on the type of cedar and the care that is provided to it.

The Tallest Cedar Trees

These are large trees with extensive branches extending out in all directions and gaining their growth every year. Which means that the more years pass, the bigger or taller this tree would get, and every year, the cedar tree would grow about 12 to 24 inches in its height. 

How tall do cedar hedges grow? Know that they usually reach their mature height between eight and 10 feet tall, and this is what will make them an ideal shrub for privacy fencing. Additionally, due to their slow growth, you can easily maintain them in whatever shape or size you desire. The other cedar varieties and their height are mentioned below.

– Deodar Cedar

This type has the potential to grow to a height of between 40 feet to 50 feet tall.

Majesty of Deodar Cedar Trees

Like many other types of cedar, it requires the maximum possible exposure to the sun and does best growing to its full height when grown in soil that is both moist and sandy.

– Eastern Red Cedar

This is the type of tree that is also commonly called as the Juniperus Virginiana, this particular tree species is grown predominantly in the eastern regions of the United States and has the potential to grow to a height of between 65 to almost 130 feet tall. In some instances, they grow to a height that is 328 feet tall or even higher. 

Beauty of Eastern Red Cedar Tree

Because of its powerful and distinctively woody odor, the Eastern Cedar is frequently referred to as the Aromatic Cedar. So how fast do red cedar trees grow? You should know that the height of this tree can increase anywhere from 13 to 24 inches per year if all care conditions are met.

– Western Red Cedar

You will find this in the northwestern regions of both the United States and Canada. These false cedars, also called thuja plicata, are enormous, and their height can reach up to 200 feet tall, and even in some cases it will grow even higher when it has full matured. 

Versatility of Western Red Cedar

They also last for many years; in some cases, the Western red cedar trees have been there for more than a thousand years. The tree has lush green foliage, and because it is resistant to rot and insects, the wood is most commonly utilized in the construction of outdoor structures. 

– Atlas Cedars 

Atlas Cedars are tall and coniferous kinds and the most common one is the blue atlas cedar. This species grows to quite an astounding height of about 40 to 60 feet tall. On another note, these are the trees that are popularly called the Cedrus Atlantica, the species are true cedar trees and in addition to their stunning height, the diameter of the trunk falls in a range of around five to six feet. 

Ancient Beauty of Atlas Cedars

The home of these large cedars is in the slopes of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and the growth rate is on the moderate side. With an open and large silhouette, due to its height, it resembles a pyramid standing tall. They seek complete to partial shade to thrive and maintain their shape, health and growth rate.

– Cyprus Cedar

This type grows to a height of 65 to almost 130 feet high. Which means that when you ask yourself, where do cedar trees grow? Such trees are most commonly found in the mountainous regions that cover Cyprus, Turkey, and some areas of Syria.

Resilience of Cyprus Cedar Trees

The Cyprian Cedar or the Yellow Cedar has exceptionally tiny leaves and a crown that resembles an umbrella.

– Northern White Cedar

These are the trees that are 50 feet tall, and they are also popularly called the Arborvitae, you can find them spread out abundantly in the southeast of Canada and the regions around the north and northeastern states of the United States.

Elegance of Northern White Cedar

You can expect an abundance of timber and logs from this cedar thanks to its height. Additionally, it is also lighter than those produced by the red variety.

– Lebanon Cedar

Also known as Cedrus Libani, this tree is indigenous to Lebanon and may also be found in other places in the Mediterranean yet mountainous region and grows to a height of 130 feet tall.

Significance of Lebanon Cedar Trees

Like many other cedar subspecies, these trees have elongated leaves arranged in a pyramidal pattern.


1. How Long Does It Take for a Cedar Tree To Mature?

Most cedar cultivars typically achieve a growth rate of between twelve and twenty-four inches per year. How long do cedar trees live depends on the species and the conditions in which it is grown.


You have learned in this article how tall do cedar trees grow to you.

The following is a synopsis of everything that we read here:

  • It’s not uncommon for cedar trees to reach heights of more than 100 feet tall. But it is the species of cedar and also the amount of attention and care you provide to it that will actually determine the exact height of the tree.
  • Once they have reached their full maturity, false cedars can reach heights of up to 200 feet tall and sometimes even higher.
  • The Atlas Cedars can reach a staggering height of between 40 and 60 feet tall when they reach full maturity.
  • On the other hand at maturity, types like the Cyprus Cedar species can attain a height of anywhere between 60 to almost 130 feet tall in its height.
  • The rate at which a cedar tree will reach its full maturity is dependent on the variety and the conditions under which it is grown.

You have learned everything there is to know about cedars and their different utility based on height. So bring these lovely trees into the house as soon as possible and let them tower over your lawn.

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