How to preserve orchids are a query that you would think of if you are either an orchid lover or you have been gifted an orchid that you want to preserve as an art piece or as a memory.

How to Preserve Orchids

Whatever the case, preserving orchids is an art and with proper knowledge, it can be very rewarding.

This guide will show you how to preserve your orchid flowers and keep them looking beautiful for years to come. Read on for tips on picking, coating, and drying your orchid and get ready for some DIY fun.

How to Start Preserve Orchids

If you have an abundance of orchids, you may want to preserve them so you can enjoy their beauty for years to come. Drying orchids is a great way to protect their shape and color. 

– Find Fresh Flowers

You can find orchids in many places, because they grow in tropical areas, such as rainforests. You can also find orchids in more temperate climates, such as the United States. 

The best place to pick orchids is in the wild. This is because the orchids in the wild have not been exposed to as many chemicals and pesticides as the orchids grown in greenhouses and gardens.

In addition, you can even buy them from a florist, and this would ensure that they are fresh to be preserved.

Another essential consideration when picking up orchids is to pick them up from the stem. Avoid picking the flower up by the petals, as this can cause them to tear. Also, be sure to wear gloves when picking up orchids, as some of them have sharp edges.

– The Right Time to Pick Them

The flowers are ready to be picked when they are fully bloomed and at their peak. The best time to pick them up is early morning, just after the dew has evaporated. On the other hand, if we talk about the season, then late spring to early summer are the ideal times to pick flowers for drying.

The Right Time to Pick Them

During these months, the flowers will be fresh, and their colors will be vibrant, they have passed their maturing stage and are at their peak beauty. But the struggle doesn’t end there; after picking the flowers, you need to follow a few more steps to preserve Orchids by drying.

– Pick Up the Flowers

Orchids are a flower that comes in many colors, shapes, and sizes. Some people consider them one of the most beautiful and loved flowers in the world. The first step in preserving orchids is to pick them up from their natural habitats. The latter is important because it will help to make sure that the orchids will not be picked by someone who does not know how to care for them properly.

When picking up orchids, it is essential to be very careful. Orchids are delicate flowers, and they can easily be damaged. The best way to pick up an orchid is to use both hands. Gently cup the flower in your hands and lift it. Be careful not to squeeze the flower too hard, as this can damage it.

Picking orchids is relatively easy, all you must do is cut the stem of the orchid with a sharp knife, making sure that it is sanitized, or else this would cause different issues later on. Be certain that you cut as close to the base of the plant as possible. Once the branch has been cut, carefully remove the orchid from the plant.

– Assembling the Blossoms

Start by assembling the flowers you want to preserve. Make sure they are not wilted, and try to pick them at their peak.

Assembling the Blossoms

Gently remove any leaves or stems from the blooms. Place the flowers in a clean container of water as you work.

– Cleaning the Blossoms

Once you have collected all the flowers you want to preserve, it’s time to clean them. Fill a sink or bucket with some lukewarm water and add a mild detergent such as dish soap. Swish the flowers in soapy water for a few minutes, then rinse them thoroughly.

Place the rinsed flowers in a plastic bag and submerge them in clean water. This will help to remove any soap residue from the flowers. Let the flowers soak for 10 to 15 minutes, then remove them from the bag and blot them dry with paper towels.

Check the flowers for any dirt or debris clinging to the petals. Use a soft paintbrush to dust off any pollen or dirt. Your flowers are now clean and ready to be preserved.

– Coat With Silica Gel Powder

It’s the first step to preserving orchids for drying after picking the blossoms. To prevent color fading and keep the shape of the flower, you’ll need to coat them with gel powder. You need a few things to coat orchids with gel powder, first, you will need the gel powder. You can find this at any craft store, usually in a small container.

Cover with Silica Gel Powder

Using a small paintbrush will help you apply the gel powder evenly to the orchid. You can also use your fingers if you prefer, but for safety purposes, use a brush. Lastly, you will need a water bowl to wet the paintbrush or your fingers, before dipping it into the gel powder.

Begin by mixing the gel powder and water in a bowl, according to the package directions. To mix, stir the powder and water until the powder has dissolved. If the powder is not correctly dissolved, clumps will form on your flowers when you apply the mixture.

Once the gel powder has dissolved, use a paintbrush to coat the flowers with the mixture. Cover each flower evenly, getting into the nooks and crannies. Doing so will ensure that the powder properly adheres to the flower and that the color won’t fade.

Allow the flowers to dry completely before you move on to accomplish the next step Depending on the size and type of flower, this could take several hours. For orchids, usually, it takes around 24 hours for the gel powder to dry completely.

Coating your flowers with gel powder is an essential step in drying, as it helps preserve the flower’s color and shape. Be sure to take your time and coat each flower evenly for the best results. Once the coating is dried, your flowers will be ready for drying, and this is how to preserve flowers of the orchids.

– Things to Consider While Preserving Cut Orchids

Be it preserved roses, or orchids, you must remember a few things while coating the Orchids. First, you must make sure you are using a brush that is not very dense. This is because a thick brush can damage the Orchid petals.

Also, while coating the Orchids with the gel powder mixture, take care not to put too much pressure on the Orchids. Otherwise, you might end up crushing them. Finally, once you have coated the Orchids, allow them to dry completely before proceeding to the next step.


What Is the Importance of Wiring Structure? 

The reason you need to set a wire structure to help the orchid hold its shape as it dries. You can use the floral, garden, or even something as simple as chicken wire. Make sure that the wire that you will set on is not too thick or will be difficult to shape.

– Base Frame

Start by creating a basic frame for the orchid. In additio, you can wrap the wire around the plant’s main stem. If you use chicken wire, cut it with wire cutters, so the edges are not sharp.

– Fill in the Frame

Next, you will need to fill in the frame, as you can wrap the wire around the smaller stems and leaves. Ensure the wire is not too tight or will damage the plant. Once you have filled in the frame, you can use wire cutters to trim off any excess.

– Finish with a Topper

Finally, you will need to add a topper to the orchid. You can do this by wrapping the wire around the top of the plant. Once you have added the topper, you can use wire cutters to trim off any excess. This is all to keep it properly set, and to keep the plant very well preserved.

– Let it Dry

After you have picked your orchids and applied the powder gel, it’s time to let them dry. You can hang them up or lay them out on a flat surface. How you dry your orchids will depend on what type of orchids they are. Some orchids are best suited for hanging, while others do better when laid out on a flat surface. Let’s discuss how each method works:

Let Orchids Dry

To create a flower arrangement that looks better than artificial flowers, you will need to find a place where you can hang your orchids up to dry. You may even attach them to a clothesline or hanger with string or wire. Make sure that the area is well-ventilated and has good air circulation.

It’s essential to keep an eye on your hanging orchids and rotate them occasionally, so they dry evenly. Depending on the type of orchid, it can take between a period of few days to a maximum of couple of weeks to completely dry.

If you are wondering how to preserve an orchid corsage, the answer is simple, to preserve an orchid corsage you can simply use the silica to immerse the iced orchid corsage in it. You can then place it in a tight fitted container and display it to preserve your memories. Hence, the gel can be found at stores easily and is low cost.

– Laying Out Orchids

This method is best suited for orchids with thicker stems. To do this, you will need to find a flat surface where you can lay your orchids out to dry. You can do this on a table, countertop, or floor.

It’s vital to ensure that the surface is clean and debris-free. You will also need to turn your orchids occasionally to dry evenly, so that the whole thing will be exposed to air. Depending on the type of orchid, it can take some time, anywhere from a couple of days to a week or so to completely dry, so be patient, and you will have them in no time.

You must have a clean work area to avoid contamination of your preserved flowers. You will need a container for some water, as a bucket or a vase. Furthermore, you will even need some plastic bag, and some paper towels, in addition don’t forget to have a soft paintbrush to be able to dust off pollen or debris from the flower petals.

What Is The Best Way to Keep the Dried Orchids?

You can preserve dried orchids by using hairspray, and you can even use clear nail polish, you can even preserve by resin, and even press and dry orchids. Another way that you can even keep the dried orchids to stay beautifully would be to use mod podge.

– Use Hairspray

One way to seal dried orchids is by using hairspray. Simply spray the hairspray onto the orchids thoroughly. Once you have sprayed your flowers, place these blooms on a piece of newspaper and leave them in a warm, dry place.

Use Hairspray

This will help to keep the orchids from losing their color. Hairspray can also help to keep the orchids from losing their shape.

– Use Clear Nail Polish

Another way to seal dried orchids is to use clear nail polish. This is a great option, actually, if you wish to add a bit of shine to the flower. Simply apply a thin layer of nail polish over the entire surface of the dried flower. Let it dry completely before handling.

You can also use nail polish to coat the wire stems of artificial orchid flowers. This will help the flowers keep their shape and prevent the wire from rusting.

– Use Resin

Another way to ensure your dried flowers last a long time is to coat them with a clear sealant or resin. You can buy a clear sealant at most craft stores or make your own using clear nail polish and glue. Simply brush the clear sealant over the entire flower, making sure to cover all of the petals.

Resin can be poured into a mold with dried orchids and turned into a beautiful tabletop, a frame, or even a piece of jewelry. The adhesive will help keep the color from fading and protect the flower from dust and other damage.

Once you have coated the flower with the clear sealant, let it dry completely. This may take a few hours or even overnight. Once the sealant is dry, your flower will be protected and should last for several years.

– Press and Dry

To dry your lovely flowers by pressing, you need to pick a flowering stem and remove the leaves from it. Remove the stem too if needed and then place it between two clean sheets of paper in a form you like.

Place a heavy yet flat object like a book on top of the flowers and the sheets of paper carefully. Leave it for a few weeks and you will have flattened orchids that your preserved by drying.

– Use Mod Podge

You can also use mod podge to preserve your dried orchids. This is a popular option because it is inexpensive and easy to find. All you need to do is brush a thin layer of mod podge onto the flower, being sure to cover all of the surfaces. Allow it to dry completely before handling the flower.

Use Mod Podge

No matter your chosen method, you must ensure that the orchids are completely dry before you begin. If they are even slightly damp, they will not hold up as well and may even rot. Once you have sealed your flowers, you can display them in a vase or frame them. Dried orchids make beautiful decorations for any room in your home.

How to Preserve in Water

If you have been gifted with a stunning orchid it must be the Lei orchid as it is a popular gift for special occasions in many parts of the world. While they are beautiful, they can be challenging to care for. If you are wondering how to preserve orchid Lei in water, here is a quick guide for you.

– Keep it Cool

First, ensure the lei is kept cool and out of direct sunlight. Orchids are tropical plants and do not like excessive heat or cold. If you can, store the lei in a refrigerator up until you are ready to use it.

If you keep the preserved part in a vase, it is essential to change the water every few days. This will keep the water fresh and help the lei last longer. Make sure to use clean, filtered water each time you change it.

– Add Some Bleach

You can even add a small amount of bleach into the water to help prevent bacteria from growing.

Add Some Bleach

This will help the lei stay fresh for a longer period.

– Remove the Dean Ones

On the other hand, if any of the flowers on the lei start to die, it is essential to remove them immediately. Leaving dead flowers on the lei can cause the rest of the flowers to die quicker. With proper care, an orchid lei can last for several weeks.

Which Types are The Best to Keep?

Drying orchids is a great way to preserve their beauty, and it’s not as difficult as you might think. In fact, some types of orchids are easier to dry than others. Here are four of the easiest types to dried:

– Cattleya Orchids

These vibrant flowers are known for their large, showy blooms. They’re also one of the easiest types of orchids to dry. Simply cut the stem at an angle and allow it to dry on its own for a few days. If you’re thinking about adding a cattleya orchid to your collection, here’s what you need to know about these beautiful flowers.

Cattleya orchids come in many colors, including white, pink, purple, yellow, and red. Some flowers have patterns or stripes, while others are solid-colored. Some varieties change color as they age.

– Dendrobium Orchids

These orchids are perfect for beginners because they’re easy to grow and care for. When it’s time to dry them, cut the stem at an angle and let it dry simply for a few days. These are known for their long-lasting flowers. The blooms can last for several weeks, and some varieties will bloom multiple times a year.

Dendrobium Orchids

Dendrobiums are divided into two main groups: the nobile dendrobiums and the phalaenopsis dendrobiums. The nobile dendrobiums are the larger of the two groups and have canes (thick, fleshy stems) that may even grow up to six feet long. The phalaenopsis dendrobiums are smaller, and they have thin, wiry stems.

– Phalaenopsis Orchids

These popular orchids are often called moth orchids because they resemble moths in flight. They’re easy to dry, too simply cut the stem at an angle and allow it to air dry for a few days.

Phalaenopsis orchids are native to tropical Asia and can be found in rainforests, mountains, and even marshy areas. These versatile flowers come in a variety of a range of shades and colors, from bright pink to deep purple, and may even grow up to 18 inches tall.

– Paphiopedilum Orchids

These unique orchids are sometimes called “slipper orchids” because of their slipper-like blooms. They can be a bit more delicate than other types of orchids, so it’s important to handle them carefully when drying. Cut the stem at an angle and allow it to air dry for a few days.

Paphiopedilum Orchids

You can easily dry any of these four types of orchids with just a little care. So if you’re looking for a beautiful, long-lasting way to preserve your flowers, give drying a try.


Can I air dry orchids for preservation?

Air drying orchids can lead to deterioration. It’s best to use alternative preservation methods.

Will silica gel preserve orchids?

Silica gel is an effective way to preserve orchids as it absorbs moisture, maintaining their shape and color.

Is lemon juice good for preserving orchids?

Lemon juice is not recommended for preserving orchids, as its acidity may harm delicate plant tissues.


To conclude, here are some key points to remember when preserving your orchids.

Let’s recap this guide quickly:

  • Preserving Orchids comprise six simple steps: picking, coating, wireframing, drying, cleaning, and sealing off.
  • Some orchids are easier to care for, such as cattleya, dendrobium, phalaenopsis, and paphiopedilum orchids.
  • Dried orchids can be used for decorative purposes by making bouquets or placing them in a vase.
  • One can use mediums like silica gel and resin for preservation of orchids.
  • Follow the basic orchid care for extending its life as fresh blooms.

By following the steps we shared in this article, you can ensure that your Orchids will stay vibrant and beautiful for a long time. So, don’t wait any longer and start preserving your Orchids now!

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