We looked into the Husqvarna 122hd45 hedge trimmer to explore its usability and reliability for the average homeowner and professional landscapers.

In this review, you’ll read what we learned about this Husqvarna gas hedge trimmer and how well it works in real-world yard cleanup situations.

If your garden or work sites include ample amounts of hedges, shrubs, brambles and other challenging yard cleanups, a gas-powered hedge trimmer might be the solution you are looking for to get the work done efficiently. Read on and learn everything we discovered about this trimmer.

Husqvarna 122hd45 Hedge Trimmer Pros and Cons

Here is a quick overview of the pros and cons of the Husqvarna 122hd45 hedge trimmer.

Pros Cons
Smart Start® ignition Expensive
Powerful engine More maintenance than an electric trimmer
Rust-resistant stainless steel cutting blade  
Low vibration handles  


Husqvarna Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer Product Highlights

If you need a powerful and easy-to-use hedge trimmer, this gas-powered model by Husqvarna has a lot to offer. It’s got plenty of power, it’s lightweight, and the engine is well-designed for efficient fuel use and low emissions.

  • 21.7cc,2-cycle gas engine
  • 18-inch dual-action cutting blade
  • Dry weight of 10.36 pounds
  • Cutting capacity up to 0.8-inches
  • 4,050 strokes per minute cutting rate

Husqvarna 122hd45 Review

This hedge trimmer by Husqvarna is designed for residential use in yards with plenty of tough trimming work. However, due to its high-quality design, tools like this are also suitable as a backup trimmer for commercial landscapers and other professionals with occasional hedge trimming work.

This trimmer runs on a 2-cycle engine that requires a 50:1 mixture of gas and 2-cycle oil, and this can scare off some buyers who have owned gas-powered garden tools that are hard to start. However, you are unlikely to have that problem with this trimmer because it uses Husqvarna’s Smart Start® ignition system that is 40 percent easier to start up than other small engines. The engine also has an air purge button to make it easier and faster to start, and most of the time, this trimmer starts on the first or second pull of the recoil cord. In cases where it does not start quickly, the problem is almost always due to the carburetor needing a minor adjustment after the engine is broken in.

Besides having a robust and well-designed engine, this trimmer also comes with a high-quality cutting bar with stainless steel teeth. The teeth oscillate at 4,050 cuts per minute, putting this trimmer at the top of the line for cutting power. So if you have a yard full of thick and thorny brambles, large and well-established hedges and shrubs, or other overgrown and challenging vegetation to trim and tame, this model is likely to get the job done for you.


One drawback of a gas-powered tool over corded and battery-operated trimmers is that the gas models need more routine maintenance than their electric counterparts. For example, it’s essential to drain out the gas in this trimmer before you store it. Otherwise, starting it up the next time is likely to be a frustrating experience. This problem happens because unused gas causes corrosion in the carburetor if left there for more than a month.

In addition, this trimmer has an air filter, a spark plug, and a fuel filter, and all of these parts need occasional servicing. You can do this maintenance yourself with minimal tools and experience, and every step is covered in the owner’s manual. You can also take the device into a shop for a yearly tune-up at a modest cost.


Storing a gas tool like this trimmer is also a bit inconvenient compared to electric models. The smell and hazard of gasoline make it best to keep the device in a garage or outbuilding and not inside the house. On the other hand, electric trimmers can be stored without problem inside a closet or cabinet inside the house.


Despite these extra steps needed to maintain this gas-powered tool, the most significant advantage of this trimmer over a battery-powered or corded hedge trimmer is the overall power and cutting capacity. Electric models are perfect for many people, but they never have as much energy as a gas-driven tool. Therefore, this gas-powered tool is far superior to electric and battery models for the most challenging trimming jobs.

So, if your yard has multiple large shrubs and hedges and other overgrown vegetation, and you’re willing to do a small amount of maintenance to keep the tool running, this Husqvarna 122hd45 hedge trimmer offers easy startup, reliable performance and excellent power to get the job done.

Husqvarna Brush Trimmer Main Product Features


Here are the main specs on the engine in this hedge trimmer:

  • Cylinder displacement: 21.7 cm³
  • Power output: 0.8 HP
  • Gas tank capacity: 10.14 oz.
  • Idle RPM: 2,800
  • Maximum RPM: 7,800
  • Fuel consumption rate: 0.73 pounds/hour

Starting the engine when it is cold is made easier by the air purge button, eliminating air pockets in the fuel line before pulling the starter cord. Another helpful feature is the auto-return stop switch. This switch removes the need to flip on the power switch before you pull the cord because it automatically resets to the on position as soon as you use it to stop the engine. This feature prevents flooding the carburetor by pulling the start cord with the on/off switch accidentally left in the off position, leading to a more reliable starting.

We noted some buyer reports of problems with the idle speed adjustment after using the tool for a short time. This problem most likely arises because, with a gas-powered engine such as the one on this trimmer, the carburetor needs adjusting after the first few hours of use once the machine has broken in.

Authorized Husqvarna service centers perform this adjustment at no cost during the first 30-days after purchase. Therefore, unless you’re a trained mechanic with the correct tools, it’s best to let a service center make this adjustment.

Cutting Blade

The 18-inch long, dual-action blade cuts in both directions for the most efficient trimming. The high-quality stainless steel blade teeth resist rust and corrosion. However, for best performance, it’s crucial to clean the blade after using the tool and lightly lubricate the teeth with an oil non-toxic to vegetation.

Husqvarna hd bladeThe cutting capacity on this trimmer is 0.8-inches, easily letting you cut through thick branches and twigs. This cutting capacity is at the high end of what you can find in hedge trimmers, although some other brands and models can cut up to 1-inch diameter branches. The cutting capacity of this trimmer is excellent for buyers with challenging trimming work.

Ease of Use

The Smart Start® ignition system is a significant component of the ease-of-use in this trimmer, resulting in reliable starting on the first or second pull of the recoil cord. The cord also takes considerably less effort to pull than many other gas-powered trimmers, a benefit for anyone who wants to concentrate on yard maintenance, not tool maintenance.

The auto-return stop switch is also a valuable asset for getting the machine running without any hassle. In addition, this trimmer has the LowVib® anti-vibration design that buffers vibrations in the engine, transferring less to the operator’s arms and hands and making the tool easier to use for extended periods.

Size, Weight, and Noise Level

The overall dimensions of this Husqvarna trimmer measure 38.5 inches long, 10.1 inches high, and 9.8 inches wide, making it compact and easy to handle and maneuver in tight spaces.

Its weight without gas in the tank is only 10.36 pounds, Husqvarna hd gas powered hedge trimmerand with a full tank, it weighs just under 11 pounds. This unit is not the lightest trimmer available, but it does rate as lightweight, making it comfortable for most people to hold for long periods.

The noise level of this trimmer is 93 dB, which is relatively noisy compared to electric and battery-powered units that don’t have a noisy engine. With this in mind, this trimmer is loud enough to warrant wearing ear protection, and it might be too loud for noise-sensitive locations.


Husqvarna provides a 2-year warranty on hedge trimmers for both residential and commercial buyers. In addition, residential buyers can get an additional year of warranty coverage by purchasing Husqvarna brand pre-mixed fuel at the same time as the trimmer.


Husqvarna has been in business for 330 years (that’s not a typo), producing quality outdoor equipment. This trimmer is an excellent example of a reliable and robust outdoor tool produced by this company.

The Husqvarna 122hd45 gas-powered hedge trimmer is an excellent tool for residential buyers with extensive gardens and multiple hedges, shrubs and small trees to trim. It’s also a valuable backup tool for commercial buyers with landscaping businesses.

In addition, this model has a 100 percent approval rating by the National Gardening Club, and that endorsement says a lot about the high quality and reliability of this tool.

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