How to get rid of weeds without killing grass is just what lawn owners like you need so that you don’t have to kill your grasses just because you are killing the weeds. Killing weeds while saving grasses is easy when you put in the effort.Get Rid of Weeds

No matter which product or method you choose to use, the key to saving grasses is to focus on the weeds alone. For the full guide, read this article.

How To Get Rid of Weeds Without Killing Grass Around?

To get rid of weeds without killing your grass around, plant your grasses in a lawn free from weeds so that you can easily uproot weeds whenever you see them. Also, fill empty patches in the lawn with grass seeds so that weeds will not find any space to grow.

The safest methods to get rid of weeds are hand-picking weeds when you see them, using a hoe, using boiling water, and other methods that don’t involve the use of chemicals. Though these methods are safest, note that it won’t take long before the weeds return.

There are other relatively safe products to use. For example, vinegar kills weeds. A salt solution does as well. However, when killing weeds with these products, focus on the weeds and don’t spray the products on your grasses so that you do not harm the grasses.

You may also take into consideration that the best lawn weed tools are hoes, mowers, dethatchers, and even your hands. There are handheld and mechanized versions of mowers and dethatchers, so get the ones you can afford and use comfortably. The smaller a tool is, the easier you can focus on just the weed.

– Ensure Your Lawn Is Free From Weeds Before Planting

The first and best way to protect your grasses from weeds without harming the grasses is to grow the grasses in a weed-free lawn. Before sodding the lawn or sowing your grass seeds, remove every wanted object, such as weeds and dirt. When you sow the lawn, you’ll be sure that there are no weeds underneath the grasses.

It is quite difficult to get a bare yard fully free from weeds. However, you can reduce the number of weeds in the yard so that if any weed appears, you can easily remove it. Check every corner of the lawn and remove weeds before you start growing the grasses.

– Mulch Your Lawn

One quick way to control weeds is to mulch your lawn. When you already have young grasses in the lawn, mulch the lawn so that foreign weed seeds will not have access to the ground anymore. As for pre-emergent weed seeds, this means that the weed seeds on the ground, the mulch will block sunlight from reaching them and prevent them from growing, and they will die beneath the soil.

Mulch will keep your grasses healthier, and in time, your grasses will fully cover the lawn. Mulch will also make the lawn soft to walk on, though it is not advisable to walk on the lawn.

Moreover, you can also prevent weeds from entering a lawn by mulching the lawn, regularly monitoring the lawn and removing unknown sprouts, filling empty patches in the lawn, and ensuring that your grasses are in optimal health. When weeds have no space to grow, they cannot survive on the lawn.

The best way to kill the weeds in your lawn without harming your grasses is to prevent weeds from entering the lawn in the first place. Therefore, prioritize more on weed-prevention tips over weed-killing tips. Preventing weeds from entering your lawn will also keep the lawn beautiful and very neat.

– Remove Weeds by Hand

When you see one or two unwanted plants in your lawn, remove them quickly. Don’t wait until they mature and spread before you do because it might be too difficult. You will most likely see these weeds on the edges of your lawn if you have a full lawn. You can also see them in empty patches on the lawn.Removing Weeds by Hand

To remove the weeds with your hands, hold them from their base and drag them out of the ground. The nearer to the base you hold, the more likely you can pull their entire root system out of the ground. Some weeds can have hairs or thorns in their stems to make you feel uncomfortable, so consider wearing gloves or holding them with a cloth.

You should weed your lawn as often as you can. Your rate of weeding depends on the method you use. When using your hands, you can remove weeds as soon as you see them. When using chemical products, weed the lawn every six months to a year.

Lawn weeds can be stubborn, especially when you let them grow for long before you remove them. This means that choosing a weeding method that allows you to weed the lawn as often as you can is the best thing to do. Well, you can weed your lawn whenever you like, just ensure that the lawn does not get too bushy.

– Fill Empty Patches With Grass Seeds

Recall that weeds are more likely to grow on empty patches in your lawn. When you have a full lawn, weeds will hardly grow on it because the root system of your grasses will prevent other plants from growing on the lawn. Therefore, you can help prevent weeds from growing in your lawn by filling the empty parts of your lawn.

Remove the thatch and weeds in the patches before sowing new seeds into the empty patches. When sowing your grasses, evenly distribute the seeds so that no part has more grasses than other parts. In a few weeks or months, your lawn will be fully covered, and you would see how this is a great approach, because you will have a neatly growing lawn that is full and not patched.

– Ensure That the Lawn Is Healthy

Healthy grasses can easily fight off pests and weeds. Pests and weeds easily attack weak grasses. To help prevent weeds from entering your lawn and at the same time save your grasses, ensure that your grasses are very healthy. Healthy grasses will even spread faster and fill up the empty patches in your lawn.Healthy Grass on Lawn

To make your lawn healthy, regularly feed and water the lawn. If you have a sprinkler system, consider feeding your lawn and in short, this means adding nutrients to the water source of the lawn so that your grasses will consistently get water and nutrients. Moreover, you must also remember to add a lot of fertilizer at the same time so that you do not kill grass in your lawn.

– Aerate Your Lawn

Remember that when weeds grow easily in your lawn, it is a sign that your grasses are weak. If your grasses are still weak even after feeding them regularly, it means that the problem could be from the soil. In this case, aerate the soil so that the roots of your grasses can stay healthy and quickly spread.

You can use a handheld aerator or a mechanized one. Just ensure that you poke holes evenly across the lawn. These holes will provide air to the roots of your grasses while making the soil loose enough for the roots to spread quickly and ensure that you aerate the lawn yearly or according to your needs.

– Spray Boiling Water on the Weeds

There are so many weed control products to use on your lawn. The easiest to get is hot water. When you pour hot water on the weeds, the weeds will die off, and your grasses will be safe. To be sure that your grasses are safe, focus on the weeds alone when pouring the water.

To keep yourself safe, go close to the weeds before you pour the hot water so that it does not splash on you. Remember that the water is super hot. Note that while the weeds will die off, they will come back soon, as they still have roots in the soil.

– Spray Corn Gluten Meal

This is a super yet organic product that can easily get in gardening and landscaping stores. You’d surely get the gluten meal if you intend to prevent weeds from entering your lawn while making your grasses super healthy. It has some pre-emergent herbicidal ingredients, and it is also very nutritious.

Only use this product on your lawn when it is weed-free. It is best for preventing and not killing the weeds. It will make your grasses very healthy and grow quickly because it is highly nutritious. In turn, these grasses will spread and cover the entire lawn, giving no space for weeds to grow, and you will not see these weeds growing all randomly again.

– Spray a Salt Solution on the Weeds

Another weed control that you can easily get is a salt solution. A high concentration of salt can kill plants because it will prevent them from collecting water on the ground. It will lead to the burning of their leaves. If you can use the salt solution on your weeds alone, you will kill them and save your grasses.Spraying a Solution on Weeds

In a spray bottle, mix water with liquid dish soap and salt. You can mix water and salt alone, but adding soap makes it more effective; this is why you should spray the solution on the root of the weeds. Make sure that you spray as much as you can but stop when the solution flows to the roots of your grasses. In a few days, you will see the weeds drying up.

– Use Gas-Powered Flamers for the Weeds

A quite risky method lawn owners use to kill weeds very quickly is to use flamers, but if it is allowed in your area, use the flamers to burn weeds in your lawn. The chance of you killing the grasses in your lawn with a flamer is high, so be sure to focus only on the weeds. If you cannot target just the weeds, use other methods to eliminate them, and this is a key notion to think about.

– Mow the Lawn

Unlike grasses, so many plants cannot regrow after mowing them. You can use mowing to kill weeds, especially broadleaf weeds, while you keep your grasses safe. When you see that your grasses have grown taller than your preferred height, mow them.Mowing Grass on the Lawn

Mowing the lawn will not just keep your grasses beautiful; it will kill a good number of weeds in the lawn. For some other weeds, it can make them bushier. This is why you must find weeds in your lawn and remove them even after mowing them.

– Re-Sod Your Lawn

If you have a lot of weeds, especially grassy weeds, in your lawn and no longer know what to do, a good idea for you is to re-sod the lawn. Re-sodding simply means removing every plant in the areas of your lawn with weeds and then adding new sod. With this method, you no longer have to worry about weeds for a very long time, because you will be growing it in a proper way.

– Use a Specialized Herbicide

For this method, you need a weed killer that kills only specific types of weeds. You can head to a store and search for selective herbicides. So long as the weeds in your lawn are common weeds in your area, there will most likely be a herbicide for them, and for this you can use the method in the next tip if there are no weed-specific products.

– Spray Chemical Herbicides on the Weeds

Head to a gardening or landscaping shop and buy a weed killer. Get any reputable brand and then spray it only on the weeds. When using the product, focus on the weeds and never the grasses. If you are careful with using this method, your grasses will be safe. However, use this method as a last resort.


Congratulations, as you now know how to get rid of weeds in grass, some reminders from the article are:

  • Pulling weeds with your hands is the safest way to get rid of weeds without killing your grasses.
  • You can use the corn gluten product and others to prevent weeds from growing on your lawn.
  • When you have common lawn weeds in the lawn, consider using specialized chemical products to get rid of them.
  • Weed killers are highly effective but can also kill your grasses. Use them with care.
  • If you are using any product that can kill your grasses, focus just on the weeds when applying the product.

It is time to clear your lawn of weeds, so remember to keep your grass safe away from weeds.

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