How to get rid of spiders on outdoor plants is a common question asked by many gardeners, as the spider problem can become very hazardous. Plants attract a lot of bugs and insects that can ruin plants’ health and ultimately become fatal.Get Rid of Spiders on Outdoor Plants

This is the main reason why indoor or outdoor plants should be kept insect and bug-free for their own good. In this article, we will take you through the best ways that you can use to get rid of spiders and their webs from your plants and also how to prevent future spider infestation in your home gardens.

How To Get Rid of Spiders on Outdoor Plants Effectively?

To get rid of spiders on outdoor plants effectively by using candles or oils, keeping pets as predators, and using insecticides. You can also maintain proper hygiene around, and fill in the gaps they come from, remove the webs, increase humidity, pressure wash, use neem oil, and use insecticidal soap.

You can prevent spiders on outdoor plants by maintaining hygiene around the plants, filling in the gaps in the floor from where the spiders may come, removing the webs, and lastly, keeping the area humid enough, so spiders don’t come near it, and would rather stay on dry regions. These three work like a charm when used separately or even together. They are readily available in the market or a nearby garden shop for your convenience.

– Use Candles and Oils

This is a very common way of getting rid of spiders from outdoor plants. Through this method, the spiders will be gone within some time on the same day. Candles and oils have distinctive smells that can cause spiders and other insects to choke. These smells can make the insects lack oxygen, ultimately killing them, so they die and decompose at the same location.Applying Oils on Plants

For this method, you can go ahead and use any kind of candle, incense, or burner with strong smells. Oils like that of neem have very characteristic properties against spiders and other insects, and these will make them agitated and in short, these two are a good combination to get rid of spiders outdoors.

– Keep Pets as Predators

Pets like rabbits, cats, and dogs are a great way to get rid of the spiders on your outdoor plants. These pets eat the spiders, which ultimately scare the other insects and bugs in the area. However, not all pets will eat them, so this is why you must know which ones will be the right predators. You should train them a little, but once trained, they will help you overcome the spider problem, and this is also beneficial because they will get rid of them in a quick way.

– Use Insecticides

If all else fails, you can use insecticides to eliminate spiders from your outdoor plants. Make sure to get the kind that is kind and safe to use on plants with fruits to eat. The insecticides will kill not only the spiders but all the insects that are in the space, and this is why you should be mindful when you use it.

– Maintain the Hygiene Around the Plants

Maintaining hygiene around your plants is a great way of blocking the entrance of any sort of insects or bugs to your place. If you do not clean the area around your plants and pots, the bugs will find it easy to hide and make it their home since the place will not be moved or looked over.

You can use various cleaning products to assist you in the job. You can use alcohol on a cloth to wipe the surfaces and use a broom to collect all the stray leaves and garbage, and this way, the outdoor will be clear.Maintaining Hygiene on Shrubs

– Fill in Gaps

Filling in the gaps means covering up any loose ends that are near the plantations. These small nooks and crannies are the spots in the near wall or diatomaceous earth where the bugs hide when they sense any danger. They normally come out soon after. Covering these spots with a putty mix or gravel will help you keep the bugs in view, in addition to pests like spider mites.

– Remove The Webs

The spider webs are why they do not let go of a spot easily because they are their home, and they hold their prey. Removing these webs will help you get rid of the spiders as their home will be removed.Spider Webs on Leaves

You can use a cloth, water, neem oil, or insecticidal soap to remove the webs easily. In the long run, you will see how the spider would start to grow webs, and they are highly attracted to flowers and fruits, which is why they come near the plants.

The spiders are quite fast, so it may get difficult for you to spot them and eventually get rid of them from the same place. The outdoor plants are, therefore, at risk of attack from insects and bugs, and just as you clean the webs, whether you tear them down with a broom or by wearing gloves, they will get lost.

– Keep the Area Humid

Spiders love to grow and settle in dry areas, so keeping your garden and its soil moist will prevent the spiders from making it a home. Keep in mind that the moist soil may not be suitable for all the plants, so plan accordingly, and when it is not dry, they won’t thrive.

– Use Pressured Water

Water is the best way of getting rid of spider webs wherever they are. They can be on the walls, in the corners, around the plant pots, or around the plantations.

High-pressure water can be the best and safest way for you to get rid of the webs and ultimately save your garden from future web infestations. All you need is a high-pressure shower head that you can fix in front of your water supply. Point the head at the web and start cleaning, so make sure you clean all the spots and do not leave them untouched.

The pressure dial on the head will let you adjust the pressure; this way, you must make sure that it is not so high that it will damage the paint or the plants. Using water to remove the webs is the most inexpensive way out there, this is why before you decide on any other solution, give water a try.

In the case of big spiders and bigger webs, you should use more than just a cloth. The best way that you can use to get rid of the webs around your outdoor plants in no time is by pressure washing them away. Make sure to use the said items mindfully and carefully around pets and children.

– Use Neem Oil

You can try to use some neem oil to remove the spider webs easily, so note that the oil’s antibacterial properties are a great way to keep other insects away from your plants as well. You can find neem oil in your nearest garden store or convenience store. The reason why you can go ahead and use neem oil is a great oil to use when it comes to gardening problems because it has so many benefits and hidden talents.Neem Oil for Healthy Plants

It has a bitter taste, so any insect that eats it is either dead or unconscious, as this oil is used around plants in various ways, and so is rosemary oil. Spider webs, for instance, you can use the oil in a spray bottle with water, or you can pour some of it on a cloth and then use it to wipe the webs off.

You can also use the same cloth to clean the plants, and the oil will act as a repellant to the spiders and other bugs. Prevention is better than cure, which is why it is of utmost importance that we get rid of the issue before it becomes a problem, and this is how you should use neem oil.

Spiders can multiply very well, so if you see a spider near your plantation, chances are that they have already marked its territory, and they are in for a long-time stay, and when you tackle them with this oil, it will no longer feel safe to come,

– Use Insecticidal Soap

The last way that you can use to remove spider webs is the use of insecticidal soap. This type of soap can be found in gardening shops and convenience stores.

When you buy one, make sure to buy one which is plants friendly so that when you spray it near the plants they are not affected in any way. You can then use this soap to clean out all the webs from the corners and the plants.

The insecticidal soap can also be used to wipe off the pots and sides of the pots to prevent the attack of any insects or bugs. Make sure to not spray directly on the plants, so this soap is a good way to remove the webs from the garden. Outdoor plants are prone to spiders, and they can be very difficult to get rid of, but removing their webs is one thing that works like a charm.

These webs house their prey and once removed, they are bound to find new places for their habitation, this is why when you use these soaps, you will be able to tackle them. This is why if you are not afraid of spiders, you can simply grab a cloth and wipe the web, wherever it is, but this will only work in case of smaller webs where the spider is not close by and with the soap along the way.


You know so well how you can get rid of spiders on outdoor or indoor plants, how to prevent them, and how to remove their webs, but in case anything was missed, here is a short conclusion for your convenience:

  • You can get rid of spiders on outdoor plants by using candles and oils, keeping pets, and using insecticides.
  • There are many ways that you can remove these webs but here we are looking for something that will not damage your plants underneath them.
  • You can prevent spiders on outdoor plants by maintaining hygiene, filling in the gaps in the floor, removing the webs, and keeping the area humid.
  • You can remove spider webs from outdoor plants by using water, neem oil, and insecticidal soap.

Now that you have come to the end of this article, you know the most effective ways that you can tackle and get rid of them as a way to protect your beautiful outdoor plants.

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