Homeowners can be anxious to get rid of lizards in yard spaces, especially when they become one too many. The sudden appearance of lizards can be pretty startling for many and can make homeowners uneasy.

How To Get Rid Of Lizards In Yard Spaces

While lizards can be harmless, their presence can sometimes unnerve many residents as they belong to the reptilian family.

Fortunately, we have compiled several methods that claim to keep lizards away successfully and maybe even get rid of lizards permanently.

How To Get Rid Of Lizards in Yard Spaces

To get rid of lizards in backyard areas, you may need to start by using natural repellents in the beginning, you can also make homemade sprays, place coffee grounds in the garden, and even place fly traps in order to keep away the lizards in garden.

– Use Natural Repellents

Homeowners use several lizard repellent ingredients, such as cayenne pepper, hot sauce, black pepper, citrus fruits, mint, lavender, and other materials with strong odors and fragrances. The latter could be used on its own or in combination with each other, these ingredients have been claimed as effective by many homeowners.

– Homemade Sprays

Homemade sprays are quite popular among many homeowners as the ingredients are easily available and quite affordable. These homemade sprays are then applied all throughout the areas where lizards have been spotted.

The ingredients for some popular lizard repellent spray; to begin with blend hot sauce, cayenne pepper, garlic, and onions together with some warm water and spray in areas that lizards frequent or in areas that you want to repel.

Mix citrus fruits, mint, and lavender with some water and salt as a lizard-repellent spray. The blend of their aromatic scents can confuse and deter lizards. You may use essential oils in case the actual items are not readily available.

– Coffee Grounds

Homeowners have claimed that coffee grounds easily eliminate lizards aside from other pests. Simply sprinkle coffee grounds on areas where lizards have been known to be active. Homeowners report that the presence of coffee grounds has a repelling effect on lizards due to the strong smell and rough textures.

Furthermore, ground tobacco leaves are reportedly effective in discouraging lizards. You can apply these in areas where you have spotted lizards. You can even mix the ground tobacco leaves with coffee grounds for a stronger mix.

In addition, mothballs emit a strong odor that deters many pests including lizards. You will need to be careful when applying mothballs, especially when you place them around your house. Mothballs are made of naphthalene, which can be toxic to humans and domesticated pets.

– Fly Traps

These are sticky pieces of paper sold commercially that are meant to trap flies. Since flies are one of their main sources of food, lizards will be normally attracted to them. However, fly traps guarantee that the lizard will not end up alive. If you plan to use humane ways to eliminate lizards from your home, this may not be the best option.

How To Prevent Lizards From Entering Your Home

An ounce of prevention is always better than a pound of cure. Lizards can quickly multiply without our knowledge. If you are leery about having lizards inside your homes, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Here are some small projects for you to ensure that your home is not an open invitation for lizards:

How To Prevent Lizards From Entering Your Home

– Seal Off Entry Points

Lizards are quite small enough to pass through gaps in doors, floors, walls, and windows. Seal off any possible areas that you think can serve as entry points for lizards. Sealing off any possible gaps also helps you with insulation.

– Check Your Screens

Your screens may have gaps, tears, and holes that allow lizards to pass through. Make sure that your screens have fine, tight mesh and that every seam is tightly installed. Double-check your window screens and replace damaged ones.

– Close Your Doors And Windows

These are the main openings through which we allow entry into our homes. These are also the same openings that lizards squeeze through. Once you have made sure that your doors and windows are properly sealed, keep them closed as often as you can.

– Tidy Your Spaces

By cleaning up your areas and tidying up areas that can serve as their hiding places, you discourage lizards from overstaying their visit. Not only do clean spaces lessen the presence of pests, but you also end up with a better-looking home and garden.

– Eliminate Food Sources

By eliminating their sources of food, you deprive lizards of enjoying a tasty meal every now and then. Because their diets vary, you will need to make sure that any source of food is not readily available for lizards.

Eliminate Food Sources from Lizard

Insects, bugs, and worms make up their primary dietary needs. Make sure your indoor spaces are free from these lizard food choices. If you eliminate the sources of food that the lizards enjoy, they will eventually leave your indoor space alone.

Consumable items, such as crumbs, scraps, and other food discards, can be negligible to us but quite valuable food sources for lizards. Ensure that your indoor spaces are tidy and clean without any excess bits of food.

Garbage bins not only store excess food; they can also encourage flies to thrive. Food scraps and flies tend to attract hordes of lizards. Seal off your garbage bins tightly, and make sure that you wrap and dispose of your garbage bags hygienically to prevent possible insect and lizard infestation.

Compost bins are another possible source of food for lizards. Make sure that your compost bins are well secured to keep lizards from entering the pile in search of food scraps, insects, and worms. 

On the other hand, you might even consider plants with strong scents have been reported to discourage lizards from staying.

These plants include mint, eucalyptus, and lavender. Some of these plants also repel bugs and insects, which are the main sources of food for the lizards. By planting these in your garden, you eliminate the presence of lizards and their sources of food.

Remove any sources of water, such as pet bowls, empty buckets, and leaky pipes and hoses. Mosquito larvae can live in the stagnant water, making these spaces ideal for lizard-feeding visits. By doing so, you lessen the chances of lizards living in your home and yard.


– Get Pets

If you have pets or are planning to get one, this may be a good sign. Lizards are scared of animals bigger than they are and that is why they scurry away when they see any. Cats in particular are often intrigued by lizards and will chase them away. Domesticated pets will not only scare lizards away but other pests too, such as rodents.

– Deploy Ultrasonic Devices

Many motion-activated ultrasonic devices are made to repel a plethora of pests including lizards. You can install these devices in areas that you suspect have a large lizard population. Place the device on the setting of the pest you would like to eliminate.

Most often, these devices can cover large areas of the home. The ultrasonic sound is also not audible to human ears, although pets can be affected. If you do not have pets and plan to use ultrasonic devices, you can easily purchase one from physical and online stores.

– Use Toys

You can use motion-activated toys to startle lizards the way they startle you.

Motion activated Toys to Startle Lizards

Simply place these toys in areas where lizard activities are high and observe the effectiveness of this method.

– Lower The Temperature

Lizards are cold-blooded reptiles and prefer warmer climates. Lower the temperature of your air conditioning unit to at most 70 degrees Fahrenheit to discourage these lizards.

– Keep Them Outside

If you are comfortable with lizards outside in your yard but not in your home, this method can work for you. By supplying them with enough food, water, and shelter outdoors, you lessen the chances of them coming inside.

Here are some tips on how you can keep lizards outdoors:

  • Keep some sugar outside but far enough from your home. The sugar will attract bugs aside from the lizards. This makes the lizards able to enjoy some of their preferred insects while enjoying some sugar.
  • Place some water outside near the sugar. This makes their food and water sources very near to each other, lessening the chances of lizards going over to your house to look for food.

– Contact Pest Control Experts

If none of these homemade approaches have worked so far, you can contact a professional pest management company. They can easily assist your lizard infestation concerns by assessing, treating, and following up on your residential condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

– What Are the Diet of Lizards?

Lizards keep the insect population under control. When found in homes, lizards are usually indications that the homes have insect populations sizeable enough to attract lizards. As a form of natural insect infestation control, lizards are quite beneficial for many residences.

Some of their preferred insects include gnats, spiders, flies, and ants. These are some insects that many homeowners consider pests. However, if you decide to get rid of lizards around your house, you may need to be more vigilant in controlling these insects.

– What Attracts Lizards?

Lizards will not go to areas if their needs are not met. When we see them in our houses and backyards, it usually means that they have found abundant sources of food, water, and shelter. Here are some factors that cause lizards to take up residence in certain areas:

Lizard close up 1

Aside from insects, lizards feast on worms, grubs, and insects are their favorite food choices for many lizards. Lizards are not picky and they can be found devouring fruits, vegetables, and food scraps from household waste.

When there are enough sources of water for the lizards to drink, they will congregate in that area. Ponds, birdbaths, pet bowls, and even leaky pipes and hoses will be enough to tide them over for several months.

Our outdoor and indoor spaces make inviting places for lizards to stay. Lizards prefer dark cool spaces and our residences offer plenty of those, especially inside our living areas, kitchens, garages, and outdoor structures like sheds.


Lizards can be quite beneficial for many spaces since they are natural predators of many insects that we consider pests.

Hence, we will need to go over some important points we have covered to review what we have learned about how to get rid of lizards:

  • You can use natural homemade sprays made with spices, citrus fruits, and aromatic plants to keep lizards at bay.
  • Coffee grounds and tobacco leaf bits mixed together have been known lizard repellents.
  • Mothballs can be effective in repelling lizards as long as they are handled with care.
  • Pets, such as curious cats, can easily discourage lizards from entering your homes and backyards.
  • Physical means, such as motion-activated toys and ultrasonic devices, can scare off lizards from your spaces.

Getting rid of lizards in yard areas and indoor spaces can be a little challenging for some homeowners. Just remember, a few lizards can help you a long way in controlling insect populations that could become pests.

Now that you know the various ways how to get rid of lizards in yard spaces and indoor areas, you can spend more time enjoying your residence!

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