The Husqvarna 125b is a gas powered leaf blower you can hold comfortably with one hand while breezing through yard clean up. A handheld leaf blower like this tool is a popular choice for homeowners as well as business owners in the landscaping, construction, and agriculture industries.

Ultimate Husqvarna 125b Review

In this Husqvarna 125b review, we will take a close look at everything we found out about this machine, including the engine specs, run time, gasoline consumption, and comfort level for the user.

Read on and get all your questions answered about this Husqvarna gas leaf blower.

Husqvarna 125b Pros and Cons

Husqvarna 125b Key Criteria
# of Functions
Air Flow
# of Air Flow Settings
High airspeed and volume
Variable speed throttle
Cruise control
2-year warranty
High noise level
No commercial warranty

Product Highlights

  • Gas powered leaf blower
  • Cruise-control and variable speed throttle
  • 170 mph top airspeed
  • 470 cfm air volume
  • 2-stroke engine with 1.1 HP
  • Conveniently gathered controls
  • Auto return stop switch

Husqvarna 125b Review

If you’re looking for a handheld leaf blower that is easy to use, ergonomically designed, and powerful, this Husqvarna leaf blower might be just what you need.

Not all handheld blowers deliver the top airspeeds and high air volumes needed for big garden cleanup jobs. Handheld leaf blowers are light and maneuverable compared to backpack models, but they often lack the power of backpack petrol models. This Husqvarna gas leaf blower is an exception to that rule.

This machine boasts a unique lightweight frame and well-designed ergonomic handgrip, making it exceptionally comfortable for the user when working for long sessions without fatigue.

Easy to Use Handheld Leaf Blower

It includes cruise control for keeping the fan at a consistent speed without stressing your hand or arm while you sweep away leaves, branches, pine cones, gravel, and other debris. The variable speed throttle feature is another advantage, providing just the right level of airflow for different situations.

This machine is in the price range homeowners are generally looking seeking. Still, it also has enough power to make it worthwhile for commercial buyers as a backup tool or intermittent use on job sites and workshops.

This machine only has a blower function. It does not vacuum or shred leaves. If you are looking for those additional features, check out the Husqvarna 125BVx. While you cannot vacuum and shred your leaves with this tool, it does work for blowing snow as long as it’s dry and not too deep.

This gas powered leaf blower by Husqvarna is a good choice for anyone looking for a blower with good power and an easy-to-use design.

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Husqvarna 125b Main Product Features

– Gas-Powered Engine

Gasoline-powered engines in leaf blowers provide tremendous clout for sweeping away yard debris compared to corded or battery-driven blowers. This machine is equipped with a robust 1.1 HP 2-cycle engine with 28cc displacement, generating a top speed of 8,000 RPMs.

The engine is a Husqvarna’s X-Torq design, which reduces exhaust emissions by 75 percent and increases fuel efficiency by approximately 20 percent. This engine type gives you ample power for almost any residential leaf blowing job while minimizing your exposure to exhaust fumes and reducing how often you need to stop for refueling.

The Husqvarna 125b fuel system is designed for maximum efficiency, using gas at a rate of 575 grams per kilowatt-hour. The translucent fuel tank holds just under 17 ounces of gas, keeping the engine powered up for up to an hour between refueling breaks.

The auto-return stop switch resets the on/off setting to the on position as soon as you stop the engine, preventing accidental flooding of the engine by pulling the start cord with the switch in the off position. This feature also makes starting the engine faster and easier.

To cold start the machine, all you need to do is set the choke to one of the three settings and pump the air purge button a few times to eliminate air from the fuel line and carburetor. Then firmly pull the start cord.

After it starts, push the choke button close, and off you go. We found it started on the first or second pull without trouble. To shut down, simply press the on/off switch to the off position. The switch then automatically resets to on for the next time you start up.

This 2-cycle engine uses regular gasoline of 89 octanes or higher mixed in a 50:1 ratio with 2-stroke engine oil. Using the Husqvarna oil brand can extend the machine’s working life, and it can get you an extra two years on the warranty. Using fresh gas and draining the tank before storage preserves the gaskets in the engine and reduces repairs and maintenance downtime.

The manual does not mention using ethanol gas, but our experience is that it’s better to use gasoline without ethanol for the machine’s best performance on 2-stroke engines.

This engine model is ideal for anyone with a large yard, orchard, or woodlot who needs a powerful blower for getting the job done as quickly as possible.

While this machine is designed for residential use, we have heard multiple reports of commercial buyers who are extremely satisfied with the performance of this device for part-time use in their business.

– Cruise Control and Variable Speed

The cruise control throttle lets you set the engine speed where you want it and then let go of the lever, relieving stress and fatigue on your right hand while you work. Cruise control is a valuable asset when working with a leaf blower for more extended periods.

The Cruise Control Throttle of Husqvarna 125b

The variable speed throttle feature allows you to dial in just the right amount of airflow and engine speed for the task at hand. Low settings are perfect for blowing leaves, grass clippings, and other debris from planting areas or getting dust out of the corners of the garage without blowing items off the shelves.

Top airspeeds work great for moving large piles of leaves, cleaning out between the boards of decks, and moving heavy debris like branches and large pine cones.

Anyone with various working conditions and multiple landscape zones will appreciate the variable speed adjustments and cruise control throttle on this blower.

– Ergonomic Features

The controls are conveniently gathered together to easily reach them without having to move your hand from the handgrip, which also reduces the stress of working for long periods.

The frame is made with the Low-Vibe® anti-vibration design, which reduces operator fatigue by creating a buffer between the engine and the frame.

This Husqvarna leaf blower does not come with a shoulder strap, but it has attachment points to add to this accessory if you want it.

Another ergonomic feature of this Husqvarna gas leaf blower is the design of the blower tube. The tube sits in line with the handle to reduce the rotational force on the tube created by the pressure of air blasting out. This design feature makes it easier to control the machine without using too much pressure on your wrist and hand, reducing the chances of a stress injury.

The handle is made from firm plastic and is not padded, and this might be a disadvantage for some users. However, overall we found this blower is well-balanced and comfortable to use.

– High Airspeed and Air Volume

The top wind speed on this model is 170 mph, and while this is not as high as some other blowers, it is more than adequate for most residential cleanup projects and even some commercial applications.

The airflow capacity is 470 cfm, and this volume of air gives you the power you need for rapidly moving large piles of wet or dry leaves, heavy pine cones, and even moderate-sized branches and gravel.

Top Wind Speed on This Model Is 170 Mph

The tube comes in three pieces that snap together without the use of any tools. With the first two pieces in place, the total tube length is 23 inches. The third piece is an extension with a flattened end for maximizing the force at the end of the nozzle.

With the extension tube in place, the total length is 35 inches. This length is comfortable for a 6-foot tall person to use and reach the ground level with the end of the tube without stooping over.

The adjustability of the tube is a handy feature for operators of different heights and when using the blower in varying situations.

– Weight, Dimensions, and Noise Level

The Husqvarna 125b is compact, measuring 16 inches long without the tube and 8.5 inches wide. The weight without gas is 9.5 lbs, while with a full tank, it weighs about 10.6 lbs. Since this is a handheld model, this weight might be a bit high for some users. In that case, buying a shoulder strap would make it easier to manage.

The noise level of this device is 94 dB of sound pressure at the operator’s ears. This noise level is relatively high, and we highly recommend using hearing protection when using this machine. If you live in an area with neighbors close by, they might not be happy with the noise generated by this machine.

However, if you have a spacious yard with plenty of room between you and the neighbors, and you wear ear protection, the sound level of this blower is okay.

– Warranty Information

The Husqvarna 125b comes with a standard 2-year limited warranty. However, you can extend this period to four years if you buy Husqvarna brand pre-mixed fuel and 2-stroke oil along with the blower and register the product online.

Husqvarna designed this tool for residential use and did not provide a commercial warranty, even though many business owners purchase it and use it part-time for their work.

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Is the Husqvarna 125b a 4-stroke blower?

No, the Husqvarna 125b is not a 4-stroke blower, it is a 2-stroke blower.

How much horsepower does a Husqvarna 125b have?

The Husqvarna 125b has a horsepower of 1.1 hp.

Why won’t my Husqvarna 125b blower start when hot?

Your Husqvarna 125b blower may not start when hot due to a variety of reasons, such as a clogged air filter or spark plug, or issues with the fuel system. It’s best to troubleshoot and diagnose the specific problem.

Husqvarna 125b Review Conclusions

If you have a large or medium-sized yard up to an acre or more, this machine has the power, airspeeds, and air capacity for clearing away yard debris in a hurry. The ergonomic features and one-hand operation make this tool an excellent choice for the grab-and-go type of cleanup work.

This handheld leaf blower is suitable for residential use, but we know of many commercial businesses that own this model as well. Husqvarna has an outstanding reputation for building high-quality yard equipment, and this blower lives up to its reputation.

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