How to hang plants without drilling holes into the wall because the holes can get wonky and also drilling holes is not renter-friendly. Well, this is a very common question because plants make a great decorative piece, and keeping them in pots can be boring and non-innovative.

How To Hang Plants Without Drilling

There are many that you can hang your plants on the walls and other places around the house. In this article, we take you through the seven ways that you can use to hang the plants which are easy to deploy and also pocket-friendly. 

How To Hang Plants Without Drilling in Seven Ways?

You can hang plants without drilling by using a clothing rack, s-hooks, tension rods, plastic and metal surface adhesives, and wall shelves. Using these ways you do not need to drill a hole in your wall to hang your indoor plants beautifully. 

– Clothing Rack 

A clothing rack is the easiest place to hang your plants; these racks are made of sturdy material and are not prone to breakage easily. These can either be made of wood, plastic, or steel and in the case of plants, any clothing rack will do. However, keep in mind that you must make sure you do not hang other items on it, only plant pots because you shouldn’t over-weigh them, because they would be in risk to break.

Hanging Plants Using Clothing Rack

Plants contain small bugs or even some flies in them, and you wouldn’t want them to get into your clothes. They can cause rashes or flares on your body when in contact. So use a clothing rack that is not in use or buy a cheap one from the shop. 

A ladder is also a good choice for holding the plants, but such ladders should be of decorative means because the real ladders do not have a wider step to place the pots on. It is better to hang plants that do not attract bugs or flies to them. 

As they can create a mess for you and the objects nearby. Also hang only the plants that do not need heavy water intake because if you water the hanging plants, they might fall due to the added weight

– S Hooks

The s hooks are great for hanging the plants from any sort of rod or rail. These hooks are in the shape of an S letter, so one side goes on the rail and the other holds the rope of the plant. You can find them in any of the craft stores or online. Using these hooks is also better because they are completely non-invasive and can be taken off anytime you want. 

This way works well if you have the right tools, but now there are so many better ways to use that will not only save you time but are also very inexpensive and mess-free. 

– Tension Rods 

Tension rods can be found commonly around the house. They can be holding curtains or decorative pieces and now can be used to hold plant pots. You can use hooks but you can also directly and simply tie the pots to the rods. 

Tension Rods to Hang Plant

The rods are strong and can hold multiple plants at any given time, which is why you don’t need to drill them, you can just place the plants and hang the pots through the right places. Sometimes they would also be hung vertically, which is a great choice, if you wish to want them to be located one on top of the other. The balance is already adjusted from below, and it stands firmly, which limits the risk of the rod tripping.

They will also add a sense of symmetry if the plants are all of the same size. Tension rods are one of the most generic places to hang your plants so if you are looking for a no-brainer place, tension rods might be the way to go. What you must also note is that mostly they do not involve any new drilling because the rods are already mounted. 

– Adhesive Wall Hooks 

This is one of the easiest ways to hang your plants, and you can find the hooks in the craft section of the grocery store or online; they are quite inexpensive. These come in various designs, so you can choose the ones that go best with your aesthetics. As they have adhesives, they can be taken off whenever you want to change the look and position of the plants.

A generic wall hook can hold a whopping weight of about 22 lbs so hanging a pot shouldn’t be a problem at all. Just make sure that you get the good kind of wall hooks and not the cheap ones that peel off easily, and they wouldn’t last in the long run.

You can place some Boston fern, or heart-leaf philodendron, as these plants can survive on the least amount of sunlight and water so they will not require much care. They are still living plants at the end of the day so every now and then try to care for them by cleaning the pots, watering them, and by taking them out in the sun.

– Coat Hangers 

Coat hangers are yet another great way to hang plants indoors. You certainly have some coat hangers lying around in the house so put them up to good use. A wooden coat hanger will look great with wooden pots and the steel coat hangers will go great with the white plant ropes, but then again, the choice is yours.

Coat Hangers for Indoor Plants

However, you must also remember that they must be located in the correct place; the growth of the plant is not dependent upon its hanging but on the amount of water, sunlight, temperature, and nutrition that it is fed. So if hanging it gives it more of those things, and make sure that just because it is a handy tool, doesn’t mean it should be placed where the plants have a good feature; on the contrary, they should be hung in the right location.

– Suction Hooks 

Suction hooks are made for sticking onto a glass surface, so if you are looking to hang your plants on a skylight or a window pane in the living room, you need to get your hands on a couple of suction hooks. They are easy to put on and even easier to get off. They can hold a considerable amount of weight, so a plant pot will not be an issue for them. 

Mostly, plants are hung so that they can be displayed, or they might bring a little greenery inside the space, especially with the suction hooks. Sometimes they might be hung so that they can get better sunlight or a better temperature environment. As a result, hanging a plant does not directly correlate with an increase in its growth but only when they are hung for this specific reason only.

– Wall Shelves with Hung Ropes

Everyone has wall shelves in their house and there is always that one spot in it that always remains empty. So putting up a plant there will be a good way to give a complete look to your shelf. The plant won’t only fill in the shelf but also give it an aesthetically pleasing look. Style a decorative branch and leave it on the side as well as an added touch. 

Wall Shelves with Hung Ropes

You can also opt for the smaller wall shelves that can be mounted on the wall. They can be mounted using adhesive tapes, so you would not need to drill any holes in the wall, or connect those adhesives with ropes. The mounts are lightweight and will only hold smaller plants in smaller, lightweight pots. 

The best plant to hang indoors is surely the devil’s ivy because it requires very less sunlight and water, especially on the shelf of the wall. It will be very hard to kill this plant as well as it requires the bare minimum of your attention. 


In this article, we talked about seven ways that you can use to hang plants without drilling any holes in the wall and which are renter-friendly, but in case you missed anything here is a short review:

  • You can hang plants without drilling a hole in the wall by using a clothing rack, s hooks, tension rods, plastic and metal surface adhesives, and wall shelves.
  • A generic wall hook can hold a whopping weight of about 22 lbs. This is such a great way to place different options of plants, you may also have the option to invest in ones that are low-maintenance.
  • Most of these ways are non-invasive, renter-friendly, and can be done in a small amount of time. Hanging plants is a very fun and engaging task as it instantly lightens up the place and brings life to the room.
  • The most commonly used ways of hanging plants are by drilling a hole in the wall and then hanging a rope on it with a plant.

The most commonly used ways of hanging plants are by drilling a hole in the wall and then hanging a rope on it with a plant, but now you can skip that part and hang them without drilling. 

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