How to increase speed of lawn mowers is a worry that you would have as the lawn mowers can get very slow and dingy after a while. They take a long time to mow even the smallest patch of land, which is frustrating.Increase Speed of Lawn Mowers Fortunately, you deploy many ways to make your lawnmowers go faster so that you can get your lawns to look nicer and more beautiful in a short amount of time. In this article, we will take you through eight easy ways to use and will definitely get your lawn mower to sprint.

How To Increase the Speed of Lawn Mowers in Seven Ways?

You can increase the speed of the lawn mowers in seven ways by using good grade oil, using larger tires, checking the air filters, fixing your engine pulley, sharpening the mower blades, keeping the oil tank full, and lastly, if you would be investing in a new lawn mower.

Lawnmowers are an incredible service for everyone who has a lawn and like maintaining it because of the conventional ways of cutting grass. In the market today there are a lot of mowers present, and they all accommodate your needs in various eases.

Most times the lawn mowers get old in working with time and that makes them slow and their blades dingy. Even if the grass is not that all and hard, the lawn mower just simply does not work well on them and you are left with badly trimmed land and a mower that hardly works.

1. Use a Good Grade Oil

The first trick for you to deploy in increasing the speed of your mower is using a good-grade oil. The oil works the motor inside the machine, so it is of utmost necessity that you use the one which will help your machine run fast and smoothly.Good Grade Oil for Mower

In short, you must also be keen that when you are buying any oil, make sure that you get a high-octane one. This oil may not be the cheapest on the market, but it will usually help your machine run the fastest and the smoothest.

You can, however, opt to buy the cheapest high-octane oil. One of the things that you would want to keep in mind is that the oil will last you a good amount of time, but if you have a huge piece of land, you might need to think about your oil expenses. Besides, a good grade high octane oil will surely help your machine run faster and smoother.

2. Use Larger Tires

Normally a lawn mower uses small tires that are the size of teaching wheels on a bicycle. It may be highly possible that your lawn mower is all perfect and only because of the size of your small tires, the machine is slow.

In this scenario, you should replace the machine’s tires with bigger ones. Go to the mechanic shop and try on a pair of different-sized tires and have your pick, and you will see how the suitable ones work better and increase your functionality.

Make sure that you do not select a pair of tires that are too big for your machine and, in the end, will cause you heavy losses. You might also need to try the new tires a few times before using them on the actual field because it might be hard to get a grip on the speed on the first try.

3. Check the Air Filters

The air filters in the machine can get clogged easily. They are situated on the inside of a lawn mower and you will have to unscrew some screws to get to it, keep in mind that the air filters are ones that may slow down the work, if proper aeration isn’t present, so your work may become slower, as you would go through the lawn a couple of times.Lawn Mower Air Filters

In this case, trying to empty the air filter will most definitely help you increase the speed of the machine, as the clogged one does not help with running the machine at all. Ideally, the emptying should be done after three to four runs, depending on your usage. But whatever your usage is, we recommend doing it periodically to ensure that it is not the reason your machine is getting slow.

4. Fix Your Engine Pulley

Most conventional lawyer mowers have a pulley that starts the machine. When the pulley is not functioning properly, when it has worn off or gotten weaker, you may see that this, in particular, can slow you down.

Over the course of time, pulling on the pulley can damage it and cause it not to work perfectly. Even though you are pulling it how it is supposed to be, it may not be able to signal the machine very well. For this reason, it is important you fix your pulley and check if it needs to be replaced as well. Now this is a technical fix so you might need help from a lawn mower expert or a mechanic.

They can help you replace any wires needing changing and fix a brand-new pulley inside. If you can do all that yourself, you will have a new project to complete.

5. Sharpen the Blades

The blades are what make the lawn mower do what it does best. But when the edges become blunt, it slows down the machine because it takes longer for the blades to run. In short, you may see yourself running the task and going back and forth throughout the lawn a couple of times, and this can be a determining factor.Sharpening Mower Blades

This is why you need to sharpen the machine’s blades when you can. You can use sandpaper or completely replace the edges with a new pair, as you can buy them and adjust to the right level.

6. Keep the Tank Properly Filled

Keeping the oil tank full will also make sure that your machine runs at the highest possible speed it can go on. You should check the machine’s tank whenever you want to use it.

On the other hand, you must not fill it to the complete top, because it can risk some spills, but ensure that you fill it properly. Some machines come with a built-in reading meter for the oil level, so you will have an idea of when to refill it, so the mower speed can be managed.

7. Invest in a New Lawn Mower

This last way of making sure that your lawnmowers work at the highest possible speed is that you invest in a new one that is technologically advanced. With time, all lawnmowers die out and become redundant.Brand New Lawn Mower

In the market today, you will find lawnmowers ranging from a few dollars up to a thousand dollars. So it is up to you what type of lawn mower you choose, and while choosing, ask the retailer to show you the one that has good speed standings over a long period.


In this article, we talked about how you can increase the speed of the lawn mowers in seven different ways but in case you missed anything, here are some simple conclusion points:

  • You should always use high-octane oil because the oil speeds up your machine.
  • You can sharpen the blades on your lawn mowing machine with sandpaper or you can replace them with a new pair.
  • Make sure that you thoroughly clean the machine after a while to clean off all the dirt and debris.

Here we come to the end of the article about increasing the speed of lawnmowers, and this way, you will be having a machine that would run in a better way, and it wouldn’t cause you to worry or get tired.

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