How tall do Roma tomato plants grow is a worry, that you might have when you try planning to grow Roma tomatoes in your garden, and you’re wondering? Knowing how big your plants can grow helps you to plan the number of plants you should have in your garden space.

How Tall Do Roma Tomato Plants Grow

Such planning helps to ensure that you provide your Roma tomato plants with the right environment to blossom. This guide will provide you with all the vital information about Roma tomatoes, including growing conditions, size, and time to maturity.

How Tall Do Roma Tomato Plants Grow?

Roma tomato plants grow to approximately three to six feet long almost. However, the plant size varies since there are different Roma tomato varieties. To elaborate this further, the plant would thrive and grow to its utmost potential and best height.

– Standard Red Roma Tomatoes

Red Roma varieties are common and usually grow to about four feet tall. But not all the standard red Romas are limited to this size. Some types, like San Marzano tomatoes, can grow to a height of 62 inches high.

Roma tomatoes can easily be distinguished by their egg-like shape. They are bright red and have thick skin, which houses a meaty flesh with a few seeds.

– Baby Roma Tomatoes

Baby Roma tomatoes grow to about three feet and produce smaller fruits. They are suitable for use in sauces and salads. These plants would grow in vines, but the vine is the one known to grow tall and to produce the little fruit. 

– Golden Romas

These golden colored plants would grow to a height of about 1.2 to two feet tall. Some Roma tomatoes produce yellow fruit and somewhat have a milder flavor. 

– Dwarf Roma

When mature, these tomatoes grow to about 1.5 feet tall, as dwarf Romas work best in small spaces, hence the name is one that requires.

dwarf Romas work best in small spaces

If you’re planning to grow tomatoes in pots, the dwarf varieties are a great choice. You can grow them in containers on your balcony, porch, or apartment window.

Are Roma Tomatoes Determinate?

Yes, Roma tomatoes are determinate. This means that the plants’ genetics determines their maturity height. The determinate varieties also indicate that the plants will flower and produce fruit for a brief period when actively growing, they would grow and vine well when they receive their necessary needs.

Determinate Roma tomatoes grow to a height of about 2.5 feet to three inches and mature in 76 days. Again, the maximum growth height of these tomatoes will also depend on the varieties. Some will grow taller than others and may require more garden space to grow well.

How Long Do Roma Tomatoes Take to Grow?

Roma tomatoes reach maturity in 70 to 80 days after planting. During this time, all your plants will produce fruit at about the same time since the plants are determinate. It’s a huge advantage, especially if you’re growing tomatoes to make sauces.

If you’re not making sauces, preserve the tomatoes immediately by canning. This helps to ensure the fruits don’t rot.

How Much Space Do Roma Tomatoes Require?

Roma tomatoes will grow to about three feet tall and spread approximately 18 inches wide. It’s important to give your plants ample space for optimal growth in your garden. Leave enough space for each plant to ensure they get enough water and fertilizer.

Giving your tomato plants space is also vital because it helps you to move easily between plants. The spacing also helps a lot for easier weeding and harvesting, in addition, they would grow to their best potential.

How Tall Do Roma Tomato Plants Grow in Pots?

Growing Roma tomatoes in pots will allow them to reach a height of one to three feet tall. Providing your tomatoes with ample space is also essential when growing these plants in containers, that are at least 18 inches wide. 

They are the perfect choice for gardeners with a small garden space. Doing so guarantees that the tomatoes don’t outgrow the pot. Some extra care is required to ensure your tomatoes provide you with the best fruits.

– Plant Patio or Bush Varieties

Small tomato plants, commonly referred to as patio or bush varieties, grow well in containers. However, you should remember that the plants are small, but they produce many fruits.

Plant Patio or Bush Varieties grow well in containers

Pot-friendly tomatoes will grow to one to three feet tall before they produce fruits. Varieties to consider here include small fry, patio choice yellow, bush early girl, and tumbler.

– Choose a Big Pot

The pot size will determine how big your tomatoes will grow. Therefore, for a bigger plant, consider choosing a bier container. This provides the plants with more room to grow. The best container size should measure about 18 to 20 inches wide, because they need a proper space to grow in a wide manner.

– Proper Drainage is Key

Growing tomatoes in pots with poor drainage only sets you up for a major disappointment. Choose containers with proper drainage to ensure your plants only get water when they require it. When you want them to establish themselves, this is necessary, because you don’t want the soil to have excess water, and get prone to diseases, which will hinder the growth. 

– Provide Nutrients

For healthy tomato plants and fruits, providing the plants with nutrients is key. Use the right potting mix and plant at the right time. Remember that you must supply the right fertilizers, because the roots should grow well and so should the plant, hence it needs this catalyst to grow to its perfect height. 

– Provide Enough Sunlight

Roma tomatoes require at least eight hours of full-part sun for optimal growth and fruiting. Position your potted tomatoes where they can get direct sunlight. Moreover, remember that you should also give it the right environment and season to plant it and to cultivate after.

In terms of when to plant Roma tomatoes, these varieties are easy growing and are best planted from early May. For faster growth, ensure your tomatoes get plenty of sunlight and provide a healthy soil profile. Soils with enough humus promote root formation and store enough water, providing a great environment to grow.

– Water Daily

Water your Roma tomatoes every day since these plants are quite thirsty. Once the plants are actively growing, they’ll require plenty of water. Watering in the morning is highly recommended, rather than in the evening, this is because you should not let the water remain in the soil when the plant is not ready to be cultivated yet. Aim to make sure the soil never runs dry since plants may start wilting.

– Give Tomato Plants Space

Good air circulation for your tomato plants will help to prevent diseases from spreading. Arrange your potted tomato plants so that air flows freely around them. For instance, position the plants where the leaves aren’t touching each other or leaning against walls.

– Provide Support

With the right growing conditions, your potted tomatoes will grow to about 3 feet. This means you need to provide support to ensure they don’t bend and break stems.

support the plants using a tomato cage

Grape and cherry tomatoes are known to break easily once they start to turn red. You can also support the plants using a tomato cage.


1. How Many Roma Tomatoes per Plant?

Each Roma tomato should produce about 30 fruits per plant. Providing your plants with ideal growing conditions will ensure they grow to a maximum height and yield satisfying results.

2. How Do You Grow Roma Tomatoes from Seed?

Start growing tomato seeds indoors for six to eight weeks and wait for the seedlings to reach about 6 inches tall. You can then harden the seedlings and transfer them outdoors. Alternatively, you can rely on your garden center for tomato seedlings.

3. How Tall Do Cherry Tomato Plants Grow?

Unlike Roma tomatoes, Cherry tomatoes grow to about four to six feet tall. However, the Roma tomato weight is slightly heavier than the Cherry varieties. Roma tomatoes weigh about 60 grams, while Cherry types weigh about 55 grams.

4. Does Pruning Help Prevent Tomatoes to Grow Taller?

Yes, pruning your tomatoes often can help to prevent them from growing too tall. In fact, if you’re growing your tomatoes in containers, pruning can ensure the plants don’t overgrow the pots.


Besides knowing how tall do Roma tomato plants grow, you now know how best to care for them to ensure you reap a good harvest. Here’s a recap of what you should keep in mind about Roma tomatoes:

  • Roma tomatoes grow to about 3 feet and spread 18 inches wide. This means that you should provide your plants with ample space to grow well.
  • When growing Roma tomatoes in pots, ensure you choose a big pot and provide the plants with nutrients, water, and sunlight.
  • With the right growing conditions, Roma tomatoes will carry about 30 fruits per plant.

Roma tomatoes are a great choice for paste and sauce. Therefore, use the recommended tips to provide a conducive environment for optimal plant growth.

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