Hoya Polyneura Care Infographic
Hoya Polyneura Care Infographic

Hoya polyneura is a popular plant among hobbyists and gardeners due to its good looks and ease of care. If you are keen on including this delightful plant in your garden and wish to grow them in hanging pots, then this detailed guide will help you out.

Our expert tips take you through the complete care process, propagation techniques and the most common issues of the plant. Read on further to know it all.

What Is a Hoya Polyneura?

Hoya polyneura is a tropical vining houseplant that is characterized by dark green leaves and long vining stems. The plant is also termed the hoya fishtail due to its thin leaves that resemble a fishtail. It is sometimes also called the wax plant as the flowers look like they have been made out of wax. 

Hoya Polyneura Care

The delicate and ornamental hoya fishtail is easy to care for, nonetheless, you wouldn’t find yourself spending hours ensuring they stay healthy. Just focus on giving them their basic requirements and you will be able to witness lush green and beautiful hoya polyneura bloom.

– Water Requirements