How tall do peach trees grow, is a worry, if you don’t have enough garden space, you might wonder about this query. Some peach trees of the Prunus genus can grow quite tall, and knowing the right type to plant in your garden is crucial.

How Tall Do Peach Trees Grow

This guide will help you know more about growing peach trees which are also known as the prunus persica, and why you need to choose the right peach variety for your garden.

How Tall Do Peach Trees Grow?

💥 Peach trees can grow to a height of 25 feet or more and can reach the same width if not pruned. They would be able to establish themselves well when they are given thee right requirements to grow and to reach this height.


Depending on the peach variety you grow in your garden, you can easily determine whether the tree is done growing. For the standard peaches, they should be about 20 feet and may grow even taller if the conditions are met, while the dwarf types will grow to about six to 12 feet.

What Are The Heights of Different Peach Tree?

The heights of different peach trees would differ, from the standard tree, to the semi-dwarf one, and the dwarf one. A mature peach tree’s maximum height differs depending on its specie. All of them have a certain height that they would reach and that is their maximum growth. 

– Standard Peach Tree

A standard peach tree will grow to about 18 to 20 feet when provided with optimal growing conditions. The tree can be kept smaller through regular pruning to maintain a height of 10 to 12 feet.

Standard Peach Tree optimal growing conditions

Which means that if you want it to grow tall enough, you must make sure that you do not prune it every now and then.

– Semi-Dwarf Peach Tree

Semi-dwarf peaches would grow and reach a maximum of eight to 12 feet tall. Moreover, these trees are generally smaller than standard peaches, and this is also established in their name.

– Dwarf Peach Tree

Dwarf variants grow to about five to six feet tall at its maximum, and they would have the same width. If you want to plant peaches in your garden, the dwarf varieties are the best choice. The trees are manageable and won’t take up much space on your small farm.

Moreover, a two-year-old dwarf peach tree is about three to four feet tall. Other standard variants might be larger than this, depending on how well the trees are taken care of.

Regular pruning is, however, it is recommended to make sure that the peaches fit the limited space in your garden. Plus, pruning helps to keep the tree clean, although it would be removing the height because you are cutting the branches away.

How Can You Reduce the Height of a Peach Tree?

To keep your peach tree small, first, grow small peach trees, and ensure you would prune it in summer, and plant it close to other trees of the same variety. Besides that, regular pruning is vital to keep the trees small and compact, especially in the right season.

– Grow Small Peach Trees

If you don’t want to use a ladder once your peaches bear fruit, it makes sense to choose the small varieties. Semi-dwarf and dwarf peaches are a great choice. Once you plant them, you can maintain them to a specific height and shape that suits your garden.

– Summer Pruning

Keep your peach trees small by pruning them in summer. Cut out damaged, dead, or diseased branches. This is because the tree will not have enough time to thrive in the sun and to have pollinators visit as much as they would have visited in spring time.

Check the trees annually and get rid of branches that have produced fruit. Moreover, it is key that you know that when you prune them it will allow other branches to sprout and fruition the following year, but until then, the tree will remain small.

– Plant Peach Trees Close Together

Apart from pruning the trees, you can maintain the peach tree height and width by planting multiple trees close to each other. You’ll conserve space in your garden and planting the trees next to each other will also act as a hedge.

– Right Time to Prune

The right time to prune peach trees is in late June or early July once you determine the trees’ growth since spring. The performance of peach trees is hinged on yearly pruning combined with irrigation, fertilization, and pest control.

Leaving peaches unpruned makes the trees vulnerable to insect pests, which could lead to diseases and a shorter lifespan. Poor tree care can also make the trees outgrow your garden space.

What Are Pruning Techniques to Maintain Small Peach Trees?

Pruning techniques to maintain small tree, would be to establish pyramid pruning, and to modify the central leader, to make it shorter. You can even use the espalier technique during this process, when you establish these, your tree will grow prosperous and stay small.

The advantage of regular pruning is that it develops a strong framework to support bigger harvests. It also helps to balance vegetable growth and fruit production. We’ve also noted that pruning is one of the ways to keep your trees small and manageable.

– Pyramid Pruning

Pyramid pruning involves working on the main leader and allowing lower branches to develop new branches. In other words, you should prune the peach trees to assume a pyramid shape.

Pyramid Pruning allowing lower branches to develop

This will help to contain the tree and ensure it doesn’t grow too large.

– Modified Central Leader

This pruning technique involves getting rid of shoots from the plant’s main stem. Lateral branches should take over, ensuring the tree growth is more manageable.

– Espalier Technique

Espalier pruning is where you train your peaches to grow along a fence or wall. You can choose different growing tiers depending on how you want the peaches to decorate your garden or lawn.


1. How Long Does It Take for Peach Trees to Grow and Produce Fruit?

When planting peach trees from seed, it can take up to three to four years to mature and produce fruit. A quicker solution to grow peach tree faster is to buy a young tree from your nearest nursery and plant in your garden.

2. Where Do Peach Trees Grow Best?

Plant peach trees where they can get enough sunlight. The trees also do well in fertile, well-drained soils. When the tree is actively growing, it should get sunlight for at least six to eight hours.

3. How Fast Does a Peach Tree Grow?

With proper care, peach trees grow at a rate of about 18 inches annually. This means that you must be patient for the peaches in your garden to reach full maturity height. The rate of growth will, of course, depend on the peach variety you have in your garden.

To ensure peach trees maintain a good growth rate, fertilizing the tree is important. You only need to fertilize the tree twice a year. Fertilize your peaches in early spring and in late summer. Doing so guarantees that the trees grow faster and bear delicious healthy fruits.


How tall do peach trees grow? Well, you now know how big peach trees get and what you need to keep them compact in your garden.

Here are some important things to remember about peach trees:

  • Opt for dwarf peaches to ensure they don’t take up tQoo much space in your garden or outgrow other plants.
  • Peaches’ rate of growth is 18 inches annually, and it may take up to three years for your trees to bear fruit.
  • If you can’t wait this long, you can buy a small tree from the nearest nursery and plant on your landscape.
  • These trees require regular pruning to keep them small and compact.

These trees can outgrow your little garden if left without being pruned. Ensure you grow the right variant in your garden and often prune, as recommended in this post.

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