How to keep landscaping rocks in place is a worrying notion, because small animals and wind can easily displace them. Landscaping rocks add a very elegant touch to your garden but keeping them in a single place can be annoying and repetitive as they can be moved easily if not placed the correct way.

How To Keep Landscaping Rocks in Place

Fortunately, there are various options that you can opt for to keep the rocks in place. In this article, we will take you through the four most easy-to-follow ways that you can use to keep your landscaping rocks in place, and the best thing about them is that you wouldn’t even need any outside help.

How To Keep Landscaping Rocks in Place?

💥 You can keep the landscaping rocks in place by using sand, landscape fabric, concrete blocks, or a wired grid. These all can be used in combination with each other or alone to get the job done, or you also have the option to glue them together.

Landscaping is the art of creating nature in a place where it did not exist before be that in a desert, your backyard, or a barren mountain. You can use whatever you want to beautify and bring life into your landscaping project as long as it makes sense or even doesn’t, it all depends on you.

Most plants that you use in a landscape are held in place by river rocks, beach pebbles, or pea gravel of multiple sizes whereas they also try to mimic reality. In short, there are many ways that you can keep the landscaping rocks in place but not all of them are worth the time and money, and how stable you want the rocks to stay, or how you would want them to be realistic.

– Sand

The first way that you can keep the rocks or pebbles in place in your landscape is by using sand under them. This is a very inexpensive way because the sand is very cheap in the stores, or you can even get some from your nearest beach if it is allowed because you cannot collect sand from all beaches.


In addition, this is not the type that will require so much work, as you do not need to wash the sand either or don’t need to use any tool to make it work. All you need is sand and to locate the right patch where you need to place right underneath the landscaping rocks.

What you can do is start by clearing off the patch where you are landscaping. Remove all the rocks and plants, if they are in pots. Next, spread the sand across the patch as evenly as you can. The sand layer can be as thick as you want but make sure that it is not thin because that will not help in holding the rocks in any way.

In the next step, place the rocks in the sand and make sure to push them on the sand so they make an indent. Place as many rocks as you want and make sure they are pressed down firmly. Once you have set the rocks in, they will stabilize themselves and be steady in their location, as this matter will also help them in the long run. You can also grow plants that can easily survive in the sand!

– Landscape Fabric

If your landscaping is over a smaller patch of land, then the landscape fabric might be the way for you to go. There are many advantages of using a landscape fabric apart from holding the rocks in a place like the fabric preventing the outgrowth of weeds and also protecting the land below from any damage caused by landscaping.

You can try to install a landscaping fabric by yourself but it is best done by an expert because there is a lot of measuring, cutting, and finishing involved. However, the price would also differ from the quality that you wish to invest in, but note that it is one that will show you a great result in keeping the rocks right in the location that you wish.

You can get the fabric online or in person from any garden-ware shop. The fabric is also cheap as compared to some other methods of stabilizing the landscaping rocks, so it is overall a good bet choice for you, as they wouldn’t even show so vividly.

Taking care of the landscaping rocks is very important as they add to the overall look of the garden. The more organized the rocks, the nicer they will look to the eyes so make sure to cut any unwanted weed that grows in them, get rid of any stray leaves, and even the uneven gravel, and this would be taken care of because the fabric will be a natural barrier.

– Concrete Blocks

The concrete blocks are another great way of keeping the landscaping rocks and pebbles in place, and they work best when used under rocks or on the edges to keep them from moving or turning. It is up to you how you incorporate them as they are a little harder to hide in the whole landscape as compared to the other methods of keeping the landscaping rocks in a place like sand or landscape fabric.

Concrete Blocks

So as you cannot hide them completely you can paint over them to make them appear as a part of the landscape or hide them by putting bigger pots and plants in front of them, and making them look natural. In addition, you can buy these blocks online or from your nearest garden ware store. If you don’t feel comfortable adjusting them, you may ask for help to assemble them as they can be really heavy to decorate with.

– Rock and Gravel Grids

The last way that you can use to protect the placement of your landscaping rocks is by using a specially-made grid. Such grids can be made to order or can be purchased in a given size. These grids have small spaces in between them where the rocks can be placed. The wires of these grids are thin, so they can be hidden with ease as if nothing was placed there.

Rock and Gravel Grids

You can use small empty pots or water cans for landscaping instead of rocks, pebbles, or gravel. The only problem is that where the rocks and gravel hold the plants in a sturdy way, whereas bigger objects might not be able to do that. This means that different rocks, which are going to support the big ones in your landscape, will be part of the decor.

The grid holds the rocks, pebbles, and gravel in place for a very long time as the grid is made of a sturdy material that does not decay over time. You can place all sizes of rocks in such grids as long as the grid size allows it. These grids are not expensive to buy, so they are surely a good catch for you if you want to keep the landscaping of your rocks in place and combine it with some gravel.

– Glue Them

The landscaping rocks or pebbles can be stuck together using glue. Make sure that the glue you use is transparent so that it sticks the rock together seamlessly. Keep in mind that the glue should be garden or food-safe because the rocks are in close contact with the plants.

The glue might or might not melt when it comes in contact with water or extreme sunlight so that is why it is important to use a food-safe glue, which is a notion to keep in mind. You can find such glues at the hardware store or any gardening store, as they would have a range of prices.

Gluing the rocks together might help you keep the landscaping in place for some time, but it is not a permanent solution as it may give you a crooked result. After you have placed the landscaping rocks, make sure to pay attention to them once every month when you deep clean or after every rain and check for the consistency of the glue.


In this article, we talked about how you can keep your landscaping rocks in place by using sand, landscape fabric, concrete blocks, and grids, but in case you missed anything, here is a short review of the main points:

  • You can keep the landscaping rocks in place by using sand, landscape fabric, concrete blocks, or a wired grid.
  • Try and get the sand from someplace that sells it for free, and the issue would be saves as your rocks will stay stable.
  • You can get the landscaping fabric online or in person from any garden-ware shop, and they would also help in keeping the place neat from weeds.
  • The concrete blocks work best when used under rocks or on the edges of the landscape.

Here we come to the end of the article. We hope it was an informative read and that now you can successfully keep your landscape rocks in place. Happy gardening.

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